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A great series. I love the outside shots and the different ways that we have her undressing. The angles and closeups are sharp. This is truly a fresh and enjoyable set for Lucia.

OMG, how I want Lucia to ride me.

Fantastic view in 113. Her pussy looks so damn delicious. I'd love to taste it and lick it out. Her asshole is looking pretty good as well. What a fuck !

10 x 2

She is a beautiful woman no doubt but she has one of the biggest ears I have ever seen on a person.

Thanks Benjie, my bad ~ I missed that the first time through the series.

All the better to hear the compliments some lucky person whispers in her ear(s).

Lucia is so sexy in her own right, then we get her on a bike in cut-off shorts. Something about a woman on a bike that is so erotic. There are very tantalizing up-shorts peeks, and a lone but awesome butterfly shot that added to my enjoyment of this one.

This is a great set for something different, there are not that many bike-themed outdoor sets. This one is done right. Thank you Lucia and Goncharov.

Economy of words, part 2.

Lovely Lucia should be revered as a National treasure.

I would seriously consider awarding her one of my discretionary 11s

Thank you Lucia, lucky Goncharov, happy me.

Lucia ia beautiful, and has an adorable butt. What more can you want? My only problem is the shoes, she would have looked much better in some old tennies.I gave a 10+++ to both.

what rachsback said. I'm going to the Ukraine when they've stopped.

Beautiful girl, nice set location and lovely eyes and pussy.

Besides the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen, I have the song "Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle" by BYOP running through head as I drool over these photos of Lucia. She's smokin' hot in this photo set. "The Face", #14 is a killer!

Don't forget that Queen had their own Bicycle song as well, C6C791! A very very fun song!

Call vice squad...Lucia is peddling pussy on the street!

I lol'd.

Happy to see another set of this model from Goncharov. I'm repeating myself, but his sets with her are superior to Arkisi's or Leonardo's.

LOVE the shorts! But much more do I LOVE the gorgeous ass that fits in them so well!! This girl gives me a "feeling" that few here do... I see my world in those beautiful eyes... And I believe I see my breakfast in those shorts!! ;o) Not a 'bad' set for being outside.

Lucia looks extremely hot in her short shorts! And out of them too! Her smooth pussy is so beautiful!

I'm grateful that she wasn't wearing anything under her shorts. I love shots like #19.

A very pretty girl! I like pics 14, 67 and 112 - something about the eyes and smile. Lovely

Love the shorts.

Dido that and will add: I love what's in the shorts!

In or out, or just peeking out, they were a good choice.

I have crazy bicycling friends who would sneer at Lucia for having a kickstand on her bike... me, I'm just jealous, I miss the kickstands on bikes of my youth. ( :
Damn if that butt ain't cute as a button! I'm not a huge fan of denim in erotic photography, but for this set and on Lucia the denim was a perfect choice. The vest made her look tough while the short shorts made her look sexy as hell, a very intriguing combination.

OMG what a SWEET butterfly this young lady has... absolutely lipsmackingly mesmerizing... ( : ( : ( :
I would have preferred more butterfly shots, but otherwise this set is totally delightful.

#121 - The last time someone tinkered with a bike of mine the view was nowhere near that spectacular!.

great shorts,great girl ,this girl is fantastic.

How far did she ride that bike with those shorts and those shoes?

Photographic evidence here would suggest she got on the bike, turned it around, dismounted, suffered several, possibly intentional wardrobe malfunctions, had a rest squatting on her haunches, then had a bit of a lie down.


All whilst looking absolutely fantastic.

Thank heavens for photographic evidence!

Lucia is a stunner.

I would like to be Lucia D's bicycle for a day.

I'd settle for being just the seat!

Damn, where do I sign? I volunteer too!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous, another fine piece from Goncharov, I don't think I have seen Lucia looking better, that shorts and shoes combo works fantastically to emphasise her lovely legs and to give beautiful accentuation to her hips as she stands with her legs crossed, divine.

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