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No other woman is ever more beautiful than Luiza in this gallery of photos. She is my favorite always and additionally in these photos she is gorgeous without words to define such a physical appearance. I am not good with words in english only to say that to me she is pretty as is possible and her face and eyes are gorgeous and perfect. Her beauty is above a 10 and I admire this greatly. Thank you Luiza.

Luiza is a truly wonderful woman. Perhaps the best set of photos on this website. Her face and eyes are special. Her legs body and breasts are beautiful also. I like her physical appearance very much. Her pretty face and eyes make her my favourite. She is beautiful in many ways.
I think I like her hairstyle in this set of photos most of all also.

#75 is an image straight from Heaven....absolute perfection. Just WOW!

She must be a Goddess since no mere mortal could possibly be so beautiful.

Image #8 is the most beautiful sight on earth. Pure beauty. Flawless.

I could not pick a favorite set of Luiza because I like them all. Saying that, this is a set that stands out IMO.

The setting and brightness (white sheets) make Luiza really stand out and help make this set positively exceptional.
There are so many images in this set that are perfect portraits of a woman with absolutely outstanding facial features.....and it's not only her regal facial beauty on display!
As the set progresses, Luiza's fabulous trim petite body is shown in entirety displaying her physical beauty from head to toe.
This set also contains a few photos that focus in on Luiza's beautiful breasts and yet others on her athleticism and grace (all while sight of her incredible long legs remain in clear view).

IMHO, Luiza is as beautiful as any woman on earth. She truly is gorgeous in every sense of the word. It's impossible to improve upon her physical appearance. She is a perfect 10.

Just look at Luiza's face in any of these photos (as an example no.'s 7, 8, 9, etc.), IMHO she is perfect. Then look at no.'s 73, 74, 75, etc. and she has a body, breasts, derriere, and legs to die for. Now look at no.'s 121, 122, and 123 showing close up's of Luiza's breasts and nipples (my God, she is an incredibly beautiful woman). Finally the last photo in this set showing Luiza in all her glory, from head to toe an image that cannot be surpassed. As others have stated, she is beyond mortal man, she is a GODDESS!

I agree she is a Goddess!

She is remarkable. I've been a fan of Luiza since day 1.
I like all her work, but this just might be my favorite set.

Image #64 is perfection, in my life I have never seen a more beautiful sight.
Luiza is not only my favorite model, but from the moment I saw Luiza in her first set (Met Model/Erotic Beauty set "Contempo"), I knew I was looking at one of the most beautiful women on earth.

In my opinion, few women match Luiza's level of pure beauty....and none exceed. To me, Luiza is physical perfection.

I love image #64.....she's adorable:) Luiza has an incredible smile and gorgeous face.....absolute perfection!!!

I really like the beginning and ending of this photo set....a face as pretty as Luiza's is extremely rare. Of all the women who have been part of my life I can think of only 4 women as beautiful as Luiza. She's an incredible beauty. Many thanks to Luiza and Catherine.

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