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Luizas eyes are the prettiest of all. Her body it is beautfiul too but her face and eyes are just perfect to me.
Luiza is my best for sure but Alysha and Sian are my favorites too. I see these ladies every time I am on this website.
Thank you Luiza and catherine also.

No one will ever replace (or compare to) Luiza. She's in a league of her own IMO, but thank for for the "heads up" about Sian because I never noticed her before. Sian is very pretty and one of my top models now too. I also think Alysha is pretty, but again.....no one is even close to Luiza in my opinion.

My goodness, she is beautiful. Such a remarkable face. Simply wonderful.
Very luck man to be with her. She is a favourite. Very good.

Luiza IS perfect. Gorgeous woman.

I really like this girl. She's beautiful.
I have yet to see all her sets, but the ones I have seen are very nice.
I've mentioned before that I am fond of thin petite girls, and this woman is as beautiful as any I have ever seen.
She has such a photogenic face.....and as pretty as her face is, her body is every bit as nice.
Image 105 is just one example of a photo displaying her entire body from head to toe....she is a gorgeous woman, an absolutely gorgeous woman.

She is without doubt my favourite model.
Once again, I do believe she IS perfect.
Her facial features are exquisite, her petite/thin body is magnificent, plus her derriere and long lean legs are supreme.
She truly is an exceptionally attractive woman from head to toe.
Luiza is physically a perfect 10 to my eyes. She is a simply amazing woman.

Luiza is in a league of her own. She is one of the most beautiful sights in the universe.
She's gorgeous in all her photos, but this is one of my favorite sets of her. Perfect face, perfect breasts, perfect derriere, perfect legs....perfect everything!
Luiza is incredible, she's my idea of the perfect female. I can think of only two women in my life as beautiful as Luiza (and I'm 54 years old, so I've been around a while).
So, what I'm saying is that I am offering Luiza the highest compliment I possibly can when I state I admire her physical beauty. She is a rarity.

This is one of my favorite sets of Luiza (I love them all, but this one is exceptional).
Photo 107 is incredible. Not only does Luiza have a gorgeous....and I mean GORGEOUS face, but in 107 her entire body is shown from head to toe. I must say that she is as close to perfection as anything on earth.
Her beauty really is out of this world.....she's beyond human, some type of demigod. IMO, Luiza is in a league all her own.

Luiza is the woman I would create in my version of the movie "Weird Science".....physically she is IMO, the perfect female.
She is one of the most beautiful women since the beginning of time to walk on planet earth. Utter physical perfection!

Kelly LeBrock looked pretty damn good in "Weird Science", but time hasn't treated her so well (either that or she hasn't taken care of herself).
Luiza has been a favorite (more so my favorite) since she first came onto the scene with "Contempo" back on the old Met Models site (now the set is on Erotic Beauty).
I agree she is an incredible beauty. There are very few women I can think of that I find as attractive as Luiza. I'd have to say she is a rarity, absolutely gorgeous in every way.

Image #124:-) Gorgeous face, beautiful brown eyes, and the cutest little dimples on either side of her mouth as she smiles:-)) Luiza = 10+++++

IMO, Luiza is a Goddess, her beauty is Divine!

She is a remarkable beauty. Gorgeous face.

are you serious?
at least Im living on the same planet you live on.
wow! you're so so.......... no words in English to describe. sorry!

ginolova, I agree. IMHO, there are no words in the English language to adequately describe Luiza's level of beauty.
She's off the charts beautiful in my eyes, the most gorgeous face on earth.

Катя, я вернулась в прошлом месяце высоко оценивает еще раз. Это еще один красивый набор Луиза ... такой красивой девушкой. Рок. И я надеюсь, что это хороший перевод ... ))

Luiza A in Atofio by Catherine.

Gorgeous model. Sweet face, delicious boobs and long erect nipples, beautiful ass, gorgeous and delicious pussy.
The shots are excellent because of the talented photographer. Katya knows my opinion of her as a woman. Her face is sweeter than any model on earth; her body is more gorgeous, more delicious, more desirable, sexier and hotter than any woman on Earth. I desire to hug this photographer tightly and kiss her all over and tell her I adore her.

