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Once again, Lucia D is gorgeous. Excellent body and beautiful ass.

Lucia is so gorgeous, love her beautiful feet!

Ahh my Santa Lucia

Ahh my Santa Lucia

You might think that Ukraine, with regard to women, has been the subject of a positive genetic mutation. Since there are so many beautiful women and so many beautiful.
Lucia is beautiful with a beauty clear, sunny, bright as its name.
Her body is perfect of a mathematical perfection.
Dressed or naked every her movement is of a regal elegance.
Just arrived in the firmament of MetArt, is at once, for me, among the top five.
Goncharov, with the camera eye, following it with discretion.
Result: a set of great enjoyment.

She could steer my ship anytime! I am sure I could find a safe haven in her harbor. Pretty and delightfully compact. Just looking at the photos one could easily presume she is much taller till you see her with that gigantic wheel.

The answer to her T shirt is a resounding YES!

Very nice set, Lucia looks fantastic.

Pic 5 was the reason why I looked at the rest of the set.

A wise decision.

Oh Goncharov, after almost breaking my heart with all those Liydia A sets now you are attacking my poor poor sanity with this fine lady.

You and Rylsky aren't happy until I am crying because of all that beauty and cuteness you unleashed are mauling my soul, are you?

Lucia is a 10+, no doubt about it. Her meaty labia are so enticing, yet we have to admire from afar in most shots. Oh well, she's hot and sexy, would like to see more of her.

Gorgeous, sexy, and fun. I'm in love with Lucia.

WOW!!! Where have you been hiding this little lady? She is crazy cute with an incredible, tight little body to boot! I would love to see Lucia in a pair of satin string bikini panties. It's all good....

Sailor should be here soon bragging about another of his Ukrainian sorority. As well he should Lucia is a doll...

Not bragging, swplf2, expressing wonder and lust. Lucia is a shoo-in for the sorority. Adorable.

Wow Lucia, you look amazing.


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