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lots of pussy shots, so she gets a high rating.

Not from me.

Face? I wouldn't call her ugly. But she isn't beautiful either.
Legs? Ok
Breasts? Ok
Feet? at least I didn't need to suppress my gag reflex.

Overall: average.

The setting is nice tho.

Lorna you'll be beautiful even more when you become pregnant...and really lucky will be the one whose seamen you accept with a smile :)

Spectacular breasts and pussy, Lorna is a very refreshing girl. All in all a great set but I would have loved to see more pics of her asshole as well, closeup shots. That would have completed the set.

Good first set of a very pretty lady! Delicate, blue eyes! Fantastic figure! Great proportions! Creamy soft skin. Beautiful round breasts and those big, pretty-pink nipples, standing up! I like the sequence of 9 thru 13. The twinkling in her eyes and the beginnings of a sweet, teasing, little smile in 11. That pretty, smooth, heart shaped ass in 12! And then the full view from behind with Lorna's blue eyes sparkling and drawing you in! Oh! Yeah, Uh! OH!...Oh, yes, Es duro de nuevo, Lorna, cariño! Gracias, honey!

This little lady is a massive turn on. just beautiful all around. And for a young girl she seems to understand and have full control of all her womanly powers. She had me under a spell at least... very erotic girl...keep her cumming please!

she has nice tits

Needs high heels -- stockings might have been a bit over the top. But she rates a 10!

What a stunning and captivating debut. Thank you, Lorna!

Would have loved to see a pic of her on all fours, breasts hanging down, with a similar facial expression a la pic #106.

This is the Woman I could wake up to every day.....................

Great work Arkisi. The hands near a delicious pussy or a lovely rear are so distracting.

Another delightful newcomer courtesy of Arkisi, Lorna is absolutely gorgeous and what a lovely body she has too.

Lorna is gorgeous, and oh so hot!!! Perfect boobs and a really nice pussy!!! She's gonna fit right in here at Met-Art!!! It's a great set Arkisi, but I gotta dock you a point for not enough rear view shots!

Amazing looking woman, great body, nice set. I would like to see more of this girl.

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