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I have to defend this photo set. Many of us like it this way. I disagree with the complaining about light. The natural light and her complexion is what attracted me to this set in the first place.

First her natural complexion is hot and I praise Lucia for keeping it. The ubiquitous fake suntanned look is passe and over rated. Second I much prefer this look. I hope to see many more photos of natural looking models with their true complexions (what ever that may be) in natural colors in natural light.

Change is good.

I love to be her love toy

Wow, the camera just love this girl. Beautiful smile and eyes. In my opinion she is definetily one of the Top 5 models in this site. Beuatiful body too.

Lucia, as the subject of this set is a lovely young lady which I admire. But...

I must add to the chorus my opinion that this set is for the large part too bright, washed out, overexposed, however you want to say it. More frustrating to me is when you have multiples of a pose, and every one of them is focused exactly the same. 45, 47, 52 are basically the same rear shot, all focused on her face. What about her lovely behind?
The boat setting limits the poses (everyone knows you're not supposed to stand up in a boat), yet you'd think with a fixed close position of the subject that there could have been a few shots taken a little closer in.

Not my favorite set of Lucia, not her fault in any way.

kilroy....tellin' it like it is....;o)

Another beautiful day on the water!


(This may be a double post - if so my apologies)

Love Lucia, love her body, love the energy and life and sense of play in her posing style. Even in still photos you get the sense that she is seducing you, and having fun while doing it.

This set works for me.

Yup, double-post (more or less). Oh, well - Lucia is worth it!

Lucia is, as usual, full of energy and life. Even in still photos you get the sense she knows how to move her body in a most, um, pleasing way. (And what a body it is...) If the lifeboat only had room for two, she'd be my choice.

THINGS I LOVED ABOUT THIS SET: In very tricky light the images are still very hot, and I always enjoy seeing a lovely young woman celebrating her beauty sans-clothes. And I have certainly had my boat-show fantasies while out on the lake. :)

THINGS I MIGHT PREFER: "later-in-the-day" lighting with softer tones.

Photos 31=37 seem perfectly exposed, all the others just seem "washed out", kinda ruined the set...we are a critical bunch aren't we?? :-)

Yes and no... for me, there was just such a jarring contrast between the majority of the shots, which seemed to suffer from too much bright light such that it leeched the detail and contrast out of the shots ~ and photos 31 ~ 37, which looked quite pleasant. I couldn't help wondering if the photographer was able to see the shots in his camera at the time, and if so, why he wouldn't take more like that and fewer that looked washed out. I assume the washed out shots were taken facing into the sun ~ and hence, the glare, and the nice ones were taken with the sun behind the photographer, but I could be wrong about that.

Her pale skin is heaven on the sunny day. Arched back and wonderful shaped rear has me ready for the weekend. Thank you Lucia D. XO

I love the all fours, and arched back, FDAU poses.....wish the color contrast was better.

Considering the bright noonday sun, the reflection from the water, our model's pale skin and the bright white boat, this looks remarkably good.

I don't think I have seen a finer exposition of curvy ass up imagery.

Great looking model, love to see the sun warming her beautiful bare ass

I don't like nor understand photographer's tends or intentions to such overexposurings. I think it spoils the details of model. Moreover,continuous bright images are irritant to my eyes.

I don't like the over exposure/washed out look on the photos. Too washed out. A good set spoiled. Lucia, get a new photographer.

Lucia must have raise alot of eyebrows out there in the sea with this set.

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