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Outdoor the light is flat and the model becomes dirty of sand .

Lovely cookie!

And she's lickable. Someday Metart will get a clue about these silly tags.

Here's a hint for them....get rid of the tags! Or at least, screen them!

Yes. Somebody has a major oral fixation. Dr Freud, please call home. Your mother loves you.

YES --

But your father hates you (beware the Oedipus Complex) !!!



Lucia is very pretty all over, but I think the problem is that she needs a better beach. This one looks like one of those places where Diva goes to do her tough girl act. Lucia can't pull it off. She needs the the Mediterranian or the Black Sea like Luca Helios uses, if she's gonna do beach scenes. Diva and Yara A are the only tough girls on Met who can make it stick(I'm not talking strong here, I mean tough and mean.)

Cool chick ... who cares about the beach, we are spoilt by website's like Met Art, remember the old days of porn, old girls, tats everywhere, with this angry look of ecstasy on their long face, tongue touching their top lip like it would make us explode with uncontained arousal. .... now I've had my rant... enjoy, Cheers LBL

I agree. This stretch of beach is underwhelming.

Normally, this isn't the first, or even second, third, or fourth, thing that I notice, but Lucia has great hair. She's got a hint of that "Charlie's Angels" feathered thing going on. I dig it.

Combine that amazing butterfly with those silver eyes and that saucy grin... visual dynamite!

Visual dynamite heading towards full on nuclear!;)

Hah! Well put, monkery!

Competition is fierce for my list of favourite ladies here at Met..., who am I kidding I have so many favourites here I would not know where to start. Well, a good place to start is Lucia, gorgeous face, beautiful eyes, lovely smile (cute little overbite), great boobs, great legs, great ass and a lovely little pussy, did I miss anything?

I do prefer Lucia's last set (Attrae) but this is only because I prefer the more even lighting in the previous set. As far as outdoor sets go this is one of the best I can remember seeing.

More Lucia as soon as possible please.

Lucia is very cute. Nice slender body. Nice out doors location.

Slim perfection. Utterly gorgeous, lovely smile, smooth sweet pussy, bold attitude. An absolute winner.

Absolutely agree, Myshkin. Especially with "bold attitude." Lucia is amazing.

Nice, but I liked her set with Goncharov better. I hope that her next set will be indoors, without so much harsh lighting. I don't think that we have seen Lucia at her best yet.

A MUCH better set with Goncharov!

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