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Luce is fantastic, I love her look and style especially when she is really having fun like in Padavu. Her playful sexiness is a real turn on. I love sets where the model is playing with us and seducing us to play too. Luce has this ability and her girl next door look is so great. Add to this the closeups of that sweet flower. It is so perfectly formed and tasty looking. Yum!

I am so waiting for some follow ups from your time at the villa. Have you done any video yet? That set at the villa would have been so much fun in video form. Bet she is twice as sexy in motion.

The golden combination of Luce A & Deltagamma as usual!!
I'd like to be those flowers being at front & near of her.

Arigató TS!

For those that thought I was a bit harsh. Please understand that I was not targeting DG. This was a general rant about something that has bothered me for awhile about outdoor sets. It was aimed at the artists in general not one in particular. I have seen hundreds of sets where the model was obviously uncomfortable with the conditions she was required to perform in and I just felt it was time to make the general comment. K are you listening? Artists tend to strive for a theme and work towards that which is good but in all honesty I am not looking for themes when I view these sets. I am looking at the beautiful woman that is supposed to be the subject. It is her interaction with the camera and her mood that is my center of attention. These are supremely beautiful and delicate young women whom we are here to enjoy. Maybe I'm just a bit to sensitive but I think these girls deserve to be treated as very special flowers. placing a girl's soft delicate skin on a ground or in the weeds or naked on a cold and windy day, or rolling in the sand on a north sea beach is not something I enjoy seeing and it certainly doesn't have any erotic value to me. These girls are pros and they will work through these conditions without comment because it is part of the job but I feel that it is simply unnecessary that they should have to. One of my all time biggest bitches is placing a girl in or on a stack or bail of hay. Having been raised on a farm and spending endless hours bringing in the hay I can give witness to how painful and irritating it can be to exposed skin let lone a naked body. It sure as hell ain't erotic! In general it is the limitations that it places on a models poses that turn me off to outdoor sets. Catherine does a great job with outdoor sets because she takes the time to set up an attractive set where the model is free to pose in any position she wants.

Anyway Guys, sorry for the rant but once in awhile a guys got to let it out.

hipshot, now it's clearer, I imagined you were not referring specifically to me since the setting was not terrible at all and Luce was fine with it. I agree with you when an outdoor location influences in negative terms the development of the set, and makes the viewer perceive that the model is uncomfortable and limited, or worse, she is even suffering. From my point of view outdoor setting should be chosen in order to exploit the unique lighting in certain times of the day and highlight the harmony and beauty of nature.

I totally agree with you about Catherine's practices; her outdoors sets always look just as comfy as her indoor sets.
And hay!!!! OMG you are so right! I grew up on a farm too, and we had a hay barn. I can tell you that the one thing I'd like to have next to my naked skin LESS than sand or rock is dry, scratchy, poky, dusty hay!!!! As a result, haystack sets do nothing for me.
However, I disagree that Luce would necessarily have been uncomfortable in this set, as I did a fair amount of lying around in grass as a child on that farm and it was actually quite comfortable and soft and soothing. I don't think Luce was being "professional" in this shoot; I think she was genuinely enjoying herself.
( :
Having said that, thank you for clarifying your statement. Reading your clarification, the original statement doesn't sound so harsh. ( :

I don't know about you but those wonderful idealic days laying in the grass feeling content with the world were great BUT I wasn't naked either! ;o)

DG, I'm not going to say a lot today, but if I didn't comment on one of your sets, you might think I was ill. You know how I often like inside sets more, but this one is just fine, because you do it correctly. I appreciate the fine photography of Luce, the setting is excellent, lighting and detail is all done well. I'm on the same page with fer_realz, there is a legitimate role for outdoor shoots, and this is it. Glad to see you posted today, thank you for your talent and for your discussions. You really go the extra mile.

kilroy, in effect I was worried about you.. Thank you for letting me know how you saw this set, i's nice to hear that even if it's not your favourite setting you still appreciate it, I can't agree more about some place here for outdoor shootings. I was missing exchanging views with you all, I hope it won't be long till the next time.

I love the outdoor sets; they are a great escape. I like to imagine I'm living in a different time in a more pleasant world. The model to me does not look uncomfortable, as some have suggested. The sun makes anyone squint, but sunlight also breathes life into a set like this. Photos looking into the sun with the model silhouetted just aren't the same. Great job!

Ouchstopit, I couldn't support better the choice of outdoor, thank you! I somehow gave it for granted, but as you write the "escape" is a great point. And Luce never felt uncomfortable in our shooting, maybe the contrast with the previous set Padavu (the best so far) - which is more recent and shows the best Luce due to the increased confidence - makes her look not as comfortable in this set (shot few months before). About the sunlight I also agree, lighting is essential in photography and I wanted to exploit the tones of the late afternoon sunlight (although some clouds were disturbing a bit). Thanks for appreciating the set!

