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I have read a few comments where Catherine mentioned that she spoke with Luiza about losing too much weight. All I can say to this is as long as Luiza is healthy and happy then nothing else really matters. I hope Luiza realizes that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. I don't care what her weight is, she always looks fantastic and absolutely perfect to me. She has a marvelous body, with great legs, a nice derriere, extremely pretty dark brown eyes, and a gorgeous face. I think Luiza is a magnificent woman who is beautiful in every photo I have seen of her. In my opinion she is the best of the best.

From the first moment I saw a photo of Luiza I knew I was looking at the image of one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the face of this planet. IMO it is impossible to improve upon Luiza physical beauty, she is perfection.

Luiza is perfect.

It's possible to get blown away on a gale of hyperbole.

But she's not bad, I'll say that!

To restate, I DO feel Luiza is physically perfect.

You may have your opinion of perfect and Luiza is mine.

In my opinion Luiza is physically flawless. In my life there are 4 women I consider to be physically perfect and Luiza is one of them. Where do I start?....gorgeous, stunning, fabulous, incredible, amazing, extraordinary, magnificent, exquisite, adorable....where do I end??? It's impossible to adequately describe Luiza's beauty.

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