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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses:
amateur-CATHERINE/KOENART---has to learn from: ARKISI because to do

Loretta it is very pretty model.
I like her beautiful face,hair and eyes.
I like feminine shoes ...and her high heels sandals so sexy.
It's nice to be able to watch this set.

Loretta looks very comfortable in this setting, and we get more of a range of expressions. Wonderful set. Loretta and Arkisi - need anyone say more?

Loretta is just staggeringly beautiful with her toned slender body & one of the world's most magnificent pussies

Always 10/10

World class beauty and charms.

(amid thunderous applause...) WOW! What a GREAT location for an outdoor session!! And what a GORGEOUS girl to shoot IN that location! This is without a doubt, my favorite "outdoor" set on the entire site! Just because it's Loretta, by Arkisi, I gave this a 10 before even looking. I couldn't have been more on target! I LOVE the "dress" and hope that the style catches on..;o) Loretta looks fantastic as usual... This girl has had my attention (and affection) since she first appeared, and I haven't lost the desire for her in the least. Her body is what my dreams are made of... A 'founding member' of MY PPC. Fantastic set Arkisi! And of course my thanks, love and admiration to the beautiful and amazing Loretta...XOXOXO ;o) 10/10/10!!

With every new set, Loretta becomes more and more of a favorite. Love the dress / wrap / whatever-it's-called she's wearing, the colors bring out her gorgeous doe eyes.

Looks like Loretta is working out nice v shape from her abs to her mound to those awesome lips

Magnificent photo shoot. Extremely beautiful woman with an erotic appeal all her own. Bravo!!!

There are so many reasons why lovely Loretta is among my favorite Models.

Starting from the top; her lovely face is framed by very nice hair, her eyebrows immediately draw me to her beautiful eyes, her full lower lip begs to be gently nibbled, glass cutters adorning shapely breasts are always appreciated, an occasional hint of ribs is nice, and certainly not least - large inner labia are a personal favorite.

It appears that Loretta is capable of growing pubic hair, I wonder if we will ever know for sure?

Thanks to Loretta and Arkisi!

Loretta is one gal here I doubt will ever show any pubes, but I say ditto to everything else you said.

Beautiful labia in that gorgeuos thin body.

I think # 63 and # 110 are my favorite MA photos of Loretta so far. ( :

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