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Super gallery of Lukki Lima I think. Her face and eyes are pretty and her body is very beautiful also. I hope she returns in more photos very soon.

Lukki Lima looks very pretty in these photographs by Arkisi. I like this set very much.

Her asshole is showing the unequivocal signs of intense anal sex. Weaken internal sphincter muscles that ask for help to surrounding muscles to close the gap. It's like her asshole is fighting to stay close but, judging from the close ups, is so weak that future penetrations will be easier and easier. Imagine her having sex is a pleasure to the mind. She is absolutely sexy and gorgeous. Thank you MetArt for bringing her to us.

Lukki has incredible breasts. Lovely. Soo erotic.
I think she'd be great in any type of set.

very exciting pussyphotoshoots more of her please !!!

Can we have full body hair please. With freckles too.

Another lovely set, but I miss h.er freckles too. Can we also have a set with full body hair?

"Full body hair"...??? I think you're looking for National Geographic...(?)

Another lovely set, but I miss h.er freckles too. Can we also have a set with full body hair?

Gorgeous goddess Lukki.
Excellent photos.

At least they certainly can't airbrush out those phenomenal tits, which is what always brings me back. The sweetness is long gone as Southernmaster says but the tits are still there!

Love those puffies!

With the make, more is less. Baby come back to me with your gorgeous sexy freckles.

I always use make-up with new models, do you know why?
This is her very set with me (this winter, as hipshot guessed) btw.

Thanks for the response, and if I may make a suggestion. Have her made up with her hair, nails, even lips and eyes, but can you pull it showing off her freckles. Or is it just too weird. Thanks again.

very early set I mean


She looks vaguely like that British lady cookery writer whose name escapes me .

Lukki Lima is a total beauty,and looks very beautiful in a blouse.She can really rock the no pants look,and has a fabulous smile to boot I gave her and Arkisi,a 10+++. nd don't forget her updates on SA,they are hot

Did you see her last movie at ED? She has her all attributes, including the freckles :)
She is fantastic even at preview!


"Be still my beating heart."

Lukki has great eyebrows, very shapely breasts, lovely puffies and nipples, spectacular long and cascading hair, superb butt cheeks, and great inner labia.

Why and how her freckles disappeared is a mystery. Arkisi, please note how many members who comment lament their loss.

This visit makes me a happy man!

Maybe this is a late winter set. A lot of girls with light freckles tend to loose them in winter. Give her some sun and the should come back.

In her first couple of sets she had a sweetness which is all too rare in nude models. And while still one of my favorites, that attribute is long gone.

Super killer cheek bones, perky tits and round ass! Trifecta!!!

I am always happy to praise the "button-down-and-nothing-else" sets.

Absolutely spectacular!! Overwhelming...

Lukki's freckles are cute, but her beauty goes much deeper than freckles.

Not that I'm a fan of ANY make-up, but she/he/they were going for a different look for this set, apparently... I love her either way...any way...

Where the hell are Luki's freckles??!??? She is one of my favorite models for that attribute alone. Everything about this set stinks because I know they should be there, but they're not. There's no denying she's got a fabulous body and is absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps I'm making a mountain out of a molehill over the issue; but please, for the love of all that is beautiful in the world, Met-Art, don't mess with Luki's freckles again. Give us her unadulterated beauty to enjoy and not this ultra edited crap!

Relax, when she start getting back out in the sun they will come back. This not makeup it is winter fade.

I did notice the same thing in the other set that Arkisi did with Luki. My initial consternation has faded to mere disappointment as I get super excited when Luki is featured that is lessened a little when her freckles are not. I'm sure they'll be back, and I can't wait!

It's amazing what they can do with make-up... "Photoshop" isn't the only "paint".

Makeup? How about airbrushing?

Airbrushing 120 photos, or putting make-up on one face...?

Lukki Lima is a beautiful lady with a gorgeous face (her derriere and the rest ain't bad neither:)).

I especially like the trio of #114, #115, and #116 (plus #100 is very nice too!).

IMO, the best set of the day. Thank you Lukki Lima and Arkisi!

This IS a wonderful series.

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