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Wunderschön, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

This model is proof that big breasts are over-rated. Please do not get implants.

I couldn't agree more:)
Luiza has lost some weight from the time of her first couple of sets (Presenting Luiza here on MA, and Contempo on Erotic Beauty).....and because of this her breasts are somewhat smaller in the newer sets, but I think she is just as beautiful no matter what her weight is.

Luiza has such a gorgeous face and amazing petite body that in my opinion she always looks absolutely perfect. I know I am biased, but I don't believe it's even possible to take a bad photo of Luiza....she's just too naturally beautiful!

If you didn't already know, the additional weight Luiza had initially was a result of her pregnancy and the birth of her son. She began to lose weight after this, and from what Catherine has told me, she continued to lose weight up until she finished posing for photos.

I'll say it again.....Luiza always looks gorgeous to me and my only wish is that she and her loved ones are healthy and happy.
In my opinion she is one of the most beautiful women on earth....she truly is THAT beautiful!!!

Luiza displays much emotion with her beautiful face and eyes. Her face is prettiest of all plus additionally she has a pretty body too. To me she is a 10 in every photo.

This is an exceptional set. Luiza has such an expressive face. Gorgeous woman.....simply perfect in my opinion.

"Expressive" is the exact word I was thinking of.

She has one of the most expressive and photogenic faces I have ever seen and her brown eyes are simply mesmerizing.....and....with so much natural beauty she always looks great.
In my opinion she also has a fabulous body. Extremely nice legs, nice derriere, and beautiful breasts (I am biased though since I find petite women the most attractive).
I like all of her sets, she's definitely a 10+++++ to my eyes. Superb!

Luiza's a thinner in a few of her sets but, it certainly doesn't hurt her appearance at all. She is just as gorgeous as always in this set. She has such a beautiful face, and her deep brown eyes are simply astonishing too. I am so glad that she has so many sets to enjoy because she looks fantastic. If she is anywhere near as nice a person as she is beautiful the man in her life better understand just how lucky he is because women as gorgeous as Luiza are far and few between IMO. Luiza is just WOW!, always a WOW!

Luiza, I honestly do believe, from the bottom of my heart, that you are the most beautiful woman on earth.
You have gorgeous brown/hazel eyes and the prettiest facial features I have ever seen.
You are physical perfection, it is impossible to improve upon your beauty.

My thanks go out to both you Luiza, and to Catherine, for bringing you into my life.

Luiza, if you ever read these comments I just want to say thank you. I wish you complete happiness everyday of your life and I pray God grants good health to you and all your loved ones. You are special.
and, Thank you Catherine for bringing Luiza to us.

Stabulo by Catherine

Luiza is a gorgeous girl. I like everything in her body. I love her long legs and curvy ass. Good set and excellent work by both of you.
Catherine you are a girl and you know where we like to look at a girl’s body. I did not see a single shoot for Luiza’s pussy, the center of attraction of her body. Similarly where is the close up of Luiza’s ass?
Give Luiza my regards and excellent work by both of you
I love you


You are one of the most beautiful woman on earth. Your beauty is unsurpassed.

Excellent photgraphy. However, flat-chested and skinny women do not turn me on.

Luiza is not flat chested.

Luiza and Catherine, two of my favorites! The shooting location must have limited your camera angles. I'd like to see more varied camera angles in the mix (from below, from above, etc). Maybe this is more challenging given your high sharpness and lighting standards?

Yes, I agree with you. I think that I could afford a variety of angles. Technically it is possible. I will consider it in the future))

boring - the model is too beautiful and you are too talented to let things slide like this series - closer, more revealing and varied poses please!

Thanks, I will consider your wishes)

Thanks? I think it's impossible to consider all wishes. Remain true to yourself. If the comment writer is bored he's wrong here. He should be happy that beauties like Luiza do it at all.

I think it's impossible to consider all wishes. Remain true to yourself.
If the comment writer is bored he is wrong here, should be happy that beauties like Luiza do it at all.

Thank you, thank you!)

Catherine, I like your work very much. your focus, color, depth of field and use of light is excellent. I like intimate closeups but the setting for this shoot makes that difficult since she can neither stand nor lay down. I very much like the fact that you give us clear crisp focus and pleasant lighting even though she is in a window. I really dislike the glary back lit photos that so many of the photographers are doing. Don't give up this wonderful style. It works very well for you.

