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This gallery of Lukki Lima is special I think. She has very pretty face and eyes plus additionally her body is beautiful also.

Great set, she looks so gorgeous! Need more please.

It's girls like Lukki that made me glad I subscribed to Metart. She looks soo edible!

absolutely gorgious

Oh my, what a face, what an ass. I'm in love!

This is the best display of "the I want", made by womanhood. Desire is written within her face, carry on young woman, carry on.....

One of the best galleries ever at Met Art. Lukki is a rare combination of elegance, passion, and sexiness. Which sums to one word, - 'hot'! a true 'hotte'. Varin's best work so far!

"Lukki sleeps with the fishes." Bears no relevance whatsoever to the set, I just wanted to say it.

Do you verbalize everything that you pull out of your ass??

It's called "jerk bait"...oh looky, I got a bite!

Excellent set. Lukki has a lot of nice feminine qualities to show off with lovely legs, perky breasts, brown eyes and a lovely nether flower.

The photog, Albert Varin, seems to be getting more "air time" right now and with sets like this one today (and Astenya yesterday), that is a good thing.

WOW , there is something about this beautiful young lady that just puts a tingle in my ball sack! Her natural beauty is quite impressive. Love the way her heart shaped ass encapsulates that splendid pussy, (photos #34,36,37,92). Just magnificent, keep up the good work Lukki !!!

A very nicely composed set of a very sexy woman. Lukki's sex appeal is just off the charts, IMO...

Anyone who rates this less than a 10 is gay. Honey, from the bottom of my balls thank you for sharing your goodies. :)

I am not gay and I rate her as a 9, so now what?

As a bisexual woman, I guess that makes me half gay. So, where would you presuppose I rated this? :P

I agree with your score for Lukki oneHornydude even though the bumph surrounding the way you express it is stereotypical. Humans of any sexual orientation each are as likely to rate Lukki either as a 10 or less than a 10.

Even crusty old curmudgeons and abstainers (like me), will often agree with you that Lukki is a 10; only because that is the highest score allowed!

And they all landed on this site by mistake!


Luki is very pretty and she has fantastic breasts but I would have really liked to see a couple butterfly shots. It seems a waste not to let us see the inner petals of that lovely flower with so many shots of it.

I second that!

WOW! For a lover of sexy legs and feet, this set is a dream come true! Outstanding! Easily one of the best sets on Met, just like twoolives said! Many thanks and much applause :-D

Stunning, one of the best sets ever! Gorgeous girl posed perfectly. Varin has outdone himself here, and Lukki is perfect...Thank You MA!

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