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I cannot skip any frmes off. Never do Virtuoso Deltagamma waste frames here! That's great isn't that?

Very Nice, beautiful "real" girl, the photographer disappears, and it's a pretty girl in the woods.


Your stylish performance in this gallery is marvelous and commendable. Maintain it.

Thank you Dr.Aly! I will keep doing my best to maintain and possibly increase the art level of my work. Compliments like yours will surely help!

Luce is a beauty, of this there can be no doubt, but her feet have to be what....13's!? I bet she has never fallen down...by 'accident' anyway! lol A natural-born skier! ;o) This is an ok set for 'outdoors', which is VERY limiting, but a bit too much decapitation for my taste. If 75% of the model's body is in the frame, and her head is 'chopped off' (or 'cropped' off if you prefer ;o), it seems disrespectful to me. And up in the mountains in May!...I imagine it WAS a bit chilly for her, especially if it was morning and that rock she sat on was still cold, not having absorbed much heat from the sun yet... A little something to sit on may have made her a bit more comfortable... Also, lichen is hardly a suitable seat for that sweet bottom of hers...;o)

rockhard, I understand now your nickname.. you know a lot about rocks...lol.. Anyway don't be worried for Luce, we were not on a mountain, It must have been max 350/400 meters above sea level and May has been a very warm month here this year. Also, it was the warmest time of the day, about 4pm, so the stones were warm enough to sit on. As I wrote it's Luce who is generally cold, so it was not such a cold situation.. I care about her!

Well alrighty then! Happy to hear it was not as bad as it appears to have been...lol And 'these' rocks are not the inspiration for my 'handle'...;o) Give a listen to "Led Zeppelin" for that inspiration! Also happy to hear that you care for your models 'well being', and hope that all artists here feel the same. Luce must have been born in the summer if she is "cold" as you say.. You've set my mind at ease 'DC'...thanks...;o)

And I forgot to ask that you tell Luce that the first line of her 'bio' endeared her to me forever! She became even more beautiful after reading this...;o)

Ok I got it rockhard, I actually had no doubt about the insporation for your nick...lol.. I'll check that song..
In fact you are more into models' bio rather than mountain rocks.. Luce was born in late spring, some days before the summer, so that must be the reason she always looks for some warmth..
Who would not care for such beautiful girls' well being here..? ;)
I will tell Luce how much you loved the start of her bio.. She will be pleased.. I can confirm that she really loves her cat(s), in fact when she spent some days here for our last shooting she was missing them so she took care of my cat (and he took care of her). And while in real life she is sweet and shy when she poses you can see that she pushes her shyness apart in order to please the viewer. And I also confirm that she conducts a healthy life, likes sleeping, eats healthy food and likes sports. I can add that she is also very good at choosing and doing the right make up and hairstyle for the shoots. The perfect model!!

Now I love her even more. A beautiful AND sensible woman is a rare find... A perfect model absolutely! Thank you for a very generous response. Warm wishes to you and to the Lovely Luce, Kitten of My Dreams...;o) XOXOXO

I shot this set with Luce last May, in a natural park in central Italy. It was mstly a sunny day, with some lonely clouds passing by (very annoying as they changed the temperature/intensity of the light), and a chilly wind blowing from the valley in front of the place I chose as a location, basically a rock few steps away from a cliff facing the valley and its spectacular landscape. It was mid afternoon and I had planned a few sets in different places that were best at a later hour, so I started with this one having Luce sheltered by the shade of a tree to avoid strong shadows on her face and to protect her delicate eyes from the sunlight. As some of you noticed she felt a bit cold during the set (that was when clouds obscured the sun and wind was blowing), and moreover the rock was quite hard to sit on, but Luce showed all of her professional attitude and didn't complain in order to complete the set, although I had "mercy" and cut the set when I thought it was enough for a nice job. I know I could have changed angles/perspectives but I was near the edge of the cliff which didn't allow a lot of movement (and I wouldn't have liked to fall down some 200-300 metres leaving the work halfway..). What I loved about Luce was her extremely sweet attitude during the shoot and throughout the afternoon, enjoying the nature around and the nice views offered by the place. After this set we enjoyed some strawberries and cherries on the grass, but that's another story and also another set... Enjoy!

I enjoy Deltagamma's photography style here. The only problem is there is not enough of it.

This is his second set with Luce, and I enjoy it even though it is outdoors. It is not bleached out color like many outdoors sets from others, and the scenery on this one is nice.

Kilroy, I am very glad you liked this set, despite the fact that you are not a fan of outdoor settings, and this makes your comment count even more. In general when I decide to shoot outdoor I prefer simple, natural locations, leaving the scene to the model's beauty, and when the model is Luce the results are always good. So far I have shot her more indoor than outdoor, so you're likely to see her lying on a bed or on a sofa next time a new set of mine is published. I also wanted to thank you and all those who have wished for seeing more of my work here. In effect I have noticed that recently I am having more sets than usual published, so I guess that your wishes are being heard..;) This is also one of the reasons why I am making big plans for the next months, bringing new models, new concepts, new (hopefully) beautiful images for you all to enjoy more and more frequently, thanks to this extraordinary place for beauty and eros lovers called Metart. So, more work coming soon..!!

