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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses:
amateur-CATHERINE/KOENART---has to learn from: ARKISI because to do

She has a very nice pussy and anus !

Every subject has opportunities and pitfalls for a photographer. The color and lighting choices here enhanced the opportunity and increased the risk of pitfall.

87 and 17 are the rewards of opportunity realized, redeeming the whole set from the hard fall of 64. A blood transfusion wouldn't pull that one from the pit.

Verily (for real), that is no potted plant, but a vase of cuttings from the Pussy Willow. A plant with wispy, thin, and graceful leaves on wispy, thin, and graceful stems. A plant that earlier than any other in Spring bursts forth, ravishingly expressing its fertility with puffy white flowering catkins. (Dryad, I name thee: "Catkin.")

Upon close inspection of the flower, a hint of color indicates a fresh cutting. This would put us in very early spring, conveying a sense of cold and even greater and more appealing fragility. It could even be Winter if the Pussy Willow was taken early and forced to bloom in confinement.

Is there more? Is my overly long yarn not yet spun? Well, do I not see our Dryad holding spun yarn? Is that not a necklace with a golden tinge? A bit of a tease, our Artist. He tantalizes us, then deprives us of the presence of a spinning wheel. You will never guess my name, young Catkin wife of the King........

Now excuse me while I take a quick peek at yonder venue with convenient advert at bottom of page. Here, kitty kitty. Here, cc#..............

Have a look at photo 46 - could be one or two reasons she scores so high...

You mean the perfectly manicured hands, don't you?

Beats me how this skinny, plane Jane model can score so high.

Skinny? Yes.
"Plain Jane" ??
You smokin' sumpin' my friend. I'd like to know what.

You'd like to know what..? Idle curiosity or fishin'?? ;o)

Idle curiosity ~ Mary Jane inevitably gives me panic attacks... even a single toke can set me off. So, none for me. ( :

If you read the comments, you'll see how she scores so high...;o)

My pick for "anus of the day!"

Your sentiment surpasses your sentence.

We will wait a bit for poet of the day.

That pussy is amazing and her labia.

A very pretty pussy indeed. pretty eyes too...

Once again Arkisi puts up the "pick of the litter"...
Beautiful set....beautiful girl! My only 10 (and download!)of the day.

The lack of "decapitation" in this set is worth mentioning! Bravo Arkisi!!
No.55 is the only....objectionable shot. Just a bit further out to catch her entire face would have been better, or closer in if your intent was to focus on her breasts... Otherwise this is perfect!

Luscious lips, top and bottom!

Total seduction!

What a fantastic set of photos !

From an aesthetic point of view, I totally appreciate the beginning of this set. The yarn, the crocheted dress, the natural wood background, the mellow light, the harmonizing upholstery of the sofa ~ even the potted plant ~ all tie together very nicely with Loretta's "natural" beauty.
But then as she disrobes and reclines on the couch, I cannot help but notice how gaunt she looks and that detracts from the pleasure of the set.
I certainly hope she is healthy and well.

fer_realz - I agreed with everything you said until the part about Loretta looking gaunt. We're usually like-minded, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that point. Loretta has always been thin, she just has that very slight build (that many women would kill for). If her ribs were showing (like in one of Anna AJ's sets) I might be more concerned for her health. I think she's okay.

Now hold on a minute...(lol) You raved about how things tied nicely into her "natural" beauty, but were displeased with her "natural" body when she undressed...? You sound a bit conflicted about Loretta... Gaunt is not a word I would use to describe Loretta's physique OR appearance. She doesn't appear to be in poor health, nor in distress of any nature...she's just THIN. Some people may even think she's a bit overweight!...if they had a "bone fetish"...lol Many sick people are very thin, but not all thin people are sick...;o)

"Overweight" ?
Honestly, I really don't think anyone would classify Loretta as overweight, Rock.
I don't think I'm conflicted in the sense of being confused... while she was in the dress, her thinness/gauntness was not as apparent as when she took it off. It's as simple as that.
At any rate I certainly wish her no ill nor to insult her; I simply hope she's healthy and well.

If you have a comprehensive understanding of human nature, you'll have to agree that "someone...somewhere" would say that she IS overweight. Not everyone thinks that "skinny" is "unhealthy". And I'm not sure you understand the meaning of "gaunt" since you're still applying it to Loretta...
But everyone has the right to express their opinion here, so I withdraw my original "bone of contention" with your comment...;o)
(If that's possible...lol)

For what it's worth, Rock, I know my English vocabulary pretty well. I do know what gaunt means and what it implies, that is specifically why I used it.
Having said so, thank you for arguing so graciously.
Again, I want to stress that I think that Loretta is very beautiful, I just think she is very thin ~ perhaps unhealthily so, and I hope that I am wrong and that she is actually healthy and well.

Loretta you are stunningly beautiful.

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