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Luiza always looks great (so I don't mean to criticize her appearance at all), but this set has quite a few rather odd poses.

I've noticed the same weird. twisted, contorted poses in a few of Nastya's sets (sets also by Catherine).

Luiza has one of the most beautiful faces on earth (and one hell of a nice body too).
She's flat out gorgeous, everything about her physical appearance is perfect.
In my humble opinion, very few women are as beautiful as Luiza. She truly is an outstanding woman.

I've always found petite/thinner woman the most attractive and Luiza is the absolute pinnacle of feminine physical beauty.
Everything about this gorgeous woman's appearance is complete perfection.
She's "crazy beautiful"....beyond humanly possible....she's "not from of this world beautiful". Incredible!

Luiza has an elegant aura about her. She is as beautiful as any woman I have ever seen. Gorgeous face, beautiful eyes, and a fabulous petite body with incredible breasts, derriere, and legs. As I commented on several of her other sets, she is beautiful from head to toe and IMO it's impossible to improve upon her physical appearance. Superb beauty.

IMO, Luiza is quite possibly the most beautiful woman on earth. Exceptional beauty.

Outstanding woman, stunningly beautiful, gorgeous in every way.

Luiza has the most incredible nipples of all the models on MetArt.
One just wants to tenderly nibble them for hours.
Thanks Luiza for allowing us to admire your beauty and thanks to Catherine for displaying her so perfectly.

I find myself returning to Luiza's page every day (usually multiple times each day).
In my opinion Luiza's level of beauty is off the charts.

Luiza is beautiful from head to toe, but it is her gorgeous face and pretty brown/hazel eyes that I find the most stunning.
Image #38 in this set is quite possibly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

I love you Luiza!

Luiza, I have spent the better part of two days looking through your photos and I must say, you have the most beautiful face I have ever seen.

You have gorgeous facial features and I love the emotion you display through your irresistible brown eyes (and even the emotion you show when your eyes are closed through your facial expressions).

Your beauty is like that of a Greek Goddess.

Luiza is the most stunningly beautiful woman I have seen in my life. I have been following her photo shoots for a long time now; always breathlessly waiting for... hoping for... more. She is truly amazingly perfection in beauty.
I believe it is impossible to take a bad photo of her from any angle; high, low, front, back, top, bottom, left or right. And every time she changes her hair style she looks perfect. I could go on gushing about her in volumes. Eyes, ears, nose, breasts... her everything is just perfect. How is this possible? Magic I say... she is pure magic and I have been captured by her spell; made willing slave.

Thank you Catherine for doing such beautiful work with this beautiful woman... and thank you Luiza for sharing your absolute breathtaking and stunningly total beauty with us.

I agree completely Ansel.
Luiza is physical perfection, a Goddess!
I do believe it is impossible to improve upon her beauty, she is simply stunning.

Luiza has a gorgeous face and beautiful brown eyes (from any angle, in any lighting, whether frontal or profile, her beauty is unsurpassed).
I also want to mention she has a fabulous body too. She's an incredible woman.

Luiza, I see that you are now the mother of a little boy:) Your son has the prettiest mother in the world!!!
Thank you Luiza for allowing me to see your beauty.

Luiza is my all time personal favorit and i'm allways keen for the next photo gallerie. But i would like to ask Catherine why Luiza never shows her teeth. I also miss movies with Luiza. Also some new galleries at sexart with Luiza showing us more explicit pictures of her beautiful body. The first shoot with a dildo was well appriciated, but Catherine did quite hotter shoots with other girls before.


Unless Catherine has a few sets she hasn't published yet, I doubt we'll see anything else from Luiza.

According to Catherine, Luiza is married and has a small son.
Luiza is special to me. She brought much enjoyment into my life and I wish her and her family complete happiness everyday of her life.
She truly is one of the most beautiful women on earth.

I can't answer your question about her teeth (although she does show them at times in several of her photos).

As a personal favorite of yours also, I hope you are as happy for Luiza and her family as I am.

Maybe Catherine can help out some more.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein nackter Spatz steht steif hoch...

