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Lukki is an "earth-angel". Need a lot more sets please.

Lukki Lima is a doll with freckles from sweet face and body of divine beauty.
In front of a lot of sparkling beauty is someone who prefers his hair!
Is a crazy thing!
Varin have you completely disfigured the pictures of a goddess girl with hair to cover her most beautiful things.
Fetishists say thank you.

As I am going through I am thinking nice hair gorgeous face, Oh wow look at those pointy little breasts! But in the back of my head a little voice is saying her labia are pretty big and that could ruin it for me. Then I get to #26 and I'm thinking well maybe they are a bit much for my tastes but at #47 with good lighting and great focus so maybe---- and then get 56 through 59 and my mouth is watering and my tongue eager to go to work and there is no doubt that Lukki is a 10 because though they are large they are very nicely formed and colored and so inviting. As you can tell from this I am a fan of closeups and large protruding labia are not my thing.

This set was a nice mix of close and wide angle and the photography is first class.

I'm glad to hear you're successfully wrestling that inner demon down, hipshot. ( :
All it takes is the right woman... and what a woman Lukki is...

Insanely sexy. Natural. Feminine.

Lukki, how do your guy friends keep their mouths off your gorgeous nipples?

Seriously, you give me a fever.

Please pose weekly.

Lukki, I'm a slave to your tits, nipples, and areolae!!!!!

Beautiful girl, freckles, great eyes, and a gorgeous ass. I'd love to see some close ups of her amazing nipples. please?

Good to know I'm not the only one who is udderly amazed by
and infatuated with the female breast! ;)

(Sorry for the bad pun)

I didn't really notice her in the first set, but she's growing on me!

Suffers from "tilted camera syndrome". Good thing it's Lukki! She's simply irresistible!

It would be hard to top Lukki Lima's debut set last month, but I think she and Albert Varin have come close. Lukki's subtle eroticism permeates this set, and so does her girl-next-door freshness. My money's on her becoming one of MetArt's top beauties. A girl can go a long way with freckles, killer eyes and a glorious head of hair. Welcome back, honey.

Agreed 100% but I'm in a quandary... since Arina G's set a couple of days ago and with all the fabulous ladies since, my coronary arteries have been working overtime...do I continue watching for Lukki's next set and risk heart failure or book an appointment for a new pacemaker? I can't remember seeing such a stunning collection of ladies on Metart in such a short time span...will it continue...should I risk it?

lanbof, you're a brave man. I don't know that I could inhabit this site with a bad ticker, especially with the parade of beauties we've had for the past few days. I'd consider an industrial strength pacemaker if I were you.

lanbof, you're a brave man. I don't know that I could inhabit this site with a bad ticker, especially with the parade of beauties we've had for the past few days. I'd consider an industrial strength pacemaker if I were you.

Sorry for the double post, but it gives me a chance to add something about Lukki. Her mouth is fantastically sensual. I'm becoming fixated on it as I review her pix—her mouth and those adorable little breasts, not to mention her pussy, her tush and her freckles. (God I love freckles!)

Cute charming face, with just the right amount of freckles. I would love to see Lukki get a good, world class hair cut and style. I bet she would look like a goddess.

I love Lukki's pale skin & freckles... her girl next door cuteness... her long hair, her champagne glass breasts... this girl is seriously cute. ( :

fer_realz, I think you should be the first to know. Lukki definitely has lollipop toes.

Sailor, I cannot find fault with your conclusion.
I would happily suck on these toes... ( :

Lukki Lima is back to tease us with her loveliness and I am glad. Lukki Lima you are a beautiful woman.

I have to mention the cute freckles and her gorgeous eyes, just lovely.

There are some really adorable and beautiful expressions from Lukki Lima, that smile in picure 39 especially! I very much prefer the shots where we can see the whole of her body - extreme closeups never did anything for me. I am glad that there are few of them and plenty of whole body shots, because Lukki has a lovely body. I hope she will be back soon.


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