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Model, gorgeous, blonde goddess.
Exemplary Set.
10 and praise for two.

Refined, lovely hairstyle.
Lovable the big blonde plait

Great to see Luciana back, are these new photos or just a set from back in 2012....always nice to see her here.. more please!

My impression is that this set was created in the Autumn of 2013. I have no real evidence for this, just an impression. Of course it takes time to get a new set into the MetArt system and onto K's schedule for publication. Visit RylskyArt formore of Luciana.

It is so nice to see Luciana back on MetArt. I think she is one sexy, fun loving lady!!!

If all girls had a natural growth like that I would be a hair fan too! Shot #66 shows what I think is a perfect bush and vulva! It looks natural while still having that clean tasty look that fires my imagination. Nice presentation!

Excellent indeed!! Luci is fast becoming one of my very favorite girls! The last shot here is divine....I'd love to plant one right on those gorgeous lips!! What a sweetheart!! Keep 'er comin' Rylsky!!

I ❤ a FULL moon!

Great set, Luciana is so adorable! Would love to see a lot more of her please.

EroticBeauty is another place to see her, but the very best of her, and the most sets of her ARE at RA. (RylskyArt)

He asked for LOT MORE. it's possible only on RA, believe me

That's what I said!!

All good things in moderation. A beautiful lady like Luciana is a rare special treat. :)

Lot more presented (and will be much more) on RylskyArt(if you really interested to see Luciana)

Interesting how the set starts and ends with tea, which makes me think of a gift from a friend/neighbor, who probably wondered about the sly grins it elicited from my wife and I. It was a mug, with "but first, coffee," printed on the side.....which is a little joke between my wife and I.

Oh, and incredible display of curves in pics 87-89!

The standing shots of Luciana in her little black dress and black heels were exquisite. I would like to have seen some upskirt shots with that dress, but otherwise this is an outstanding set of a pretty and perfectly shaped woman.

The first few shots showing Luciana on a black dress are the best imho.
even considering we can´t see her her absolutely louscious body and her
newly born but sparse pubic HAIR!

Hair is back!


The seller

I see some "hair balls" are back too...;o)

The more I see of Luciana the more I like her. She is one of Rylsky's best and most reliable models. She reminds me of the beautiful Loreen, not because they look particularly alike, but because they both have that pretty, happy and inviting smile. Like so many of Rylsky's best models, Luciana poses with such graceful ease and confidence. And she always seems to enjoy her work. I absolutely adore the way Luciana's hair is braided during the blank screen portion of the shoot. It was a wonderful alternative the the ponytail. The hair stylist deserves a bonus. It is always a pleasure to see shots of the model dressed and out of the studio. This seems to be a hotel or resort location. We have seen it many times before. Many of Rylsky's best have visited this location.

Warm regards and best wishes Luciana. This set is excellent.

I think only a Russian can turn teatime into a sensual event. Both the English and the Japanese hold tea in high regard, but neither can make it seem so inviting. :)♥(:

if only my wishes would come true oh well we can dream what a beauty

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