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Amazing set deltagamma... I would definitely say it is your best set yet, and hers as well!
I'm glad you included the "outtakes" at the end. I'm "cat people" so I loved the shots with the cat... esp. how Luce's eye color mirrored/mimicked the cat's fur... the contrast between their eyes was also pleasing. ( :
Glad to hear you're shooting with Conny today... can't wait to see the results!

fer_realz, it's always nice to hear you like my work and in this case I am honored to read you think this is our best one! and if you are "cat people" too it's not a surprise you like the shots with my cat, Luce really loves him by now and he makes her not miss her cats waiting for her at home.
I just picked up Conny at the airport, I will let have some rest so that she will be relaxed and comfortable enough for the shooting, it was nice to meet her 4 years after our first shooting, I am looking forward to doing a good job with her, hoping you will all appreciate it. I think I will include some sets with casual and sporty outfits and with some "normal" underwear. I guess you will see our first sets here and on Sexart within november.

I'm looking forward to the new sets, thanks Deltagamma! ( :
Your cat is beautiful, what is his name?
I have a beautiful 11 year old tabby named Hart who is under the unshakable conviction that she's still only 1 year old. ( :
She's currently keeping me warm as I type on my laptop (she having taken its place of honor, I have to twist my body to type on the table next to me!) ( :

Our cat is named after the first king of Rome, since he was born on the "birthday" of Rome, 21 april: Romulus.
He is now 2 yrs and a half old, he also thinks he is always 1 yo and he also loves to keep my wife's arms warm while she types on our Mac's keyboard (he can type in cattish, like fffffhhhjkkkkjhhggg..).
He is really lovely and he is very lucky because despite the fact that he broke his leg in 2 pieces when he was z kitty and he got lost for 3 months he is still here, but most of all he is lucky because he has been caressed and hugged by soooo many beautiful models... He even slept with some of them..

Damn lucky Tom, I am jealous of him!
So was his brother named "Remus" ?
( ;

Beautiful, more please!

Lancerf18, you can be sure you will see more of Luce shot by me and several other Metart photographers soon, she is favorited by many members and I am sure she will please us all for a long time! And maye if you vote for me with a good score I will have more chances to bring you more of her and other beautiful models ;)

Delta, I am so glad to see you here today. While you told me everything was cool. I still worried. I would say great set today but I think the regulars have figured out my bias toward your work. So I will try not to effuse. How's Phi? If you have a chance read the comments on Presenting V... today. The regulars took it to a new level about pubic hair. I think we have now gained a nucleus of members that feel the same way about this section, i.e it has value and is worthwhile to both members and artist. Now if I could just seduce some of the models to join us I would be complete in one of my quests. I will ask Jon to share my email address with you so, if you choose, you can contact me direct on matters which do need public discussion. Again you did great with Luce on Sex and presented her well today under these limits. Keep up the good work...

swplf2, actually I was worried about not reading any comment from you yesterday as the set came out ;)
Thank you again for caring about me and being interested in my work, despite (others') biases. I still give a lot of importance to comments and advices, as you can read in my other posts, and will keep on doing it, especially when I feel being supported by many.
I am happy you like the recent work with Luce, I am already planning a new shooting with her; btw, today I have Conny Carter and I feel inspired for some good sets together, I am open to ideas by all of members, as usual.
I would also be more than glad to share my email with you, so that we can deepen some issues, such as the models' involvement.
And please keep writing what you think about my work, you know I always keep it into account ;)
P.S. Phi is fine and she says hi to you and your wife ;)

?????? To much code in that post. Sounds like something aweful happened that we are not supposed to know about.

Never mind hipshot131, nothing too serious, it's about some comments.

Gotcha, Just hoping it wasn't anything to cause problems with your status here. Wouldn't want to lose a favorite photographer. ;)

I don't think I will leave you.. I also enjoy so much being here ;)

This is one of my latest sets with Luce, shot last month. As several of you have noticed she was in a really good mood, we spent 3 nice days in good company in this house in the Italian countryside with perfect weather, and being the 3rd time we worked together everything was really easy to plan and carry out. Also the very good feedback of her previous sets on Metart with so many nice comments and messages for her made her mood even better, she really wanted to create new exciting images for you to enjoy. As you can see from the backstage shoots she was very relaxed and playful, the perfect model to work with.
About the set, the house was quite big with many interesting places to use as a setting. I chose this comfortable sofa and put it in front of a window, from where the afternoon sunbeams gave a perfect soft lighting, making her blue eyes look brighter than usual. We chose a natural and light make up with this simple hairstyle which gave an overall natural touch to the look. As you can see she poses very naturally, so I didn't have to say much to direct her and could concentrate on the single images.

