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Luiza looks so beautiful in photograph #31. She is favourite to me.

Luiza always looks great because she has such a beautiful face.
She is so incredibly pretty in every photo of every set. She's a perfect 10.

In image #58 Luiza is both gorgeous and adorable.
Every photo of her is an image of feminine perfection.
She's outrageously beautiful, her beauty is divine.

This set of Luiza has perhaps some of her nicest facial shots. They are all exceptional so there is no way I could possibly pick a favorite (not only in this set, but from the entirety of her work).
I do like the softness displayed in photo 110. Could you imagine waking up to that beautiful face every morning? If she is as sweet as she is beautiful, that would be living in heaven.

Image #6 is a portrait of one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. Luiza's facial beauty leaves me speechless at times. I am left wondering what words are there in the English Language to adequately describe this beauty? I understand this is only my opinion, but the only word that comes to mind is "perfection", a beauty so perfect that it's impossible to improve upon. Her beauty by no means stops with her face, she has a body that is fabulous and magnificent as well. Luiza is a gorgeous woman from head to toe.

Luiza, in image #60 you are gorgeous (as always), and in image #61 your smile is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.
If I saw you in person I would be stunned....unable to say a single word.
I would be speechless when confronted by your outstanding beauty.

I want to thank you Luiza, and Catherine also, for allowing me to see such physical beauty. You are extraordinary Luiza!

two gorgeous stunning girls. one in front of the camera and one behind the camera. i love both. but the one behind the camera, is the the girl i adore. she is the best photographer in the universe

Luiza, of all your images in all of your sets.....my favorite by far is photo 61 in this set. Thank you.

Dear Luiza: I knew it! You have a delightful smile. It was lovely to see. (The rest of you, of course, was as delicious as ever,)

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