Hi Catherine! I like your style of shooting (Y). Even when I look at who is the Photographs by I know it's your job.
Well done :)

Top model & artist on my book
Just like great music for ears, these are great visual sets for the eyes; hence good for the soul
Hope for more many more exposures in the future; never get tired of Luiza's elegant beautiful body & viewing Catherine's work
Thank you very very much

The perfect website would be "Luiza Art".....all Luiza, all of the time.

No one compares with Luiza, she is in a league of her own:)

Steady on old boy! Get a grip on yourself. Catherine has many beautiful models. :) (:

but she is more beautiful than all of them.

Neil, I agree Catherine has many beautiful models (no doubt whatsoever)....it's just that I truly believe Luiza is one of the most beautiful woman on earth. IMHO, very few woman compare with her level of beauty.

I joined Met Art because of Luiza, and I remain a member because of Catherine.

To me Luiza has always made me think of a Spanish countessa. Her features are like a classic Castilian Spanish dancer. It is a rare look indeed.

Hi hipshot131) Very interesting comparison) I'll tell him Luiza.

No METart model "confronts" the camera in quite the way as does Luiza.

Hi Mulethief) Louise before the camera behaves providing much initiative. When she takes part in the filming, she brings a great deal of his own. Thank you)

her face is pretty symmetrical and dominated by soft, feminine lines. Lovely. Her feet seem to be quite elegant - but there were not enough in focus pics to be sure about it.

Hi v-man_ger) I'm sorry I got a set of frames that were not in focus. Sorry. Louiza's face I find unique. Thank you)

The eyes have it!


Luiza is totally beautiful,espically her perfect skin, and lovely back.

Hi 5seadog) I completely agree with you)

I love the sunlight, and Luiza is in great form. Beautiful skin, beautiful face, and perfect nipples. It would be fun once to see what you look like Catherine! Maybe you could stick your face in the camera, or in a mirror, or hold out your hand or foot, just to have an image of you. Be well!

Thank you very much for the praise of the set) Louiza flawless. Here's the address of my facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005824274243 I will be glad to see you there.

Привет Catherine и Luiza, kак дела? I came back from Russia (St. Petersburg) just 3 days ago... Russian and Ukrainian Girls are very Sweeeeeety:-) Thank You for this Job Catherine (well done). Also in this Set, Luiza looks very nice... Kisses, kisses, kisses to both:-)

Hi v-man_ger) I'm sorry I got a set of frames that were not in focus. Sorry. Louiza's face I find unique. Thank you)

Hi Roger) St. Petersburg is a beautiful and big city. I plan to go there. I have long wanted to visit the Hermitage. Thank you very much for kisses and kisses we give you too)

Thank You for the kisses:-):-):-) I went 6 times in St. Petersburg from 2008 to 2013. Next year, in June, I will go for the 7th time:-) I visited the Hermitage in 2009... Very nice:-) I visited the Каза́нский кафедра́льный собо́р too. If You want to drink a good cappuccino in St. Petersburg, You can go to Vosstaniya Place just in front of the exit from the Metro:-) They have a lot of sweet piroschki...

Another superlative set from Luiza and the best photographer on this or any other site, Catherine. I just keep hoping to see a girl/girl video from her, especially of the SexArt genre.

Hi wheelerrr) I already wrote that I would soon begin to make a video. I'll work up the skills. Thank you for your praise) You are a wonderful viewer, very nice for you to work.

Any chance of her spreading her lips open for future sets?

I will try to fulfill your wishes in the future work.

Awesome! That pussy is just too pretty to not be shown the inside of.

Ah Luiza; elegance personified. A truly beautiful woman.

Thank you.) I sent her a your comment

Elegant beyond description...yes, I am the one who supplied the use tag "elegant".