DG, this is a really nice summary of the photoshoot, and after I read it I went back in and looked at the set again with this in mind. It is very evident that Luce is relaxed, and it makes all the difference in the world. The setting is very pleasant and natural, I even like her posing with the cat (which bears an uncanny likeness to mine, although a couple of kilos lighter). I'm glad that Luce was so easy to work with, must be a photographer's dream. I'm certain that this beautiful woman is the subject of many MA member's dreams as well. Thank you both so much. I'm looking forward to seeing your next posting here.

kilroy, thank you for appreciating, I really believe that insights such as this one can add something more and let the viewer read the images in a way which is closer to reality, allowing to catch some details that risk to remain hidden otherwise. But I guess you could already tell how Luce was naturally relaxed and how much she enjoyed posing, she is really a dream to work with and I will definitely keep on bringing her to you all the best way I can.

With this dream naked in front of me I would have a very difficult time concentrating on anything! I fully agree that this set was perfection. What more could you ask? A villa in the Italian countryside, 3 days with one of Metart's most beautiful women who most obviously was enjoying her self? A you call this work? This is true nirvana and this set captured that in a way that let us all share this moment with you.I think you know that I tend to be quite honest in my comments and I can say that this is a very pleasing set that elevates my respect for you both.

The really great thing is I am sure you have much more of these 3 days to share with us.

You are a very lucky man to spend time with such a woman. I and most of us here are very jealous but also very glad that you captured this dream so perfectly.

hipshot131, I know you are always honest in your comments and this is why your appreciation for this set makes me happy twice. As I wrote above I really took into account what had been expressed by members like you in the comments on my previous two sets with Luce and also with other models, and the fact that you and several others found this set responding to your best wishes is the proof that it was a good idea to be open to ideas.
I can also tell that models like Luce really appreciate nice words about their beauty and this make them want to give even more, so keep showing your sincere admiration and you will be rewarded.
You are right when you say there is more (hopefully) great work to show from those days, and I can tell that this set was one of the first ones, so she may have been only warming up in the following sets.. I would put this and other 3/4 sets yet to come among my personal best ones, and if you are also a Sexart subscriber I recommend to take a look at the sets we shot those days, I think they are also my best ones so far.
I must reckon it was not bad at all there, enjoying Luce's beauty, taking breaks sunbathing on the terrace, having delicious lunch breaks with pasta and mozzarella, then enjoying the surroundings and taste local food in the evening.. I really shouldn't call this work.. I feel so lucky!
I will try to ease your jealousy about this by sharing as much as I can about this luck with you all.

I totally agree that Luce is 10+, she is gorgeous from head to toe. But I have to be the naysayer here & say really 8.87? The reason I question that is not Luce but rather the bad job of FOCUS. Should we pool our money and send Deltagamma to a good optician for glasses? Many shots are focused in odd places, only to leave her lovely bits out of focus. I can't buy that this is an artistic choice, it's just a shame really. Maybe Deltagamma gets too excited with the likes of Luce in front of the camera?

who would not get excited in front of Luce...? I am afraid I don't feel like I shot most of the pictures out of focus, maybe you would focus somewhere else but I prefer to keep shooting according to my own view.

No, not "most" of the shots, only a few. I'm not sure how the numbering works but I think it's 102, you can see her wrist is sharp, the freckle is in focus, but everything below (and in my opinion the "action" part of this image) is soft. I have to ask- "really, her wrist was more important than her pussy?" Pity!

Really I'm only talking about a few shots. Unfortunately they were when her juices were flowing, a lovely sight in my mind, so that probably contributed to me wondering why the focus was where it was.

Deltagamma, I am perhaps overly picky, but I am sincerely trying to be helpful. Overall your work ROCKS and the girls look wonderful.

RedPilot, now it's clear, thank you for letting me know which picture you meant in particular. If you are talking about #102 I know that most of you would have liked to see the juices flowing in perfect focus.. but I aimed at the clitoris (not the wrist! it was at the same distance so it is also in focus but I am not a wrist-fetishist..;)). I could have opted for a deeper depth of field, but in some shots I prefer to have a blurred frame, and in this case if I kept this depth of field and aimed at the juices the clitoris and most of the image would have been blurred looking not nice. Next time I promise I will give more important to the "creamy" part of the picture ;)
Thank you anyway for looking carefully at every image, it means you enjoyed the set after all, so please keep telling me what your likes and dislikes and I will keep it into account.
Btw, it's nice to read that you appreciated my work and Luce, thank you!

Maybe Deltagamma gets too excited with the likes of Luce in front of the camera?

Wouldn't you?

Yes of course! I'm not saying I would do any better.

  • 2 years ago:

Nice work Deltagamma .. never seen Luce so natural and relaxed.

Hi 24x7x365, as I just wrote above you are perfectly right, Luce was totally relaxed and looked very natural in this set, I am glad you noticed!

