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Cutest freckled face- I agree!
Gorgeous puffy tits with amazing nipples- I agree!
Little mention however, of her stunning moist labia. I can only imagine how sweet they must taste. Mmmmmm

10+, more please!

Along with all her other attributes it must be fair to say that Lukki has one of the most remarkable sets of tits we've ever seen!

Some fabulous close ups of Lukki's cute nipples. Those puffies drive me crazy!


Lukki is so cute, she can show us a lot more of her pretty feet if she wants!

What a wonderful set of puffies!

As our cute button herself unbuttons
she knows we all will answer her summons

"Reporting for duty!"

In addition to having a pretty face, Lukki Lima looks good without a shirt, and even better without pants. Albert Varin has done a great job of posing and photographing Lukki. I gave them both a 10++.

Cute as can be:)

Perky tits: check!
Primo ass: check!
Milk white skin: check!
Inspection score: 10!

Lukki is awesome! Her gorgeous freckled face is stunning. And her pointed, pert tits and unbelievable! More please!

A set of cute as a kitten Lukki and I know I will enjoy this. So I download the zip file and start to look at some images online:

Albert starts with images that feature Lukki's adorable "freckle factory" face - a splendid choice. Soon, I am treated to a sneak peek of her lovely two toned labia including clitoral hood - oh boy. Then glimpses of one or both small shapely breasts and beautiful areolae - Albert must be reading my mind. Some images of Lukki's superb bum follow - hooray!

Next, Lukki's endearing smile, downy hair, and the gentle transition from waist to hips captivate me anew. An innie and hint of ribs adds to my pleasure.

Lukki: your are one of my favorite models! Albert: thank you for so many images that include one or more of Lukki's many attractive physical features.

Stunning!! I'm just crazy about this gorgeous girl!! They could post a set of her shot on Polaroids and I'd save it!! She evokes vivid memories of a long lost love...*sighhhh* I hope to see much much more of Lukki...

She is divine-such a sweet adorable freckled face...

Every time I see Lukki's face (e.g. photos 2 - 4) I fall back in love. Such loveliness. Freckles, pink cheeks, sweet/sassy smile ~ this woman is adorable +++.

Always cute and always stunning, I think I am in love. Lukki and Albert you have made a great set of pictures together, come back again soon.

Wow! A set of only her headshot would be just fine for me. And no make up darling. Wow!

I agree, those eyes, freckles and coy little smile are a lovely combination. I also like minimalist make up.

  • 2 years ago:

Those freckles slay me.

with, without, or barely slight
trashy, tasteful, heavy, light
every color, dark or bright
if done well will be alright

Agreed, minimum is best.

While I don't want her to look like a streetwalker, I would like a bit more makeup.

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