I've now spent a very long time, perhaps too much examining these images. Her irresistible gaze and excellent body are photographed to precision, and this was one set I could not quit looking at, staring at every beautiful inch of her. The flesh tones turned out fantastic and the depth is wonderful. Every part of her body is alluring; I can't single out what I like most about her. Catherine's sets just get better and better.

gorgeous model. i love every detail in Luiza's body. she is very hi girl. excellent work as usual Katya.

i love the model and adore the photographer

I am so impressed like everyone else it seems. The poses are great, Luiza is beautiful, sculptural, athletic, and Catherine you have captured these qualities. Her face and especially her eyes are beautiful and yet the several pictures with her eyes closed are just wonderful, frame 22 for example.

Hi Catherine,
It's great to have you back. I like this set, although it does have a different vibe to it than most of your work. Well, I guess, late night shooting explains that. If you have a few minutes, check out the comments to the Gabriel's set from two days ago. Judging by the carpet, it was shot in the same location. You might have some fun))

Hi lember92) These two sets were shot in the same place. I see comments to the set with Gabriel. I was away, I was busy casting models in another city. Now re-start shooting))

Luizschka is every day sweeter:-) The light is not bad in this set Catherine, I find it ok:-) Kisses from Switzerland, the mountains Country...

Hi Roger) I will pass on your kiss Luiza) Today during filming, I and Vanda remembered about you. They brought the greetings from the country of cheese, chocolate and watches))


Nice shooting. Katya you're becoming more adept with post production retouching.

Thanks adomavoi81) I am glad that you liked a set)

Catherine, One disturbing trend I have seen all over Metart is the tendency to not show panties even when the girls are fully dressed. I think a woman in panties is very sexy. Not the Fredrick's of Hollywood kind but the kind that a woman really wears. Up skirt shots with panties are awesome and watching a woman remove her panties add so much to a set. I really miss the tease. The sudden switch from elegant dress to naked leaves out the seduction which is a key part of a mans fantasies.

Please no fish net stockings. The CanCan girl look is so old and over used it brings a cheap feeling to the set. Real girl underwear, Not lingerie. lace and ribbons are not sexy. A man wants soft and silky not stiff and scratchy:)

I now create new sets. In these sets I use panties, bra and clothing. I want to develop this theme more. Also I want to use in the theme stockings. Thanks)

Luiza is a work of art.

Hi alandg3) Agree with you ))

Cathrine after my rant yesterday about our Top Ten I am very surprised that Luiza has yet to be there. In my opinion she deserves to be...

She WAS in the TOP 20 for quite a while, as a matter of fact in the top 5 for quite a while but fell out of favor with the viewers. But altogether, from the start, a really well done set.

Hi swplf2) Completely agree with you))

I think her facial expressions, or lack of, is what keeps her scores on the lower side and her out of the top ten. She doesn't reflect or generate a lot of enthusiasm.

Hi rockhard) When we did that set, it was very late, it was late at night. Perhaps fatigue Luiza impact on her face.

Please don't apologize continually. There isn't any reason for it and what he wrote is wrong. I like the various expressions of her face, whether tiredness, self-confidence or the uncertain look of a girl. If I had one wish I would suggest to make a set only with portraits maybe with various angles and hairstyles.

Luisa is to refined and classy to make the top 10 but then so are many other girls that I think should be there. The key to the top 10 is PERSONALITY! Guys are looking for cute and natural. Girls that have that bright sunny smile and playful attitude. Girls that are fun a bubbly and come across as real and touchable. That unfortunately is not Luisa's image. Luisa is elegance, grace and classic greek goddess. It requires a bit more refined tastes so she gets less votes. I think she is fabulous but she looks a bit untouchable. The secrete is not to look like you are too reserved and aloof. She did better in this set than many of her sets.

True beauty is in a woman's smile. Luisa never quite attains a real believable smile.

I'm not specifying anyone in particular here (especially not Luiza), but there is also another reason why many models don't flash a great big smile.

The former USSR and Easter Block countries did not pay for dental care just so a person could have a pretty smile with nice straight teeth.
These Governments didn't have the money pay for braces and such.

Often times when Wisdom Teeth came in they forced the remaining teeth out of alignment (which could also be quite painful).
Here in the USA most teens/young adults who have issues when their wisdom teeth begin to come in simply pay to have them pulled.

