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To all you guys - please stop whining about Loreta's eating/feeding - she just can't gain weight. She tried different diets.
In vain. Period.

Whining is not good, I agree. And actually thin is GOOD! My daughter is super slim like Loreta and she whines but I tell her as she gets older she will be grateful for the "thin genes"!

I don't think Loreta should even TRY to gain weight, she is fine as she is.


Arkisi, my point is to you; wonderful subject she performs well, and you captured it very well. The human form of female is fantasic art, please to keep up the good work..

Thank you, I'll try!

Photo 30, so sweet the pronounciation of her womanhood....

This woman is ruthless, there is nothing she will not due to cause instigation of mischiefious behaviour

all I can say is mei amore............

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Get some hair on that twat baby! :-)

FYI Doug, your cute little smiley faces don't take the sting out of the way you worded that. I think you should quit complaining about the girl's lack of pubic hair and move on with your life. But if you insist on it, at least be civil. Your "twat" comment was pretty bad.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

It was meant to sting, Red :-)
But don't take it too seriously, Officer :-)
And btw, Comments can be hidden for the fainthearted and squeamish.

Doug, the term "twat" is offensive and insulting.
I know you meant it to be shocking, but that term goes too far. Please find a way to be shocking without being crude and insulting.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Oh come on fer_realz it's not that bad, especially here!

It's about on the level of "cock" I think.

I did mean to convey my disgust at "always shaven" however.

I mean really, when I started here I couldn't even bring myself to use the term "pussy."

It seemed too crude and insulting :-)

This doesn't mean I'm advocating the use of "twat." But actually I think it's kind of colorful -- makes you wonder where it came from -- what exactly somebody had in mind.

It hurts you ears I think because it's used relatively rarely.

I first heard it used effectively by a woman, in fact, who certainly wasn't thinking she was being insulting...

Think of Marianne Faithfull's song about "snatch." She was talking about her own. Very vividly :-)

Correction, Doug, it hurt my ears because it is an intentionally insulting and degrading term. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that by using it you meant to insult or degrade Loretta, you just wanted to be a bit provocative. The problem is, just about any use of that word out in the "real world" is as an insult to some woman.
It's kinda like the "n-word."
And yes, it seems kinda double standard, but a woman is free (in my standards) to use that term referring to her own assets if she wishes. But just like the "n-word," if a non-woman uses that term, it is automatically insulting.
As I said in my earlier reply to your comment ~ I understand you want to be shocking and I'm OK with that. I just think the use of this particular term is below you, because you have demonstrated the fact that you are a thinking, intellectual person, not a nasty insulting person.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

"intentionally insulting and degrading" -- I think that's in the ear of the beholder.
Not on the level of the "n" word.
I mean, could we take a poll?
You feel strongly about this, but do you really know what you're talking about? Do you have proof?
"to some woman." I suppose you could say that about almost anything! What about others, like the one I mentioned? How do we know what Loretta thinks?
This is one of the problems with pc-ism and censorship (including self-censorship.) Who decides what expression should be banned?
I think in the vast majority of cases it should be left up to each individual. Disagreements will happen -- air 'em out! :-)
Sticks and stones can break my bones -- there is a sliver of truth to that. Maybe the offended person should think about just what his or her problem is -- that analysis could be a lot more valuable than a simple ban on an expression.

Consider the "n" word -- I loathe it -- I just heard it used the other day by kids walking by my front yard -- I was of half a mind to call the one who used it on his black friend out. But then I thought I guess they see it differently :-)

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

Amen! It remains the young woman's personal choice. There is no need to be so rude.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

There is no need to re-chew :-)

Obviously lovely Loretta was the genesis of my suggestion to K (who certainly brought her A game today).

I don't guarantee that Loretta would receive one of my five proposed ratings of 11, but she certainly has many of the physical attributes I appreciate in a woman.

Hey Baggy, I believe it was I who proposed the "11" rating!
Tongue in cheek, of course, in honor of "This is Spinal Tap"'s Nigel Hufnel's speaker with the special dial that goes to 11, not just 10....

Oh, I just caught up with your note to K below...
However, I DID propose an "11" rating a few weeks back. ( :
For what it's worth, I don't mind your "5/11" idea, but, given the number of models to choose from, I'd suggest each member have 10 "11"s to distribute.

