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I thought this was a fantastic set. I usually agree that some sets continue with clothes much too long, but I thought this was well done. Partial clothing here was still sexy. I will be going back and looking at this set again for things I missed, and I don't bother with that unless the shoot was better than good.



Further to the comment by Frankieboaby and my reply, I like to add that it is accepted to start the set with the model dressed and in high heels but to undress to be completely naked in few shots. But to be completely naked till the mid of the set is totally unacceptable. I rated this set 2/10. And Goncharov from 2/10 to 1/10. He is the worst on Met Art.
I do not agree keeping models stuck to one photographer.

I subscribed to Met-art because I thought I was subscribing to nude photography. If this trend of partial nudity continues, I will not renew my subscription.

The shirts, the sand, and the water ruined this set for me. Next time dump the clothing before starting to shoot.

Try the site www.nogreycellsneeded.com.

i fully agree. two gorgeous girls and just one lousy photographer. i have commented on this several times. K please reply.

Not a huge fan of G-G sets, but both women looks great:-))

I really like Lucia's previous set with the "short shorts" and bicycle:-)
IMO, that was her best set to date (but I must add, it's difficult to surpass a great ass and short shorts though).

That shorts and bicycle set was on my mind (still) as I looked at this set. I'll have to agree that it has been her best to date.

Generally I like girl on girl sets and when they really interact they can be very hot. As has already been pointed out, in this set they are HOT. I wonder if either of them said at the end "My place or yours?"

Oh, to be the fly on the wall... ( :

I took a wait-and-see attitude opening this set. I like both Lucia and Ryanel, But you know, G-G, the beach, sand - typically not my forte.

I was pleasantly surprised to find an enjoyable progression in the photos. A good set, with good interaction and well shot. The sand was a non-issue, the waves crashing up on our two lovelies a beautiful effect. I think I'll actually keep this one. Good job to all involved.

They could continue their fun in a bedroom set next time.

I'm up for that ~ in a manner of speaking. ( ;

Goncharov has picked two beautiful models who can work together very well.(sometimes he rushes and it shows, but not here.)Both are Ukrainian beauties and very used to the camera. Goncharov hes outfitted then with men's undershirts,more and more popular with Met models, I've noticed, it must be coming back as a fashion, My daughter and her friends used to wear crew necks (like Ryanel has on) and shorts. It looked comfy in hot weather.I gave both Ryanel and Lucia a 10+++ and Goncharov the same.

Sand shown sensually, quite remarkable. See the toes in 45. Choice textured fabric clinging, draping, defining, affecting.

Really, in this land better blessed with form feminine than form geologic, would someone please at least hide a potted plant amongst the visually challenged rockery?

That's gotta be the most creative appeal I've seen in the comments forum, Magwich!

So... much... teasing. I love it.

Wow! What a great set!

For a beach set, I gotta say, this was hot.
When they were huddling together for warmth after coming out of the water, I wanted to be there to put my arms around them both and warm them up... ( :

Beautiful combination of these two babes in this beach set.

Two super stars in fireworks high voltage.
We would have done without the outside.

Simply fantastic, Goncharov makes these two beauties shine in their first two model set, both girls look fantastic and Ryanel looks amazing here, her best work yet as far as I am concerned, awesome stuff.

Fabulous, gorgeous, sensuous, erotic, delightful!!!

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