The concept of the shoot from beginning to end was fallowed through on IMO very well. The idea I assume was you were a voyeur watching Luce play out her nymph fantasy in the emerging spring field. Spring had broken and she was shedding her winter cloths to bloom along with the flowers. You are absolutely right about having a "ground cover" in place for two reasons it would limit her moving around make it seemed more posed than free flowing.

Using a Ry trick may have "satisfied" some of the critics. He will include at the end some "outtake" shots where the model has some clothes on or is taking a drink, laughing, playing with a flower, etc. Another way if the model wants a "ground cover" let her carry it in with her and spread it herself on camera. This would have been a good one to contact Luce and have her comment that she was comfortable doing it. But with the time delay on shooting and posting that, I realize, would be impossible.

I normally agree with hipshoot but today I think he was a little grumpy and over nitpicking. His comment normally comes up with sand and rocky beaches. The shoots should involve team work with the artist and model and IMO that is the way you work. You come up with concept and ket the model play with it, if I have "got" what you have posted about your style.

Good to see you get a set back up.

So much for my public comment. Later!

Hi swplf2, I have been missing your comments... I like the way you recap'd the concept according to your assumption, it describes in a very effective (and richer) way how I wished the viewer would perceive the set.
I actually took some backstage shoots from that day but they will be attached to another set, anyway you can trust me if i say that Luce was very comfortable overall and enjoyed the shooting day (and how it ended at the pizzeria..).
You are also right about her taking time to comment, right now she is abroad shooting for some production and she is very tired at the end of the day and she is unlikely to send some comments in english in due time.
About hipshot I agree with what you say, but I guess he will let me know more on fb later.
Btw, did you get my email? I wrote you already several days ago but you don't seem to have got my contact.
Thank you as usual for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate you and the other frequent commentators letting me know your thoughts about my work.

I think it's a bit odd that everyone here raves about the set, yet the rating is not even at 8 as of this posting. I also don't understand how showing pubic hair denotes an "adult"... I've always liked Luce but prefer her indoor sets. This is well shot but still has the outdoor elements that spoil the "eroticism" for me....

rachsback, I mostly agree with you and I already knew that most viewers prefer indoor sets: as you say they are generally more erotic and for several reasons they are more intimate, direct, involving, but still I prefer not to give up the possibility of showing models outdoor too, also for a number of reasons, even though I know that my sets are most likely not gonna be appreciated much. It's a matter of differentiating the stories with the same protagonist. Btw, I think that there are very few outdoor sets left with Luce, not more than a couple, so most of the next sets will be indoor. Thank you for appreciating the way this set was shot, anyway.

The eyes have it!

Luce is a very beautiful model, and posing outdoors like this is a favorite of mine if the model is a believeable model. Also Luce grooms properly (for me) waxing the undercarriage and trimming the pelvic area. That keeps photographic values and lets the model look like an adult.

5seadog, at last someone who likes outdoor sets... abd it's true that models must be believeable or it would not work.

Lovely Luce pictures! Thanks Luce, Thanks Delta.

and.. thanks monkeryma ;)

My goodness, DG, you lucky, lucky man. ( :
A meadow full of lovely flowers, where we find Luce, the loveliest of all.
I'm feeling just a bit poetic (and not at all original, LOL) because of the happy thoughts this wonderful sight brings. ( :
Thoughts older than time itself... ( : and as fresh as the Spring.

fer_realz, I do feel lucky.. ;) and happy that your mood is poetic just like I wanted the set to look :)

Beautiful young woman!
DG, love your work, sir. Thanks for your input concerning the shoot!

Matt, thank you! I am glad you appreciate the insight I gave. Luce is beautiful, I agree!

DG, It is easy to see that you didn't have the rapport with her that she did in the newer sets. She was much less relaxed and not near as inventive in her poses. I prefer a more intimate outdoor setting. This set did not move me. It was to uncomfortable and all I could think is I hope she doesn't get bitten by something toxic. It is my feeling that if you are going to put a lovely woman in an outdoor setting you should have the decency to provide for her comfort. A blanket, beach towel, a sheep skin... Something to protect her from the elements and allow her to relax, sit or lay down so she can assume more natural poses and allow for those intimate shots we all crave. These kind of sets make us think that photographers are heartless and inconsiderate. These are beautiful women not tools. If I were a woman I certainly would not tread through a field barefoot and naked

hipshot131, you make it quite dramatic... we are not talking about scorpions stinging her or walking on broken glass.. that was some flies and ants and she was walking and laying down on grass..
I am not heartless, but in some cases, in order to follow the concept of your set you have to do without certain things that would interfere with the setting: a blanket or a beach towel would have greatly interfered with the aesthetic part of the set, unless you see the setting only as an excuse to display the model. I always try to give the maximum level of comfort to all my models, but sometimes some details require the model to "suffer" (that is not quite the case of this set) to have a plausible story. I agree with the fact that Luce here doesn't look as comfortable and relaxed as in her most recent sets, but I believe that if you want to be coherent with your own ideas about a set you must face certain details accordingly.

