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Wow what lovely legs that go all the way up to heaven that sweet sweet pussy super sexy woman Luce is a goddes beautiful 10/10 perfect hot hot hot

J' aime comment elle joue avec sa petite culotte, pour nous dévoiler ensuite sa chatte et son anus.

Luce is so cute! Her eyes make my heart melt

Those panties are one of my favorites plain and white, but a little bit of dampness would have skyrocketed this set to new heights.

I found it very exciting to watch this beautiful girl slowly slip off her cute white panties and finally give us her delicious pussy and amazing ass to enjoy..


Love the goose bumps!

Not one single unobstructed photo of her lovely breasts. Between extraneous clothing, silly shoes and hair, you've managed to obscure every shot. Tragic.

Well there was #60, but your point is vaild. And she has such delicious perky nipples!!!

Luce is a beautiful girl, a great model and a very nice person, this set expresses most of her qualities. I have just shot with her a few sets in Italy and hopefully she will be show more of her soon here on Metart for you to enjoy.

Shoes are a gimmick that, like most gimmicks, dominates the set to no advantage.

I'm with you 'justa'--the shoes are so prominent, especially in shots #49-52, and so distracting in others that for me, they ruin the shots. Personally, I find those red shoes distinctly unattractive. But it's all a matter of taste; there are comments here from folks whose reactions are the opposite of yours and mine. Not really a matter of taste and judgment either way, IMO. Just personal preferences. Fortunately, there's enough here to appeal to virtually all tastes, and that's a good thing, imo.

Luce looks very delicious in her tight cotton panties!!! And out of them too!!!

Love how her sweater gives away just a hint of her curves in Pic #49, and how the heavenly valley between her cheeks is partially hidden in shadows. Just enough mystery and intrigue.

Oh -- I forgot to mention. VERY nice legs, among other things! :-}

Awesome legs.

Great set !!!
I do enjoy the sets where the model starts clothed and works her way to the nude shots. Kind of like getting to know her before the seduction begins. AND -- she not only owns a pair of high heels -- she actually wears them !!!!! :-D

I was beginning to think we would have to take up a collection for these poor, bare-footed, models! ;->

I can't help it but I love her shoes so much. I think she loves them too... because she keeps them on for the whole set ;)

Cute girl, excellent body, mediocre photography. Light too often too harsh and focus too often too soft.

Gorgeous Blue Eyes!
Love the White Cotton Panties!
Very sexy when she pulls them to the side to expose her beautiful vagina.

Superb. White cotton panties and then a glimpse inside this fab ladies pleasure palace. Thank you. Would love those panties after a couple of days wear!

Luce is an attractive lady with a great bum and great nipples.

I love this one, especially where the gorgeous Luce playfully hides her lovely cunt with those pristine white knickers, before she unabashedly displays herself in the rest of this great set.

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