That's great news! I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you here.

Big congratulations deltagamma74, this is another first class outdoor set, there's nothing better than a wonderful naked girl in nature. Luce is an astonishing natural beauty, I like everything on her, especially her hair, which is exceptionally good on these pictures and the tiny landing strip is very nice too. It's good she's naked from the first photo, that was a wise decision from your part. So I'm very satisfied with your work and all I can say is keep up the excellent job, I really enjoy your images. You're a pretty talented and skilled photographer and I hope you'll continue to share your collections with us. :)

Thank you very much Arthur! Every time I read such positive comments like yours I feel motivated to keep improving and finding inspiration to share with you and the other viewers who show such passion new stories of beautiful muses. I am so glad you liked my choices in this set, which is maybe not one of my best ones, but to tell the truth with Luce in front of your camera more than half of the job is already done.. I am really looking forward to showing more of my work here on Metart, every time one of my photosets is published is such a pleasant feeling and reading what people think of my images (like you and the others have done here) makes me feel part of a uniquely stimulating circle of persons having in common the love of female beauty. I will keep doing my best for such ideal. Thank you again!

I wish Deltagamma's work was used here more often.

I second the wish kilroy..;)

can't see the picture~and can't download~what happen?

There are a few models who show a totally different side of themselves each new set... Luce is one of them.
I very much enjoyed this set despite it being an outdoor set. I especially like the camera angle while she's perched on the rock. ( :

I totally agree fer_realz, Luce is a new discovery everytime I have the luck to shoot with her, she is so sweet in real life and she can show a whole range of different sweetnesses every time she is in front of the camera. I have planned a new shooting with her soon, I will try to pursue a good balance between indoor and outdoor (not too many outdoor maybe...ok;)), depending on lighting and inspiration. I love the tones of the sunlight in September, I am sure that the results will be good. If any of you passionate viewers and Luce's fans have preferences/ideas I will see if I can take a few of them into account.

It's nice for Luce to do an outdoor set but she look best indoors.

I agree H WU, she probably looks more comfortable indoor, but I think that she deserves also to be portrayed in some nice outdoor sets, especially with that unique lighting that you can only get after sunrise or before sunset. This was not the case because there were still 2-3h before sunset and the light was still a bit too strong therefore I had to shoot mainly in the shade, but the same day I shot a couple more sets in the nature with a warmer light which was great on her.

What a sweetie. Judging by her beautiful nipples, it must have been cold. I like her camel toe and bubble butt.

"Bubble butt"!? Do you even know what that term means Baggy? If you're applying it to Luce, you obviously don't. That term and "big butt" are thrown around here very carelessly. Much to my annoyance... If you do a search for "bubble butt", I'm quite certain you won't use it again so indiscriminately...;o)

You're right Baggy36Pants, see my reply to hipshot131 below.. not so cold indeed but Luce often feels cold even when it's actually warm enough to shoot outdoor. I was wearing a t-shirt while she wore a wool sweater during breaks.. Ok, I was feeling the heat coming from her hot poses... That doesn't count....;)

Lovely woman, nice scenery, great colors. A very nice set. Even though the sun was shining Luce seemed a bit cold. I noticed goosebumps and her nipples were standing tall. The site was a bit limited for her to move around much and that rock sure didn't look comfortable for that sweet bum to perch on.

Very good anlysis hipshot131, as usual. In effect although the sun was shining there was a not so pleasant wind blowing from time to time and it chilled a bit, it was last May an the location was also at a certain altitude, so Luce was feeling a bit cold and I didn't want to stress her too much given those condotions. The result is a set shot in a shorter time than usual, with not so much variety of poses and Luce trying still to appear in a good mood despite the wind (and the hard rock she was sitting on...). A brave model I must say.

Then BOTH OF YOU deserve even more congratulations than usual !!!

Luce is a brave model, and you are a talented videographer...

As you saw, we are many to admire you, and we wish Luce all the best for her future career -she deserves it ! -
and all the best to you, Deltagamma,
hoping we'll soon enjoy new series by both of you !

Greetings from the blue shores of the Mediterranean in Southern France....


Merci beaucoup John! Ma femme est française et elle connait la côte mediterraneen de la France..;) I am so gla to have one more "admirer" who appreciates my work and enjoys Luce every time she shows herself through my lenses. I will pass her your wishes when I see her again in a couple of weeks.
À la prochaine!

She is beautiful, but the set is a little boring.

Yeh, she did sit around on the same rock for too long.

You're probably right, but the shadow was limited to the rock and the light was too strong to stand there with good results

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