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Great job of Loretta! You made me soo hungry! More please.

a good set for a gorgeous girl. Arkisi did a good job. i am still considering leaving Met Art after many years of subscription. although Met Art has some very bad photographers such as Rylsky and Leonardo, it has some good ones such as Catherine, Flora and Arkisi.

i miss Erro, and the times of excellent sets.

Psssst ... look for my comment further up concerning coffee. Posted in wrong sequence instead of as a reply to yours here.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Coffee. Met Art. Not Hot.


Yeah ... that just what you need more of when looking at Loretta (or any women for that matter) ... more stimulants! ;-)

Loretta; what a spectacular combination of beauty and total lack of inhibition.

Wow. Just . . . wow!

An INCREDIBLE set of erotic photographs, Loretta and Arkisi.

Sincerely thanks to everyone involved in creating and sharing this set.

Oh, and Loretta, thanks for your attention to every feminine detail.

Judging by Loretta,Ukrainian girls really know hoe to wear a bathrobe. I wonder if they take classes? I noticed,and am very glad,that Arkisi remembered that Loretta's back and butt are as pretty as the rest of her. I gave a 10+++ to both

I meant "how "of course.

Do you know what the word "proofread" means!?? Or do you just enjoy constantly correcting yourself?


No sand -- no trees -- no ugly rocks --

Just a beautiful, enticing woman in a hotel suite -- the absolute BEST way I've ever found to pass a few days.

You are gorgeous devechko. Ya obozhaio tvoe zhopa.

Great sets; 1 of eyes, 1 of eyebrows, 3 of lips, 1 of breasts, 1 of nipples, 1 of butt cheeks, 1 of legs, and 1 of images.

Thank you Loretta, thank you Arkisi.

The spell that Loretta has me under deepens with every new set!! This is one spectacular female!! It's a good thing there's some great shots in this set, because there's some really bad ones too, that needed to be compensated for. Very nice set overall! But then it's LORETTA!! And that spells W-I-N-N-E-R to me!!

Our photographer obviously knows how to shoot this model well. And the bad images here seem to have the ingredients for good images. So no excuse. There is no other model like this one, don't mess it up.

I love the sequence with her robe coming off. Very sexy.


Another wonderful, explicit set of the beautiful Loretta

This girl is just so very sexy & seems keen to maximize exposure of her superb angular body. The rearview close ups are quite sensational & I hope my ageing heart can cope...

More Loretta as soon as possible - love to see those dark generous labia behind a nice pair of white panties...

I second that. a great pair of white lace bikinis or a really nice white lace thong or t-back would've looked great.

Great suggestion, bikeman, I heartily second the request!

I wonder what is in that cup of coffee that has Loretta so sexually excited?

Being somewhat of a coffee snob myself, I have to say that there are days when I get just the right cup of coffee at one of my favorite shops and it completely changes my day from a so-so day to a good day. Just from the taste of the coffee... ( :

another beautiful model from the Ukraine. They say sex tourism is becoming a problem in the Ukraine. We should charter a plane and thoroughly investigate.

Think they'd give us a group discount? If so, I'm in... ( : Once all the excitement dies down of course.

Just so that the "excitement" is all that "dies down" on you! ;-)

Oh c'mon! Excitement is what we're looking for! isn't it?? LOL ;o)

I was already in the middle of one war; I have no desire to get into the middle of another! Let's just hope this nonsense and foofaraw is over fairly rapidly. God only knows the Ukrainian people sure as shootin' don't deserve this crap.

So many shots of that dark, exciting rear end! Thanks, sweetheart.

So nice to share a cup of coffee with you, Loretta, but I gotta tell you if you keep doing it entirely nude there's no way in hell I'll be able to concentrate on my coffee...

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