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Absolutely gorgeous, Lauren has never looked better and those bottomless spreads are just mind blowingly awesome, especially with Lauren smooth shaven.

Awesome set.

Great composure, pretty lady, black leather sofa - - and the "eros" of a beautiful woman completely nude is only accentuated with the enticing image of the 'red spiked heels' drawing attention to her intimate and completely uninhibited beautifully bare body !~!~!


TINTIN YOU MAKE ME BLUSH! What can I say? I am honored for such a pleasant consideration! I am really looking forward to showing more of my work to you and all those who appreciate me, I have projects and ideas to share with you and i really hope that you will renew your subscription to keep enjoying art and beauty giving valuable feedback. THANK YOU!!

Wonderful,amazing,exellent"Dynamic Opens" of beautiful See-You-Yen-Tea.
Next time Maestro Deltagamma,You reveal her last unexplored region-her

Thank you for the "Maestro", Tokyo Sukimono! I will do a very pleasant effort to show you more of Luce next time... ;)

very beautiful lady, great gallery! super luscious pussy, yum yum!!!!!:)) i wish more photographers would shoot the models like this & the models on here would pose this way, playing with & spreading their beautiful pussies. keep up the good work Luce A. & Deltagamma, bravo:))

I agree on the focus, make it sharp in the highest resolution. Soft focus isn't what I pay for, it shows disrespect for the pussy and flaps!


Gorgeous Face & Body. Great Poses! 'Very Little Left to the Imagination!'
Much More of Her Soon Again, Please!

Had the exact same outcome for me as her last set did!

I assume that is a positive comment?


Well, lets see, I am sure to get lots of thumbs down judging from the comments thus far but this is my take based on my tastes so....

I felt that there was to much use of soft focus even in the intimate closeups. Many of the shots were to dark and the closeup shots of her fantastic womanhood were never in clear focus. She has an awesome pussy it cry's out for crisp clearly focused shots. Luce has one of the most perfectly formed completely flawless vulva's on any of the models here and this should be given the reverence it deserves by doing the best macro work you can accomplish.

I don't want Luce to feel that I am concentrating all my attention on this part of her because I think she is an extremely lovely woman and would be just as delightful fully clothed but as Vulvalover said it is quite rare to find one as sweet and perfect as this one is so it deserves to be photographed to perfection.

I think Luce is one lovely woman and a very good model. I love her personality and openness and thank her deeply for sharing with us. I am always eager to open one of her sets knowing that I will be treated to another glimpse of her alluring persona.

Thank you Deltagamma74 for your comments about her. It is rare to get feedback about the models and what they are like in real life and this is something sorely missing from all of these sites. It makes the viewer feel more a part of the site.

I agree hipshot, Luce has a really nice pussy, and the close ups were great--until you pull up the photos in high res and original size. Then you can see the lack of sharp focus. I don't know if it was an intended artistic effect or a technical issue, but it was a bit disappointing. There were some good shots, and it was a great set overall. Luce is one gorgeous, hot girl!!!

Now THAT'S more like it! What an incredible set, and an even more incredible model. Luce is amazingly beautiful, and the photog captured EVERY intimate detail. Thanks to both!

Great way to start the weekend! Luce is a prime example of why I love Czech girls! A better title for this set would be "Breakfast is Served"! Absolutely delicious!!

Fantastic set! Tens for everyone involved—and 10,000 for that little corner of paradise between Luce's lovely thighs.

Great set! Thanks to model and photographer.

You are welcome trentmare! I will relay to Luce, she will be glad to hear such compliments (pls express your vote too! ;))

Stunning in black.

This is a great set! Luce is a very fine woman and Deltagamma has done a great job bringing her to us. I like the variety of shots and the attention on her pretty vulva.

I love the range of Luce's facial expressions......pic#s 46, 72, 82, for example.

I do like Luce, very beautiful and an amazing body. This set is well shot in my opinion, I like the images a lot.

Super tight flaps - beautiful!

"flaps" is a vulgar term for the inner lips, or labia of the vulva. To me, it is the inner lips that make a beautiful pussy. The smaller, or narrower they are the prettier the vulva. ( my opinion only)
fewer than 10% of all adult women have a pussy like I described
the other 90% have the large, elongated and narly inner labia - to me, these are ugly vulvas, but most men seem to like them - lucky for women

Please respect these women that we love so much. You can do so by not using vulgar terminology.


I agree. Vulvalover, though there is nothing "flappy" about Luce's petite labia minora, you can't expect everyone here to have such knowledge of the vulva as you (and I) do. I don't think any disrespect was intended.

Luce is a fabulous model, a sweet and nice girl, and shooting with her has been a great experience. I am looking forward to showing more sets of her sharing her beauty with all of you.

Fingers in the "Forbidden Zone"... yeah!

Thanks a lot! Girls and photography like those are the ones that make the subscription worth every penny. Luce is simply astonishing! Thanks again!

nice work with a gorgeous girl

I love how you show her "inner beauty" on 117. Wish we would see more like that on Met.

I second that, fred.

I will show more in the next occasions.. There's a lot to show! ;)

I applaud your generosity. Nothing would be more delightful than seeing you punch a permanent hole through the Met censors.

Good work, Deltagamma! Ella es muy, muy rosado adentro! Ella es obtener húmedo, también! Niza a ver ella es listo! Luce, eres como un precioso rosa flor abajo de allí, cariño! Me encanta a ver que, cuando eres abierto y listo por ello! Me encanta ello justo como que! Es tan niza a ver arriba dentro tus poco, suaves, esponjosos, rosa labios, cuando eres abrelo! Tal un precioso, rosa Ÿ! Cariño, ¡Gracias!

Luce, Luce, Luce! Gracias, para abriendo tu coño! Que es un precioso, rosa coño! Niza! Cariño, Gracias!


That is one beautiful pussy on this girl. Luce's pussy looked great with hair and it looks just as delicious now without hair..... Great ass too! Thanks for sharing with us Luce.

Yes! Bastante sonrisa, mi querida señora! Ella es preciosa, rosa! Jugoso, también! Cariño, Gracias!

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