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Great model spoilt by too many out-of-focus shots. A real waste of a gorgeous model.

Her ass looks very anxious for some attention in the pics from behind.

Beautiful girl...GREAT follow-up set!! Lucy sure has MY 'heart'!!
Very nice work ladies! Please do it again soon! ;o) xoxoxo

The bra seems like an insult to the shirt.

Bra an insult to the shirt??? More like the bra is an insult to Lucy Heart. Yeah, higher quality pictures would be nice, but Lucy Heart looks awesome and I didn't notice if her shoes or bra matched anything

I wanted to see our model in the shirt without the bra. I do like, however, the 2 pictures with both showing - I think they match just fine.

Lucy 10 Flora 4


Because there is so much lens flare the image quality is very much degraded. In Photo 101 you learn about that. Then, there seems to be a lack of sharpness, not sure if it's focus or old equipment.

Anyway, Lucy is amazing, she deserves better photo shoots.

it's sensor overload from the strong backlighting making the autofocus "hunt" back and forth until the shutter button is depressed. That, plus the inherent time lag between depressing the shutter button & when the sensor actually records the image allows the camera lens to hunt even longer.

Inherent problem in digital electronic photographic equipment. Could be remedied by bypassing the auto-focus of the lens & "doing it the old-fashioned way" - manually. Not sure many current-day photographers even have any experience doing it this way.

What a beautiful new addition to Met Art !

Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances by Lucy.

She is an absolute fox !!!!

Again I have been asleep at the wheel, my bad!

I always appreciate a woman with a beautiful face. When she also has nice eyes, shapely breasts, glass cutters, an innie, a camel toe, and superb butt cheeks; she has been truly blessed, as are we when she visits.

A belated welcome to you lovely Lucy. Congratulation Flora for your discovery, and showing us so many of Lucy's physical charms.

Ski slope tits always work on me. Lucy = ★★★★★!

Complete with little pink ski-jumps there for you Link

Such a sweet smile. And she's just as sexy putting her clothes on as she is taking them off. Nice set!

Lucy is so beautiful and what a body she has. I always like it when I get the chance to see the model with clothes on as well as off.

Lucy is gorgeous and gorgeous dressed or naked

Dressed you´re even better than naked,Lucy.

The seller

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