Also, here in the USA parents will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars so their children will have braces to keep their teeth straight as they come in.

Many societies can't afford this luxury.

Have agree with all of the complimentary comments. While Luiza's nude body is exquisite some of the most intriguing ones are where ones where she shows modest or Cathrine focused on face. Kudos to both.

Thank you swplf2) Thank you for your feedback)

Catherine helps make Met-art the super site that it is. Thank you!

Thank you very much kanobione) I am glad to work for you.

I'm a fan of the lovely Luiza's and also Catherine's, and liked the first photos very much. I was disappointed by the sudden switch from clothed to nude. While I am obviously in the minority, I did not like the grey cast over the photos, and found it unflattering.

))) This set we did late at night. To be honest, everyone was tired and wanted to sleep) I didn't Have the strength to more fully develop the theme of service in this set. I don't really like this sharp contrast - dressed and undressed. Thank you)

This is a perfect set! I think Cathrine's experiments with light work beautifully. She makes Louiza stand out from the background in classical nude poses without losing the background, except in 1or two poses. But then,the way Catherine is working the lights is Very hard.

Hi 5seadog) I would like to return to this style of shooting. I love it. It requires more work, but this style style is very artistic and I like it very much.

So do I!

This is shot by Catherine? I had to go back and look again. This is much different from your usual but I like it very much. I'm so impressed by your different lighting and resulting skin tones of the lovely Luiza. The mood is more intimate.

Catherine, you have broken your boundaries with this set. You can't know how impressed I am at this point. Very nice!

Hi kilroy) Making this set, I decided to experiment with light. To me this experiment liked. But in the future I this scheme is not used. Today I spent photographing and carried out a new experiment. I shone the more stringent the light of a plan to create more light expression. Thank you for your praise)

Luiza is one of the most beautiful models, and her tits are her best feature - especially her nipples. Catherine does a superb job with her, and this set is awesome. The lighting is perfect and the photographer and model function perfectly as a team. Another outstanding job by Catherine.

Thank you very much Gary) Very nice) This set was given to us with great difficulty. And admit I don't quite believed in him. I am Glad that you liked this set)

Catherine! You have outdone yourself with this set. The combination of elegant set, perfect lighting and Luiza's almost indescribable presence are absolute perfection. Luiza has done many sets and I love her dearly but this set tops them all. She is so elegant and sophisticated in this set she almost looks like a different woman. The sexy black gown was a perfect complement to the rich background and subdued lighting and the way it hugged that lovely body was awesome. Fantastic portrait work Catherine. I know this is a nude site but those portrait shot of Luiza are breathtaking. I did not need to go any further than the first page to know I had to download this set.

You have done so many lovely sets but this is a masterpiece!

Hi hipshot131) Thank you for such a high assessment of our work. I now very pleased to see this set. Thank you for your warm words)

A nice contrast to her last several sets... A more intimate mood. Very soothing...

Hi rockhard) Is one of the first sets Luiza. This set I tried to remove unusual. I did experiment with light. I think I did. Thanks)

Hi Katya...I mean contrast to YOUR 'last several sets', not Luiza's... Sorry my comment was not more clear with it's meaning...;o)

Hi rockhard) I am very pleased that you enjoyed what you saw)

129 perfectly wonderful photograghs of a supremely beautiful, sensual and seductive woman. Wonderful classicand sophisticated poses, with style and discretion. Luiza did a great job and Catherine's photography is beautiful.

Hi Neil:) Thank you. I have waited for the publication of this set. Louiza is good. I met recently with her and noticed how she refined beautiful face.

Catherine, to say Luiza is "good" is like saying the Venus di Milo is a "statue." From your very first posting set of this woman, I knew she had that "something extra" in a model. Someone who could actually play to the camera. And it doesn't at all hurt that as a photographer, you appear to know exactly what you are doing. I don't think that there have been more than 2 or 3 total of your sets of various models that I didn't know exactly what you were trying to accomplish.

Keep up the outstanding work! And please, favor us with more of the marvelous Luiza!

Hi Catherine,

This is your best work to date! I love how this set begins, Luiza looks her best yet (I don't know how you did it but you "topped" perfection).
Luiza is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. She has the face of an Angel.
I would like to explain my perceived "obsession" with Luiza.

