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As of this post, Luiza has 24 sets on Met Art....roughly 3,000 + or - photos.....and in my opinion she is physical perfection. Every photo, every angle, every setting, no matter hair style, makeup, lighting, etc. Luiza is the most beautiful woman on earth.

Luiza means a lot to me. I want her to be the happiest mother and wife she can possibly be. I pray that she, her family, and her loved ones are forever blessed with good health, and that all of Luiza's dreams come true.

Catherine, is a dear friend and a truly remarkable woman. Catherine is as equally sweet a person on the inside, as she is a physically beautiful woman on the outside. If she chose to, Catherine could be a Cover Model.

I truly am a fortunate man.....thank you Catherine for all that you do.....and thank you for forwarding my comments and thoughts to Luiza.

I don't know about all that other "stuff", but I agree that Luiza always looks fabulous (which is why I have all of her sets saved....including the ones on Erotic Beauty "Contempo" and Sex Art "Falos").
Catherine is o.k., but I hardly consider her the best photographer....she just happens to be the photographer of the most beautiful woman/model (Luiza).
I think Gabriel A is pretty nice too.
IMO, all Catherine's "best" models have now retired.

Luiza, yes....but not a fan of Gabriel A.
The only model I'm fond by the photographer who goes by the name of Catherine, is Luiza.

BTW, once again (under Hi Res) a man is clearly seen behind the camera in the reflection of her eyes in photos #53 and #54 (this was mentioned in another of Luiza's sets also).

I might add that every time I've been able to see the photographer in a Catherine set, the photographer behind the camera has always been a man.

Picture 48...I want to just pinch her nipples so hard

My God Luiza, you have the prettiest face I have ever seen. I absolutely adore your gorgeous brown eyes.
Oh, and you have a beautiful body too.

Great pits. Her arms look so sexy behind her head!!!

No other model on Met Art compares with Luiza....but (in my opinion) this not surprising, since very few women on Earth are as beautiful as Luiza. She is the only model I rate as a "10".....if possible, I'd rate her a "20" on a scale of 1 to 10.

Was für ein wunderschöner Nackedei,
mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

I like the the closeup views of face and side face in this gallery.

I hope, you still will see it.

Of course, Catherine. I feel very happy about the new gallery 'Stabulo'. Luiza is one of my favorite MET-Models. I'm fascinated by her beauty, impressively recorded by You.Thanks to You, Luiza and the other models for this gift. Like your style - keep it up.

Thanks) I am glad to work for you))

Apart from that I was a little bit offended by your first answer.
Don't realise the sense to date. I wrote my first comment one month ago wondering about the non existent Luiza admirers at that time which shoot their mouth of now. It seemed nobody was interested in updates one month before.
I hope Luiza enjoyed the work with you really, had no damnable casting in Tokyo before it and it was very very wortwhile for her. Hope she becomes happy with their husband but she should think twice before. "Wer liebt muss leiden" Thomas Mann

Stunning.I hope, that's is not her last set.

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