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Lucy is beautiful and very, very sexy. I followed her here from 'Stunning 18' but would follow her much further.

Cute and attractive model who was let down by the photographer and photo editor. Case in point is image 109. Facially this shot is not at all flattering to the model and one has to wonder why it was selected.

Lovely model, very seductive, I hope we get to see more of her....

I ranked this photo set a 5. Lucy is hot but the photographer spent too much time with clothes on. Show a couple pictures fully clothed then spend the rest with her naked.

i liked the set and the girl. the slow undress created some nice suspense. Then a great reward when we finally got to see all of Lucy's sexy body. big fan of her legs for some reason... looking forward to seeing how she develops as a model in her next couple shoots....

A beautiful girl who is willing to take her clothes off on camera and everyone wants to bitch because she didn't show enough. Personally, I think she is a doll. I look forward to more. And, I thought the black lingerie was very sexy. Welcome, Lucy ...

Well we ALL 'think she's a doll', but are expressing our desire to see MORE of this doll. Would you be satisfied if your electric provider only gave you 90 volts instead of 110...? ;o)(assuming you live in America...lol)
And it looks like all of us agree on "Welcome Lucy"! :o)

Sometimes I think a few of the photographers here learned their trade from Erro... I don't care much for his "eye". I like this girl and hope her successive sets show a bit more creativity than turning the camera at goofy angles. That 'upside down' shit is not a bit appealing to the "artistic eye"... Very nice body on this pretty girl, and a lot of potential for some thrilling sets. Let's get it together before she seeks other "avenues of expression". I gave this a 9 just for encouragement...and for that gorgeous body!(which is actually a 10 for me, and WILL be in her "model rating".

I appreciate an occasional view of a nice pussy seen through sheer panties like in #37. I do not appreciate a set that makes me wait so long to see a nice pussy with no panties in the way.

Cute model, odd poses.

Try another shooter

I think the model was up for a good shoot, only to be let down by the photographer. In the early shots you can see something very tasty through the see-through panties, so the model was obviosly clearly willing to subsequently show everything she had, naked. Unfortunately the photographer elected to show the models "better bits" only towards the end of the shoot, only in a few pictures and not at the best camera angles too. I ony hope next time, the photographer is equally up to the job as the model will be!

Very nice armpit shot 1365 thank you.

Not a lot to go for apart from one or two nice rear shots.Even smile is forced.Lucy g is stunning and in hands of Rylsky,Arksi or Catherine you have a winner.

Should practice smiling NATURALLY! These display a mighty weak effort!

No chemistry in this studio. Antonio and Lucy well, but there was not any spark to start the fire. what a shame.

Too tame...

Yup. I can go anywhere on the web to see pictures of girls with their clothes ON. Three pages of tease is a waste.

is fine for first shoot. She clearly found the experience arousing, which is something I like to see.

I suppose.

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