I can only repeat myself, Luce is a breathtakingly beautiful natural beauty and these photos underlines this fact perfectly. This is probably your best set from her so far, she's amazing here. I like the location and the poses are exceptionally good too. The closeups are heavenly and it's great to see she was in a very good mood, because she smiles and laughs a lot. My favourite photo is #145, that awesome laugh is killing me. :)
Overall I'm very satisfied with this set, you captured her beauty excellently again deltadamma. All I can say is keep up the fine job, you're a true artist and it's always a pleasure to see your collections here and on Sexart too.

Hi Arthur II, I am always particulary glad when you and other sharp commentators like my work and I must agree with you that this is probably the set that satisfies me the most so far, also because it's the latest one and it was shot having in mind what you all suggested previously, so after reading your comment I guess that my goal was achieved. And you are right when you speak about her smiles having the power to kill... I told her that people like to see her smiling so she didn't hold herself back at all in order to show it.
Your support really makes me glad and look forward to shooting again with Luce to bring the best out of her for you all to enjoy. More work from our last shooting is waiting to be published, I am sure you will appreciate it too!

I just got an email from Luce. She says to say, "...thanks for all the wonderful comments ..." from you all.

Is there anything else you'd like me to tell her when she comes over tonight? Make it short, there won't be much time for conversation.

I thought she was busy.. I am glad she found the time to write you an email, so there's no need for me to relay any messages from her... Please say just a quick "ahoj" from me when you see her tonight!

Just tell Luce to keep being beautiful and that I am looking forward to future sets.

I love Luce! She is a 100% woman and as lovely and sweet as a guy could ask. At least this guy for sure! I love her oh so expressive face and those devilishly cute blue eyes. I think if I were so lucky I would find this cutie to be a joy to be with. Her pussy is absolute perfection and her butt and legs are to die for. The long dark hair is fantastic especially splayed out on those pillows. This is one hot woman. I have no doubt that she could be a handful but at the same time I am sure any lucky guy who gains her graces will bless his lucky stars.

Very nice set DG Luce is hi on my list and you bring out her best. Bet she is a blast to work with.

Hi hipshot, I am very glad you appreciate Luce in all her perfection, I feel lucky to work with her and to have such a special relationship. I am sure you would be surprised if you met her, she is so extraordinarily beautiful and exciting and also down-to-earth and "normal" at the same time. As long as you all show appreciation for her I will keep bringing out the best of her.

I've never seen such a lot of unbelievable seductive poses/pictures in one sole set.

Luce sprawled out on the couch with legs apart and arms overhead is really breathtaking.

uuusssee, it's nice to read such a rewarding comment, I am very glad you liked the set. Luce is really great in posing and showing her exciting beauty the best possible way. I am sure you will like also the other sets we shot those days, stay tuned ;)

You are looking lovely today Luce. Great set.

Is it me, or did Deltagamma create a new Luce in this excellent set? She is still recognizable—the same beautiful blue eyes and flowing black hair, the same delectable pussy, the same gorgeous bottom—but she seems to bring a mature confidence and sensuality to her poses, a new depth. Whatever the case, she is wonderful here. Thank you DG, and thank you Luce. Kisses.

Thank you Sailor, it really sounds great you and the other appreciated the special look Luce had in this occasion. You have been the first to notice that there was something different in Luce's eyes and in the overall development of the set in terms of sensuality, mood, confidence, and it is totally true. We both felt so good - willing to spend a nice time shooting the best possible way while enjoying the nice place and weather - that we could just look for inspiration and concentrate only on details. I am sure you will notice the same special look in every set we shot there.

I just went through this marvelous set again, and I'm more impressed than ever with the "new" Luce. She has never been more beautiful, more powerfully feminine than she is here. I am absolutely floored by the woman I see on these pages. I can't stop looking at her. She is warm, mature and unbelievably erotic. Thanks again DG and—especially—Luce, you beautiful magician you.

(This is embarrassingly close to being a love letter to a woman I've never met. Sorry!)

I agree Sailor. Luce was all time hot in this set. I REALLY like everything about this girl but found her to be extra seductive, extra sensual and extra pleasing in this latest set. Not sure why that is, but i really "enjoyed" her today...

Spies19, it's very nice to read this, I really feel I reached my goal making so many of you so satisfied about this set where Luce REALLY wished to be enjoyed by all those who like her!

Well you can let Luce know that we enjoyed looking at her very much. Well done to you for capturing her in such an arousing manner. Thanks to both of you for a great set.

Spies19 I will surely tell her about your very nice comments, she also reads them but she can't reply since she doesn't have an account but she will let you know her appreciation through me when she has time ;)

Thanks Delta! Hopefully the two of you can shoot another incredibly sexy set very soon. You and Luce make a great team! :)

Fabulous amounts of girl cum in that superb pussy yum yum.

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