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Once again, Lucia does not disappoint but rather remind us how beautiful and sexy she really is from head to foot. Although I felt some of the poses where very similar to other sets, a few photos, such as 97, 90, 59, 93, 122, and 109, definitely made me go, "Wow! Lucia is super sexy". 93 I felt provided great symmetry. I agree with others when I say that her nipples and pussy are amazing along with her cute ass, belly, and feet. However, I feel it is her face that draws you into her innocent yet playful looks with that wonderful smile. I have run out of words to describe this gorgeous girl and this new photo set proves it. Give us more Lucia. With love.

I really wish photographers would stop using such low depths of field so often with poses like in image 65, 66, and 82. I think that when the whole model is the subject of a photo that all of her should be in crisp clean focus. All too often I have been drawn to a thumbnail pic that I think, wow! what a beautiful face, or pussy in that photo, only to find out when I click it to full size that half the photo is out of focus from a too low depth of field. I understand the value of using depth of field in artistic photos, but I think it is WAY over used for nude photo art. These are not landscapes or bowls of fruit, these are beautiful women. I like to appreciate them in full crisp focus. And I also like to enjoy the great looking settings and locations the photographers shoot these girls in, it would be nice to have more pics that have the surrounding area behind and around the girls in focus too.

When you will meet God (someday), please ask him to change Physics a little bit. May be you will be heard.

Great set. Lucia is so beautiful (love her feet).

Lucia is a star of the first magnitude that periodically appears in the sky of MatArt.
Her beauty, her class, her sex appeal, her poses uninhibited leave us in silence, watching.

Stunningly beautiful.

I agree. Delicious butterfly - see photo 72, for example.

Such a pretty butterfly... thanks for sharing so generously, Lucia.

Lucia has one of the sweetest smiles on MA. Innocent and sexy at the same time. Absolutely enchanting.

love it shes sexy

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