K: I would like your opinion of an off the wall suggestion.

Would you consider giving each member a total of 5, never to be exceeded, ratings of 11 to distribute to 5 DIFFERENT models of their choice. Any member desperate enough to have more than 5 votes and willing to PURCHASE a second and . . . membership (no free one day trials) would put their money where their mouth is and rightfully earn more ratings of 11 to distribute to different models.

I am only partially kidding. I believe this, if it proved easy to control and program, would help to give MetArt the ability to truly determine who the member's favorite models are, if you are interested in who the member's favorites are. Who knows, this might even help you to

And to eliminate bellyaching, whining and trolling, only the total number of ratings of 11 would be published and any and every member's individual choices would be invisible.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Sounds a little bit like my idea to give each member 1 vote for their fave.
Didn't fly because unlike me most members apparently don't have a single favorite model.
Even still, the results would I think be enlightening.
As it is now, the model ratings reveal at least to me the absurdity of the "system."
But I like the idea of having people put their money where their mouth is. I see a lot of ridiculous overpraise in Comments generally, I suppose well-meaning, but so effuse as to be meaningless. Making people really think about who is truly great to them -- really special -- that is what I would like to see.
IOW, the real faves :-)
I might then consider them the "top" models.

Loretta, lean and sexy and meat in the right places!!!!

A bit too slender but not over the top. She is drop dead gorgeous and her poses are very sexy. Arkisi did a great job but the close up photos are a bit too contrasty for my tastes. It tends to accentuate the size of her vulva in an uncomplimentary way.

Arkisi likes the light to be very directional, with little fill light, so that's where the contrast comes from. As a photographer, I'm impressed, he knows his craft for sure. As a horny MetArt consumer, there are times when I'd prefer softer lighting. Filling in the shadows a bit lets us drool over more of the details of these amazing feminine bodies.

I don't remember, may be I left my reflecting panel at home :)

I'm hungry after seeing that pussy.

  • Gary
  • 4 months ago:

Stunning, awesome, magnificent and erotic beauty. This set is one of the best ever on this site. Loretta is so gorgeous and natural as a model, and obviously is aware she is a work of art and enjoys posing. Arkisi turned in such an artistic set that I raised his "rating". Keep up the good work. Arkisi and Loretta make a great team.


Never mind the snide comments about eating a burger. Yes, Loretta is thin, but so am I, it's in the genes. Despite being off the charts "underweight", I'm as healthy as can be. I'm guessing Loretta is too.

In this day of über-obese people and the resulting diabetes, it's nice to see not everyone is fat.

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

I agree with you RedPilot. Loretta is thin and slender. She is not skinny or emaciated. She could afford to add some extra weight, but it certainly is not needed. Some of us prefer to see women who carry more weight and Loretta is not the ideal model for us. But she definitely is a beautiful young woman. If she weighed 15 lbs more, she would still be a beautiful woman.

She is one of those fortunate few who are not pushing their ideal weight and have to count every calorie. She is slim but not in danger of slipping into anorexia. When I was her age I was like that. I wish I was now!

The eyes, the mouth, the body, angular beauty of this girl quite awesome.

The close ups Loretta's treasures are fantastic, especially the rear views - it would be wonderful to see her soon in a wispy thong or G preferably white..

Great set!

Photis 71-74, GROSS, this woman is frikkin emaciated, holy crap, eat a burger, have some fritos, eat something!!!!!!!!!

I would do the eating for both of us.

Once again Arkisi takes the day!! This time with the incredibly desireable and sexy Loretta, and a set of photos of her to blow the most sleepy of minds! And boy oh boy is mine sleepy this morning!!! What a great wake-up!! "Loretta....you ROCK!! XOXOXO ;o)"

If you've ever wondered what bedroom eyes look like, go no further.

Beautiful at every angle -


  • H WU
  • 4 months ago:

Beautiful labia and anus poses. Wow!!!

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

121 exquisite photos of an extremely beautiful and sensual young woman. Loretta is absolutely gorgeous. Each and every inch of her body is perfectly stunning.

Always a 10 for Loretta, what a little minx.

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