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Once again, way too many out of focus pussy shots by Leonardo.

Way to go, Leonardo !

Lucia... you have beautiful eyes.

oh to be inside that pussy

Beautiful young pussy and tight little ass on this cutie....Her butterfly looks delicious!

Shots like 109 and 110 are so frustrating. Is blurry supposed to be art? Oh, I get it, our imaginations are more erotic than her body. Got it. I will admit, her eyes are gorgeous, but there is more than one point of interest. Humor us gynecologists, please.

Leonardo doesn't get feet as a sensual part of the anatomy. Even in the cover shot he cropped her toes!

Once again, Lucia is just smoking hot. Leonardo excels again. Only thing was a little more could have been done with the panties on. Lucia would put a nice bulge in those panties in a standing frontal. Not complaining, but if Leonardo truly is listening as this shoot might indicate, that is a suggestion for a future set.

It's gonna be real hard to pick ONE of these spectacular butterfly shots for my PP directory.

I still think her name should be "Luciaous"...

Luciaous Lucia... has a nice ring to it.

Lucia I could watch you all day taking your panties off. Thanks for taking your time and flirting with us. I loved this set!...........okay I wouldn't be able to let you take all day.

On the other hand. . . GREAT set of erotic photographs, I think.

Beautiful, sexy woman in inviting, submissive poses with man's eye view pics in a comfy setting.

Friggin' rockin' work, Lucia and Leonardo !

Thanks for sharing your femininity, Lucia !

Actually better than I was led to believe....(I always read comments first). Some blown shots of course, but many very nice shots also. Definitely a keeper! I adore this little doll Lucia! Very pretty and sexy as any of the competition. Happy to see Leonardo extend his range with the nice butterflies, but sympathize with those "pantyfans" who bemoan the absence of panty shots...lol ;o) I like them too!! Overall, pretty decent Leonardo effort. It appears as though he may be trying to quiet some of the rumbling about his work. I welcome and appreciate his efforts.

The very nice shots more than counter the blown shots, and Lucia herself tips the scales clean over into the red zone, as in HOT!

I agree, Leonardo's efforts are appreciated.

An absence of panties
I won't bemoan
But abusing them badly
Risks a thrown stone

Exactly. If you're gonna tease us with them, give us some nice views before distorting or removing... PLEASE. ( :

Verses and riddles have I seen...
...someone has nipped
a slice of the green....?

Some cats can do without,
some can't resist
a nip of the weed
that gives their brain a twist...

Who you callin' twisted!!?? LOL

Oh... you claim that you're NOT twisted? ( ;

Agreed, rachsback. Some great shots in here, and Lucia's posing is always interesting.

And her body is always smokin hot!! And she's so damn cute!!!

Once again, another session that could have been spectacular if only there weren't so many out of focus shots.


Every good pose is out of focus ... boo

Shame, shame, Leonardo... you were so eager to show us Lucia's fantastic butterfly that you couldn't even wait and show us a few unobstructed views from front and back of those pretty panties. With a set size of 116 photos, you could surely have spared 4 or 5 photos of undistorted panty...
Having said that, Lucia's butterfly is indeed spectacular and I greatly appreciated all the views of that, as well as her warm and friendly face. Lovely, lovely lovely Lucia...

Pity that some of the delicious shots are poorly focussed.

Not too well croppped, either.

I'm ashamed it took me so long to see what you did there, Magwich... ( ;

U R forgivven.

Both are a "trademark" of this "artist"...sadly.

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