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This set could give me a heart attack! I don't want a heart attack. I want to stay and keep viewing these photographs of this spectacular model. I may never see a better set than this one!

OMG she's stunningly beautiful lovely smile lovely possess

OMG she's stunningly beautiful lovely smile lovely possess

Great poses in which Loretta always shows a slightly ironic smile. Nude photography should always be about a model enjoying herself, and that is what Loretta does.

Wunderschöner, absolut schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Ahoy, thar she blows (hopefully :-) Like to see her tied to the Captains Wheel, oh what fun awaits us!!

Beautiful explicit set, leaves NOTHING to the imagination and in this case that's a wonderful thing!!!

I never tire of seeing Loretta. I hope Arkisi never tires of shooting her. We get a little playfulness today from Loretta. Besides her brown eyes and petite slender figure, I appreciate her prominent curvy mound shown well in 102 & 103. Excellent set today!

Loretta, thank you for posing for this set . . . you incredible, sexy, powerfully feminine babe ROCKET.

Arkisi, thank you for driving the wheels off this race car !

And, Met-Art . . . thank you for taking my money.

Keep Calm and Loretta On.

My favorite comment of the day, BC... carry on!

OUTSTANDING!! Leave it to Arkisi and Loretta to save the day for me!

I'm receiving a subliminal message from her lips: "Hungry...want sausage!"

Would love to run my fingers through her hair. Both sets of lips look irresistibly inviting. Oh how I love a clean-shaven pussy. A coy smile that makes me hungry to see more of this delicious temptress. Pink inner folds look so succulent. Totally tantilizing toes. Wish she would take the top off.


Blistering hot set of pictures, beautiful face, super sexy mouth, and I love all the pictures of her inviting arousing bottom.....

I could go down on that "bottom" and NEVER come back up!! WOW!!

Every set this Lovely Lady does is better than the last!
Loretta is Incredibly beautiful and Arkisi captures her perfectly!


Loretta's awesome body is beautifully displayed in this wonderful set.

If you are a Loretta fan, you are going to want to check out her new vid over on EroticDesire.com. Trust me... ( :

The site is EternalDesire, not EroticDesire : ) Other than that, you are absolutely right. That video is amazing!

OMG right you are, A.P. thank you for the catch!
EternalDesire.com! LOL
(I obviously mixed it up with EroticBeauty.com ~ derh!)

She is so erotic and enjoys to show us her Body. Just fantastic. I never get enough of her. Complements to Ariski for this wonderful pics. It must be a joy to work with her. In my next life i want also to be an erotic photographer.

This is not easy as you might imagine but interesting :)

Arkisi, do you have an apprenticeship program? ;o)

I suspect... no, I KNOW... that guys would be lining up to PAY for an internship like that! ( ;

Gawd, I'd like to hear those stories !

Excellent this Loretta!

"Totes adorbs" ~ as all the kids are saying nowadays. LOL

She's sooo cute when she's hiding under the covers at the end of the set... ( ;

We don't often get playfulness from Loretta, I like it!

Another beautiful set. When I saw the cover shot, I just said wow! She is wonderful!

Another wonderful explicit set of this stunning slender sexy woman.

Love the panty shots and the close ups of Loretta's amazing assets...awesome

Wow! I want to go to the Ukraine and see these beautiful women!! But...I think I'll take the train.

Spectacular! That perfect rear end gets the concentrated attention it deserves!

amazing ass shots!

wow love it

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