Hi Link Hogthrob) Thank you very much for the tag "elegant". I'm glad you enjoyed this work)

nice set, would have liked to see more of the private parts

I understand your wishes.

Luiza is a stunningly beautiful woman.

This is one of the most gorgeous pictorials I have ever seen.

Well done.

Can't wait for Luiza's & Catherine's next collaboration.

Hi wgworld) Thank you very much. Hopefully, the new work will be published soon)

Lovely photos of a beautiful woman. Thank you, Catherine and Luiza.

Hi Aesthete) I hope I will not disappoint you in the future)

They're back Luiza and Catherine.
They're singing a hymn to the beauty and grace.

Hi gaetano maria) We're back. I'm glad you liked we.

Luiza looks very regal in this set ~ every inch a queen or empress. But warm and engaging, not distant and cold. I agree with Baggy, there are many stunning portraits here. ( :
The focus of the set is clearly Luiza, with no distracting elements to steal our attentions away.
Well done, Catherine.

Thank you very much fer_realz) I love this place. This place is very sunny and bright. I am pleased that you like Louiza. I'm glad you liked my work.

I really appreciate visits from Luiza. She is very beautiful and natural. Today, there are many pictures that could easily be portraits or covers on fashion or women's magazines. Many thanks Catherine for staging, capturing, and presenting these lovely pictures; and thanks to Luiza for being Luiza.

Hi Baggy36Pants) I agree with you that the photo Luiza worthy to decorate cover of of any magazine. Thank you for your kind words and praise)

Luiza is one of Catherine's most beautiful models — elegant, understated and quietly, unbelievably sexy. Thank you Catherine for giving us this gorgeous set. Thank you Luiza for sharing your beauty with us. xoxoxoxo

[12:56:49] Catherine Kazan: Thank you very much Sailor) Thank you for your praise. This set was made in the spring, the sun was shining bright and was summer ahead. This work have very good memories)

Luiza, the most beautiful woman in the universe.

Catherine, please tell Luiza I said hello.

Thank you:)

Hi Browning) I forwarded her your words. Thank you, very nice), Luize asked me to give you hello)

Thank you Catherine, you are a great friend. My wish is to make Luiza smile:).....and you also Catherine:)

Catherine, you are a great, kind, and beautiful woman:)

Thank Browning) You are also very kind to me.

Catherine, the photography in this set is supreme and Luiza is magnificent as always.
Every photo is perfect, but I especially like the beautiful portrait shots of Luiza.

Thank you so much, you are the best Catherine:)

Thank you very much Browning) I am very pleased) Luiza worthy of your praise.


Hello Catherine,

This set is so beautiful, it takes my breath away. Luiza has such an elegant and refined beauty. She seems to be like a princess or an angel - as if she is from a different world than me. Absolutely stunning photos. 1000000000 out of 10.

To you and Luiza I send my congratulations on a job very well done, my thanks for the joy you gave to me, and my warmest regards, hugs and kisses.

Hi nihil) You wrote a very beautiful about Louiza, it like from another world. Thank you for such high praise. I am very glad that you like our work. Send you best wishes)

This must be an older set. Luiza was still in good weight and looking solid. She is a very classy woman and from what I hear that applies to personality as well as her classic good looks. Sadly she has lost a lot of weight and is looking pretty thin now.

Hi hipshot131) I made this set of relatively long time. You are right that Luiza was not so skinny in that period. It is now no longer loses weight, she looks very slender, especially when it goes accompanied by her young son)

You mentioned a son, Catherine. Do you mean to say that some of Luiza's earlier sets were taken when she was pregnant? I don't mean to ask too much personal information, so I apologize if I am...

Thanks to you and Luiza for all of your wonderful contributions to MET!

Hi boscoman) When I first started working with Louiza, she was already a mother-year-old son. Thank you)

Luiza is a preeminently beautiful woman. She is possessed of such beautiful sophisticated and regal traits. Such lovely female form, shapes and lines.

Hi Neil) I would have to can add that Louis has a delicate feminine facial features and is quite rare. Thank you)

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