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Lukki Lima is so very beautiful, gorgeous, and pretty I think. This gallery is the favorite of mine that Lukki Lima has posed for. Something is special about Lukki Lima that makes her appearance very pleasurable to see. Her face is pretty and so is her eyes and also she has very beautiful breasts and puffy nipples. To me she is a favorite and I hope she still is posing for photos for I would like to see her again and again.

I like this set extremely much. Lukki Lima is a very lovely woman with a wonderful body. I hope to returns soon for she is a favourite of mine.

Wunderschöner Nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

You're the most beautiful girl over the internet!!

love every inch oh her want more

It's so embarrassing falling in love with someone you will never meet! Lukki Lima is indeed perfection to me.

I agree with hipshot....nothing at all to be embarrassed by.
I think as long as we realize that we will never meet any of these women we're doing alright. There's nothing wrong with admiring a woman's beauty.

The scary ones are those who believe they are in love with one of these women and somehow get it in their heads that they'll track her down and meet her in person (as if she's just waiting to be swept off her feet by them).

Not embarrassing, a bit frustrating but not embarrassing. At my age I have learned to enjoy the beauty around me and not ask for that I know I will never have. As I said, not lust just glad that these magnificent women are willing to share their wonderful gifts with us. We live in a world where the shear beauty of the female body is seldom ever ours two take in at this level. Will I ever be with a woman like this, hell no but I can dream and I can enjoy the wonder of such perfection and know that some luck guy is probably enjoying this bounty and that makes me feel good. I may be too old but I will never stop looking. When I do they can fire up the oven because I'm on my way.

Lukki certainly has that coveted "it" factor. It is called personality! She makes you feel that she enjoys modeling for you and that she is real and accessible. This is an elusive talent that a model either has or does not. It is an intangible something that makes you feel real emotion. You feel as if you could only meet her you would be instant friends, not necessarily sexual but hanging out kind of friends. Lukki has that. I look at all the things sexual and they are magnificent but it isn't lust. It is just the joy of being allowed to view such beauty. Those breasts are one of a kind and Karl makes sure we get the full effect with closeups as well as profile shots. 6 and seven are two of my favorites and 78 and 87 are wonderful too.
A very nice mix of of near and far and every angle too.

Oops! forgot, The freckles are the icing on the cake. Without them she wouldn't be nearly as endearing.

Great post hipshot!....I agree completely.

Another wonderful set of a really beautiful woman. I would love a set with her, unshaven in all her natural glory.

How about make up, lighting, haircut, hair style, hair color, recent bath, plucked eyebrows, nose hairs, etc. ?

Sure -- give her the works !!

Great shoot. Lukki poses with an overdose of style.


What a great Monday!!!!! 4 for 4!!!

THINGS I LOVED: A favorite model, fun poses, plenty of coverage from behind, nice spreads that blend eroticism with playfulness, fantastic freckles, charming smile.

THINGS I'D PREFER: Less intense light that conveys more texture in skin, especially with such a fair-skinned model.

I agree about the playfulness factor, TT... it takes a "10" set up to "11."

She's one of my favorites, but far too many horizontal poses in this set for my taste. And with her fair skin dark sheets would have been a great contrast!

Lukki Lima is a hottie,with a pretty face,cute breasts, and a butt to die for. If she doesn't want freckles to show,all she has to do is put on a little green cover stick from Revlon under her foundation. personally.I think freckles are cute.

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" as in the famous film.
I am more attracted from the blondes girls than from the brunettes.
But if I had to choose a brunette girl as beauty queen would be equal to Lukki Lima.
Lukki a gentle and strong beauty and kissable puffy nipples.
Karl great photos to bring out the beauty of naked Lukki.

gaetano maria,
the adage "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" may indeed be true, but I prefer brunettes/black hair and redheads myself (I guess this means I'm not a gentleman....right??? :))

Some women just have that "it" factor which makes them very attractive, and IMO.....Lukki has this "it" factor in spades.

This is an excellent set!!!

Lukki certainly has that coveted "it" factor. It is called personality! She makes you feel that she enjoys modeling for you and that she is real and accessible.

Another amazing Lukki set.

I just love every little bit Lukki, absolutely stunning!

Just think of it... Karl Simi got to spend the morning playing in bed with Lukki. I'm so jealous... ( :

I too envy the photographers who see beautiful women such as Lukki on a daily basis for they are true martyrs....think of the pain and suffering they must endure to bring "us" these women:)
A career with fringe benefits???.....then again who knows???
Many photographers who seem to be men are actually women....and vice versa....
and it's also possible a few male photographers aren't "into" women at all (if you know what I mean).

I would imagine their are those male photographers out there that aren't interested in women but I wouldn't think they would be good erotic artists since they don't think on our level when it comes to the female body. Many of the photographers are married and their wife works with them so that would put a bit of a damper on the fantasy's.

I dated a girl years ago who hated her freckles and wanted so badly to do away with them and/or cover them up no matter how hard I tried to convince her "they" made her look even more beautiful.
I wish more women would realize that many men find freckles very attractive.....and to prove my point Lukki Lima is a fine example!

Lukki Lima looks fantastic in image #17 (among others). I love your expression in this image.
I think Lukki has a gorgeous face and her freckles only enhance her beauty.

Great work Karl Simi!
My thanks go out to both you and Lukki Lima.....
Thank you very much for starting out my Monday with this nice set of photos.

I agree Browning.
Lukki Lima has a perfect face of a timeless beauty.
A face that brings serenity and cheerfulness to watch it.
And the cheerfulness are her freckles.

I agree, Browning, Lukki's complexion is very flattering indeed.
Fortunately, she does not appear to be lacking in the self-confidence department, if her behavior for the camera is any indication. ( :


Our model shines while our photographer artist shows how much can be achieved with a plain shirt.

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