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very exciting pyssypositions like always by slastyonoff !!!! m

The lovely Luce on a swing... a recipe for hours of fun. ( :


deltagamma. respect.

Thank you omegafan, I really appreciate!

Unfortunately, close up is over used in this set. The model is not shown head to toe a sinlge time.

Luce always has an enduring smile, which is just so charming.

Her smile is still present today, but when I look at the photo set as a whole I personally feel that with DeltaGamma she appeared a little more natural, at ease, and having fun.

DG would never slam a fellow artist, but I wonder what he felt when he shot her?

Both sets have a similarity, in my opinion.

"SW" - haven't heard much out of you lately. Hope all is well.

I have enjoyed seeing Luce shot by several different photogs here within the last year. Slastyonoff and DG are both good, but Mike G's set isn't bad, either.

swplf2, it's nice to hear that you see Luce feeling that way in my sets. I can't tell if there is some significant difference between this set by Slastyonoff and one of mine, I would probably be not really objective, but it's true that Luce has an enduring sweet smile, and she also shows it here making this very well shot set also very pleasant.
About your nice remark I must repeat myself, saying once again that she has become one of my favorite models not only because of her beauty but also because of her human qualities, therefore if you see something more in my sets then it means that this special feeling really shines through our photos, thanks to the genuine good mood we both have when we meet for a shooting. So far I had only fwo sets with Luce published here (and one on Sexart) and they are from 2 different sessions out of a total of 7 days shooting together, but I have several more sets coming out in the future, so you will be able to verify if your feeling was true. By the way, when you have a favourite model you tend to pay more attention to her needs and preferences, ending up to knowing her better and therefore making her feel better, with positive effects on the photos. For instance, Luce likes sleeping at least 9h, so I prefer to have her shooting not too early in the morning and possibly have her for more days, so that she is not too tired from early awakenings or stressing trips, then I got to know her preferences in food, she likes my coffee (creamy and strong, with milk, no sugar), she is happy when I bring my cat on location so that she does not miss her cats back home, she likes shooting with a music background (I make different playlists depending on models' tastes), she likes warm weather and loves taking breaks between sets sunbathing (totally nude of course). All these things probably contribute to an overall natural and comfortable feeling that from your words is visible if you pay attention and really look into the models' eyes like you do..
Now I am curious to hear if you have the same feeling when one of my next sets comes out!

DG, thanks for your feedback not only on this set and model, but also for the glimpse you gave of the actual process and the planning and thought that go into it.
I am eager to see your next sets, I hope they are published soon!

fer_realz, I am really glad to hear that you and several others appreciate my insights, with that I really wish to give one more key to understand the whole story behind my sets. I also wish to have more sets to comment with you all, it's been more than one month since my last set has been published and I am also looking forward to the next one.

DG, It's nice to hear how you strive to make your models more comfortable, by knowing and providing for their tastes. I agree that is does achieve the best results in the finished pictures. When you are able to show more about them than just their bodies, your viewers come away from a set feeling more like they know her.

Kilroy, nice to hear feedback on this point, one of my aims is to involve more thoroughly the viewers in the relationship between the model and the photographer, because the audience are part of the artistic process, since they are driving or influencing the photographer's choices. When I looked at a photoset in the past I always wondered what the creation process was like, and it was not just curiosity, but almost a need to understand better the final result of the work. This is also why I started to expand on my published work, I thought that others would appreciate and would understand better, getting to know more of the model, of the story behind the set and also of the photographer and his previous/future work.

Luce is lovely, thank you both so much. Isn't it great that we live in an age where things like crotchless panties are made? Even 50 years ago, such a thing being manufactured would be unthinkable. And the internet makes it possible to see gorgeous women like Luce model them from the other side of the planet. Very cool!

Luce, I love your hair in this photoset, fringes are definitely back in. I am a big fan of crotchless panties so another plus for this set. Let the good time roll!

Agreed in all respects, monkeryma!

Gorgeous brunette sex bomb
but with wild hair often in the wrong place.
Hair fetishists enjoy the show.
Which person would prefer the hair instead of the breast
of a beautiful girl?

Ah,the ladies from Czech republic..!
Luce,you look happy in this set,your smile is so wonderful

The seller

Welcome back, Luce darlin', I've missed that tasty pussy and mouthwatering tush. xoxo

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