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An incredibly erotic and beautiful young woman.

Nice set. Lukki is so beautiful and lick-able!

The dark arm fur is an absolute turn-on for me. It has been seen for years as a sign of an aggressive (in a good way) sexuality.

Oh Lukki Lukki Lukki, with such wonderful spread legs I wish I would have seen more of your open pussy. Hey, if I can't have that then I'd like to place my hands on your most beautiful hips and put my mouth around your exquisite breasts, nipples, and areolae!!!!!!!! Hopefully soon I'll get my breath back.

Absolutely stunning model!! Very welcome addition to a stunning cast!

Our physical appearance lies in "the luck of the draw", genetically speaking.
This girl drew a royal flush!! As beautiful as any woman needs to be! (if that makes any sense...lol i'm still reeling!!_)

LOVE her legs and her beautiful beautiful beautiful round ass

VERY pretty girl and what a gorgeous body ...yummy!

Wonderful model and the most amazing puffies since Koika I think. Why oh why dont MetArt photographers do closeups of such beautiful aspects of models???

Lukki Lima, It appears it is unanimous you just have to come back, often.

And when you do please join us here a the bottom in the comments, we would love to "hear" from you...

Agreed! Come play with us!

Very beautiful debut set.Can't wait for her follow up and many more to come.

Lukki's sweet beauty if very enticing. Her breasts are still budding but she already has incredible nipples. Hope to see more photo sets of Lukki as she matures and her breasts come in more fully. She already has a very nicely developed pussy. Lovely girl - hope to see more of her.

"...come in more fully"? That's a bit on the crass side I'd say. What if (as i prefer to think) that this is the way she's developed? What you're basically saying is that "yeah they're nice ... but will be nicer if they're even bigger". Why not accept them for what they are, regardless of what they "might be?"

Please come back very soon Lukki, we all want more of you. I for one could eat you all over and with those phenomenally beautiful breasts I know where I would start!

Welcome among us.
Beautiful among the finest in the club MetArt.
Your body is the "Idea" of Beauty.
Your breasts a model to paint.

Forgive your photographer if as location has used a seedy hotel by the hour.
Forgive your photographer for the lights pale and sad. (talk to him about WB).
Forgive your photographer if loosening your hair made ​​you look like a crazy.

Come back soon (changing photographer).


The color pictures are in color.
Not sepia.

Lost you on that. Where did "sepia" come from/in?

If I understand well your comment:
'sepia' in Italian as well as in English, in the days of black and white photo
was the name of toning bath for prints which gave to these a brown patina.

No I have been a photog for over 40 years. I used sepia "in the day" why did you mention it here.

I think the color photo must have a main color vivid and brilliant that attracts the eye
and other colors (few) in accordance with that
that make the picture lively and pleasant to the eyes.
Otherwise the photo is monotone photo.
All pictures of this set are monotone.

I know Albert Varin and I appreciate it,
I really appreciate the photos of Bridgit of Subil of Trista always vibrant and colorful.
For this star of the first magnitude I would expect the photos glittering up and not muted.

OMG, Lukki!

Awesome first set.

So femininely submissive and personally confident at the same time! Drives me CRAZY.

And, that gorgeous brunette hair! Like thick silk flowing over gorgeous white skin.

Great poses. Great visual communication. Powerful sexuality.

Sexy, special girl.


I'm very pleased with this first set of Lukki. She has a lot going for her, so I hope we see more sets of this lovely. I'm particularly taken by her freckles, nice pointed breasts and well-endowed vulva. The only thing that would make the set better for me would be more/closer on the rear-end shots, but really this is a great new model nicely presented to us.

Wonderful natural beauty! Great set. Please more of her :-)

The first two shots in this set are among the sexiest MetArt has ever produced. I cannot imagine a heterosexual male anywhere who wouldn't dream of waking up to a sight like that. Lukki Lima is a phenomenon. She's physically beautiful from head to toe; she projects a warm and wonderfully feminine personality. And of course she has the two most important qualifications for a successful modeling career: She's Ukrainian, and she has freckles. Kisses and 10s by the boatload.

A brand new Ukrainian beauty! If you had seen her at your regular time you would have been up all night. As usual I agree whole wholeheartedly. The perfect job for you would be as our ambassador to the Ukraine. I am sure you would represent us properly...

I accept. When can I start?

BTW, I couldn't follow my usual schedule yesterday because of technical problems—the photos wouldn't load. Things were back to normal around midday.

Aye, mate, I second that. I had no idea so many of us like freckles!

mmmm freckles. ))

( ;


Lukki is gorgeous with a great attitude and incredible pointed breasts. She has freckles which is sexy, and it is lamentable that this set follows the usual pattern with freckled models which is to overexpose the pics in an apparent attempt to disguise them. If you have a freckled model, show the freckles. Some of us find them appealing. So I rated the set down but the model a 10.

I concur, Gary. Freckles are amazingly sexy, esp. with pale complexions.

She's perfect just as she is. Don't change anything.

Lovely debut. 10/10

I'm guessing Lukki must be a gymnast, she seems to love the splits...
What an adorably cute young lady, and what sexy nipples/areolae.
I could feast for hours... and then there'd be dessert waiting. ( :

You would have to share her with Sailor...

Ha ha ha!
Good point, swplf!

I wish this beautiful young lady a very long and successful career. Then we will be able to enjoy many visits from her. Welcome Lukki, and thanks to both Lukki and Albert for this stunning debut.

Absolutely DELICIOUS! more,Please.

Absolutely DELICIOUS! more,Please.

What a delightful debut.

If Lukki Lima reads this, I hope that you stay around, and I hope that you smile more in the next set. Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.


Lukki Lima welcome to Met, great first set here.

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