I like Luisa a lot and considering the confined space this is a lovely set. I like her hair up like this. Her face was made for this style. This gives her the look of a ballerina and her body type fits this image perfectly. I would have liked to see some ballerina type poses to show off her long lean body and fantastic legs.

Thanks a lot to you for so detailed and thorough comment. I will try to save this style. I already somehow said that I very much like to draw light. Yes, probably the role of the ballerina of Luiza would approach)) I Will try somehow this idea to beat.

These are fantastic. I love the light and the sharpness. Luiza has amazing legs and feet. I was wondering where Catherine went all this time, but I assume she needs to take care of her husband (Michael Douglas). I respect that.

Facially she does look allot like Catherine Zeta Jones though CZJ has a much fuller figure. I think perfect is somewhere in between

My hilarious joke was that Catherine the photographer is CZJ.

At Catherine Zeta-Jones is not easy times ((.. Michael Douglas is not quite in shape, as the papers say ... But let's hope that Catherine to get by))
Thank you for your praise, legs Louise is really very slim.

roflmfao!!! stopit!! ;o)


A very enjoyable set of an undoubtedly beautiful model. It did seem that most of the shots were from a similar distance, which may have been due to space limitations on what looks like a balcony. I would have loved to have seen some full body shots with her standing or laying and some more that are a bit more up close and personal.

Thanks). I will consider wishes, I see that it is necessary to give more than attention close up.

Catherine's Style:-) The light is very good. I adore shootings made outside with beautiful landscapes (like a beach, forest, field...). A good idea on a balcony. Much more with a big flower like Luiza, one Girl to marry:-)))

Big greetings to You and Luiza from Switzerland:-) The Chocolate Country...


Hi Roger. Thanks)) Luiza is going to marry) Switzerland, the Alps it is fine)) I adore chocolate, especially dark... ) )

Luiza while took a timeout.

I supposed so, understandable.

All the best Luiza! But that raises the question if she will work with you furthermore? If not it would be a pitty.

Может быть, мы могли бы встретиться в Альпах Катерина ... Я тоже обожаю шоколад, а также катание на лыжах ... кажется прекрасным для меня ...:о)

Это было бы здорово)))..

Действительно было бы ...:о)

Альпы красивы, но я всегда боялась кататься с гор на лыжах))

Но это так весело, когда вы научитесь делать это безопасно и весело с вами человек, чтобы поделиться опытом ...

Я подумала и решила, что шоколад люблю больше чем лыжи)))..

Я думаю, что на данном этапе моей жизни, я также предпочитаю шоколад ... LOL

Недавно была Пасха. А я старалась держать пост. Во время поста шоколад очень помогал

Very sorry Catherine, the translation of this makes no sense to me...

"Recently there was Easter. And I tried to hold the post. While fasting, chocolate is very help".....?? LOL

This is becoming comical! ;o)

Luisa is one of your most beautiful models, and has a unique style. I love her breasts which also are unique and sport incredibly erotic nipples. Catherine as usual does a great job with this model. Catherine naturally knows how to make models look their most beautiful and most erotic.

Thank you very much, I'm very pleased. I gave Luiza all the comments she read them ...))

Thank you Catherine, thank you Luiza. The photo set is very beautiful.

Thanks JimmyGeorge. I'm very glad))

Luiza is one of the most beautiful girls on metart shes my favorite I luv metart coz of her keep up the great work cheers to Catherine as well

Thanks, is pleasant to me))

Beautiful girl (one of my favorites), interesting setting, good lighting, good variety of poses. Very nice set all around!

rockhard thanks. The set turned out, but I removed it when in mine there was a difficult period. Despite it, at me it turned out to make well

Екатерина, это очень мило с твоей стороны, чтобы попытаться общаться на английском языке, но я не всегда получите ваш смысл. Может быть, в России, ваше значение будет более ясно, для меня ... Я очень хочу, чтобы понять, что вы говорите, но как вы говорите, ваш английский не так хорош ...;о) Я надеюсь, что мой русский идет через переводчика порядке.

Этот перевод не так хорошо ... LOL

Hi rockhard) Certainly is very pleasant communication with you in Russian, me Many thanks for your transition to my native language)) is easier to pass me so the thoughts))... I am afraid that my communication on Met-Art in Russian isn't absolutely correct in relation to other users))...