Hi DG I agree to an extent.As long as the model isn't being injured I see no reason,she is working after all. Injury is out in my book,we had a model riding horseback through the bushes 5-6 years ago,her legs were bleeding from the scratches when she was done. I also dislike seeing a model nude in snow up to her lady parts even though there are models (Very few) who will do it. I always hope they charge accordingly

I never did understand the appeal of those nude in snow sets... very very few of them "work" for me. Although apparently some of the models do genuinely enjoy them. Damfino why, I grew up here in WI in epic winters in the 70s and 80s and I developed a healthy aversion for being cold in general and exposed skin in winter in specific.
Well, to each his/her own...

I am sure that Luce would agree with you... she just hates cold while she loves the warmth of the sun on her skin (like most models indeed). In fact the last shooting we had (that of Padavu) was at the beginning of september, when it was very hot, and she loved every single minute of the shooting, especially outdoor.

Thank you, DG. It's hard not to enjoy Luce. She just exudes a kind of relaxed, sotto voce sensuality that is all the more powerful for being understated. I just love it. That said, I don't think this set is quite as successful as "Padavu." The difference, I think, is in the setting and the less intimate nature of outdoor photography. One of the things that floored me in Padavu was the sense I had (in my hyperactive imagination) that I was in the room with her, enjoying one of those priceless lazy afternoons in which nothing happens and everything does. (From which you can see that I'm less interested in physical details that in aura and the model's personality.) But I'll take Luce in any setting—and while I'm enjoying her personality, I'll also revel in the physical details. Thanks.

Hi Sailor, thank you for the detailed comment about this set and the interesting comparison with "Padavu". I can't agree more with you about the more intimate and involving feeling coming from that set: in fact it was was shot more recently, when Luce and I got to know each other better and she started giving 100% of what I asked her, so what you perceived totally confirms that the inner mood of the model and her confidence in the photographer really shows in the photos and I am glad you noticed the difference.

Some background information, as usual.
This set was shot this year in the late spring, in the same location where "Espaziora" was shot too, a big natural area with plenty of possible settings and a very relaxing atmosphere.
That day the weather was quite changeable, with some clouds obscuring the sun from time to time, a cool breeze was blowing (as you can see from Luce's skin and nipples) and the light becoming warmer as we were getting closer to the sunset.
Luce has enjoyed the whole afternoon in this place in the nature, taking advantage of the breaks lying down and sunbathing. During the shooting, standing naked on her bare feet, she has been annoyed by some insects from time to time, but it didn't affect the work after all.
In this set I wanted Luce to be kind of a nymph in the nature, walking in the grass, surrounded by flowers and trees. In this ambience Luce, in harmony with nature, shows herself comfortable and relaxed, letting the viewer enjoy her beauty and sensuality with a touch of innocence. I wanted to include several pictures of Luce with a wider view of the natural setting around her in order to highlight the idea of the harmony of the model in the nature, balanced by a few more close-ups than usual in an outdoor set. I know there are not many big fans of outdoor sets - maybe because of bigger distances, less visible details, uncomfortable poses and overall less eroticism - but I think that a model has to be portrayed in different ways including this one to be fully enjoyed.
So, enjoy Luce!

While I am not generally a big fan of outdoor sets, DG, I am (very) easily distracted by beautiful models posing skillfully. As you might imagine, Luce successfully distracted me. ( :
In all seriousness, I do believe there is a significant ~ and legitimate ~ role for outdoors shoots, done skillfully. It really can evoke a more powerful sense of the model's inner self, IMO.

I really liked what you said here, fer_realz. There is a place for outdoor shoots and as you say, the key is "done skillfully." Most of the issues I have had with others' outdoor sets were because they were not done skillfully. Fortunately, we never have that problem with DeltaGamma.

Yeah, some photogs sometimes seem to just take a model, have her take her clothes off, plunk her down in some location that is not-inside, and shoot.
I think that when some forethought and planning are put into the process of finding a good location, it really does show. I can't remember which it was, but they recently ran a set by Catherine that was outdoors but the setting was so perfect that it wasn't a distraction whatever. I felt that this set was the same.
I grew up on a farm so I know that lying in grass ~ either short or long ~ is quite pleasant, so long as there are no cow patties nearby.
( :

it's nice to hear this from you, you perfectly caught what I meand about shooting outdoor. I am sure that - now that I know Luce quite well and we both have confidence in each other - the next outdoor sets will show Luce at her best.

I genuinely don't know what the other fellas were complaining about, DG. I thought the choice of the meadow and the grass to lie in ~ which is a very pleasant sensation, BTW ~ worked really well. Especially with all those pretty flowers surrounding...
I'm sure you and Luce didn't know each other as well as you do now, but I genuinely didn't feel that the set was forced or less successful. It really did work for me.

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