I spent almost a year in the hospital after I was involved in a serious accident. I saw a preview of Luiza's first set "Contempo" the day before the accident and I was unable to see anymore until almost a year later when I finally went home.

I was a member of Met art before I was hospitalized but I did not regain access to Met Art until a little more than a month ago so I'm still new to your work with Luiza.

I'm simply dumbfounded by Luiza's beauty. Her facial features are in my eyes complete perfection. She has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen.

Please give Luiza my thanks. I have found great pleasure in looking through your work with Luiza. Both of you are simply amazing.


Hi negam13) I am very sorry that you have an accident and that you had to spend a long time on the treatment. I wish that the recovery was soon full. I am very pleased that you like my work and look Luiza. I will pass on all the comments on mail model. Thank you)

Thank you Catherine, you are very kind. I'm happy to see your return. I hope your cold is gone and you are feeling better.
We all missed you dearly.

Thank you so very much for passing my comments on to Luiza.
Luiza's natural beauty and her adorable facial expressions make me smile. She is special to me.

I want to personally thank you for bringing Luiza into my life through your magnificent photography.
There are so many wonderful images in this set that it is impossible to pick a favorite.
I am especially fond of image #38. This image allows me to experience what it is like to gaze into the eyes of most beautiful woman on earth.

Thanks negam13) I'm quite recovered from the disease and more recently went to the casting of the new models. Now I am engaged in shooting. I really hope that the new person you like) Of Luiza has a little son. She is very caring mother. Recently I met her and during our conversation around us ran to her little son)) She was very happy to read your comments.

I'm happy to hear you are feeling better Catherine. Please do not work too hard now, remember to get your rest.

I am very happy for Luiza. I wish Luiza and her family happiness every day of their lives.
I raised my nephew after his parents divorced so I know what it is like to try to keep up with a young child (he's now 21 years old and he tells people that I am his "dad"). My nephew telephones me every day.....and he jokingly calls me an "old man":)

I'm pleased that Luiza was happy to read my comments. She is very special. Catherine, you are also special:)

I appreciate your kind thoughts on my recovery. I consider myself to be very lucky. Life is fragile.

You shouldn't feel so self-conscious, negam... Catherine and her models attract quite passionate fans! I'm sure all of us seem rather obsessive at times...

BTW obviously I don't know you from Adam, but if you were in hospital for over a year it was obviously a severe injury(ies). It's good to know you've made it home again. Many wishes for sustained recovery!

I hope this post actually shows and I don't get a double posts

Thank you fer_realz

I gusess I feel a little obsessive about Luiza. She is the only reason I renewed my subscription.
The accident left me partially paralyzed. I'm still feel pretty lucky.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Hi negam13) Again I wish you the ease and speedy recovery.

I was going to say that it's been a long time since we last saw Luiza, but it's only been a month. I suppose that's a sign that I'd like to see her more often. There's something vulnerable and ultra-feminine about that slender body. She is uniquely beautiful, and Catherine has once again captured her beautifully.

hi Sailor-I couldn't agree more. I was worried that Louiza had stopped workin on Met-art as several models, like Iveta B, Danae and Diva A. have.That is, they seem to be working for a photographer who posts very little on Met. They just seem to like hie Lighting and make-up girl more, even when their posts are not that different.(Suzie does all the physical model care as well plus commentary from the sidlines.)I'm glad to see that Catherine has put put together a crew that her models like.

My apologies for the double post. Once again I was outsmarted by the !@#$%^& system!

Sailor, I've learned my lesson... if I post a comment and then I don't see it immediately, I just go on to the next set and then I check in again about 5 or 10 minutes later. Usually my comment/reply has posted by then....

I was going to say that it's been a long time since we last saw Luiza, but it's only been a month. I suppose that's a sign that I'd like to see her more often. There's something vulnerable and ultra-feminine about that slender body. She is uniquely beautiful, and Catherine has once again captured her beautifully.

Thank you very much Sailor) I never thought this model exceptionally beautiful, but over time I began to see all the advantages of its appearance. I am very pleased that you liked this set)

In Luiza's case, one month is too long.


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