Мне также нужно перевести на английский язык.

Кроме того,Кириллица является большой проблемой общения
и перевод. Трудные для обеих сторон.

Все, что вы считаете правильным в порядке со мной Екатерины.Перевод программного обеспечения есть несколько глюков в любом случае, и не получить все правильно.

I hope this translates correctly...;o)

lmao! Not even close!

Luiza is stunningly beautiful!!! I luv her thin tight body!!! Another great set Catherine!!! I luv all these gorgeous girls you find!!!

Thanks, I am glad that it was pleasant to you))

Great work Catherine. You are one of my favourites. x

Thank you))

Another dieter . Luiza is stunning and doesn't need further weight loss

Hello ergo. I too most tried to explain to Luiza, but I lost.

Catherine, do you choose not to zoom in for closeups of your model's private parts, or is it a choice made by the models themselves? I really enjoy your clear focus and composition, but also enjoy very much seeing nice closeups.

Keep up the excellent work.

Hi iluvsex. I guess I do not pay much attention to close-up shots. I guess I'm still just learning to properly carry out such a survey.

You're doing just fine Catherine. The "hi-res" pics get ME as close as I need to be to any part of the models body. However, on the 'full body' shots, maybe focus the camera on body 'parts', not her face again. Otherwise, this work is excellent!

I guess you like the translation feature now? Plus when I suggest something, why not let the shooter answer me and if you want to suck up some, do it with your own posting please. Thanks

Absolutely I love the translation feature!! Makes it easier to "suck up"! ;o) I merely offered Catherine a 'counter' to your 'point'. Don't be so insecure... I don't believe I prevented "the shooter' from answering you either, since I see her response here. Rest assured I will not use your suggestions to "suck up" in the future. You're welcome...;o)

Not insecure, just don't like my thread being hijacked. You seem to want to be everwhere at once. I don't consider this feature a "chat room per se" Just where each person can communicate with the shooter or model one on one. So no more red herrings OK. :)

"Hijacked Threads"? "Red Herrings"? You're more creative than some of these photographers!...;o) I really didn't intend to ruffle your feathers, but your reaction to MY comment was surprising and amusing at the same time. And I don't 'want' to be everywhere at once...I just 'am'...;o)

Hi. I had just recently an idea as it is better to give a body. I will try to embody it in the next shooting. I hope at me it will turn out))

Я уверен, что это получится красиво! ;o)


I love Luiza's hair, her delicious nipples, her. . ., its all good and well presented here. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to members comments Catherine.

Do you look at other photographers' work? Have you ever seen a model shot by another photographer and thought "I would like to photograph her"?

Thank Baggy36Pants. To be honest, when I see a good model that works with another photographer, there is the idea that this model would be interesting to work on. But I focused on the relationship with no one coming out. If the opportunity arises, I will use it. I really like how the photographers Erro, Tony Murano, Goncharov. Works well Luca Helios, Leonardo. Of photographers who are not represented by Met-Art I like Ron Harris, Ken Marcus.

When are you going to have videos for Luiza A.?

I want to master video filming, it is interesting to me but while I am in process of training.

Let your hair down Luiza

Check out the set: "Premias" her hair is down. Sort of a Cleopatra style?

The hairdress in this set categorically wasn't pleasant to it.

Luiza unfortunately do not like loose hair, in real life she is wearing a tight bun or ponytail.

Taking that seriously MET should change her presentation thumbnail.In your own words "it isn't pleasant".If I remember rightly she had a thumb with ponytail before? I'm not shure but she was in the Top 5 at that time?

It is too bad Luiza does not like her hair down. She has beautiful hair and and beautiful face. Leeting her hair down sometimes would help frame her face and show off her incredible beauty. See is you can make this happen in your next shoot with her Catherine. Great photos in this set! Well done...

Luiza yet doesn't work but if I cooperate with her further, I will surely make a set with a flowing hair

Hitchcock: Vertigo :)


I would say she is wearing two tight buns, one on top of her head and the other is her behind! :)

Catherine, I enjoy your various photo shoots with such lovely models. Keep giving us erotic poses and nice closeups of their beauty.

Thanks to you and your lovely models!

Thanks a lot))

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