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Lukki looks so gorgeous and yummy!! Great set. Need a lot more please.

Yes. what about a set with Lukki Lima completely unshaven?

What about completely waxed? Great!
What about a short trim? Superb!
What about a landing strip? Excellent!
What about a treasure trail? Rare and Wonderful!
What about mini dreadlocks? Extraordinary!
What about a mohawk? Wicked Good!
What about a Fibonacci sequence in swirl? Mathtastic!
What about a static stand out? Zap me awake!

LOL... MY compliments, Magwich! The Fibonacci Swirl sounds inspired!! ;o)

OMG then we could make a dance out of it, accompanied by its very own hokey pop song! You and Magwich are geniuses, Rock!

What about an elephant screwin a camel!???

Lovely Lukki Lima, oh boy what a treat!

What I enjoyed today: significant eyebrows, that Lukki visited the freckle factory, translucent skin, amazing puffies and delightful glass cutters, downy hair and innie; and that was all apparent in the first 20 images!

Proof of Lukki's flexibility, significant inner labia, and well-defined dancer's legs soon followed.

An image like #44 is magnificent and should be in every photographer's repertoire. If the model has hair long enough for images like #114 and 115 ~ I am a happy old fart.

All in, all done; I feel privileged to view all of Lukki's galleries, and the way(s) that Arkisi often composes, directs, and captures her visits.

Lukki is a winner, just love those tits!

On my technical soapbox again. Arkisi is the master with lighting and directs very erotic poses, BUT I've noticed lately the color balance on his shoots is very unflattering to a woman's skin tones. I took a sample shot and opened it in Photoshop. Command B is Color Balance, I adjusted like this:
+30 0 -8
The +30 is for more red, the -8 is for less blue. Much better.
Arkisi never responds to comments, but I hope he notices.

Arkisi doesn't "always" respond to comments, but sometimes he does.

Lukki has great tits and therefore they should be featured and highlighted, dramatized, but here they are obscured by hair, objects, and a turned back in almost all the photos. This is a waste. I am frustrated by photographers who cannot see artistic opportunities offered them by models.

Though I understand exactly and empathize with the general assessment, it seems somewhat unfair here.

I'd ❤ to dip Lukki's clam in my chowder!

Lots if good images, with too many misses, repeated. Ten shirt pull downs, only #11 works for me (and it is truly good). I believe our model calls for a see through or wet shirt .
Too many unflattering photo of the face (65), and with the face of this model? We don't have to worry about it in the preposterous 99, please don't sit on the glass.
Once we lose the shirt, color and lighting convey jaundice.
122: don't slice the curve please.
123: please center the center of attention.
Our model does well by the shorts.

No, there is nothing wrong with our model's face, no one could ask for better. I just think it is usually shown better. As for fault, there doesn't have to be any from my perspective. I certainly couldn't do this well as model or photographer.

@ Magwich:

Her eyes do seem slightly dull and lifeless here.

Perhaps an (unexpected) tweak of a nipple by anyone just before Arkisi clicked the shutter would have changed that.

I would enjoy any Tae Kwan Do skill caught just after the clicked shutter.


I don't see anything wrong with Lukki's face in #65 (she's not showing her beautiful smile, but I still think she looks pretty), but I agree the others you mentioned are rather odd.

This is not one of Lukki's best sets, but in no way is it her fault....she looks great.
While I'm usually a big fan of Arkisi, this set isn't one of his best.
Oh, and I love shorts on woman.....the shorter the better:))

Nor do I see anything "wrong" with lukki's face in 65, P... She always goes through a range of expressions, and it's just the "luck of the capture" that determines which of those expressions we get to see in each set. The camera isn't quite quick enough to capture each and every expression as they whizz by on her face...lol Her expression in 65 doesn't put me off at all...although I have to say that some expressions on all the models from time to time HAVE put me off. But that's not something that's foreign to me... I've gotten a lot of "stay the hell away from me" looks through my long and lust-filled life...LOL

Oh...I forgot... The shorts lol Could have been about four inches shorter! ;o)

LOL Rock!...those "stay the hell away from me" looks seem to be much more frequent the older I get.....especially now that I'm very near old enough to be their father:((
4" shorter "shorts" would have been really nice on Lukki:)

Oddly enough, while I am not particularly a fan of shorts, I felt that Lukki makes these look VERY nice. ( :

fer_realz, I gave you a thumbs up because you said Lukki makes the shorts look very nice....but I love shorts, the shorter the better:)))

It's all in context, brother... ( :
Let me put it this way... I like shorts on a pretty girl ~ I LOVE a nice skirt. ( :

Another fantastic luk at lukki's nukki.... ;o)

Lukki is one of my favorite active models.
When I look at Lukki I see a possible tomboy who blossomed into a beautiful young woman.

Many thanks to both Lukki Lima and Arkisi, I hope this pair continues to bring us new sets for many years to come.

Talk about blossoming into a swan... or a magnificent butterfly! What a gorgeous young lady. I can see why she's at the top of your list.

One technical note: while I am not a photographer, even I could see that this set is a case study of the perfect exploitation of a very well chosen background for a set. Kudos to Arkisi on that note.
Moving on to Lukki... it is strange, given how so many of her features are so captivating but for some reason, as with the luscious Norma J, my attention is so frequently caught and held by Lukki's gorgeous torso.
For a wonderful combination of expression, posture and position, image # 77 would have to be my favorite of this wonderful set.

@ fer_realz:

It is sort of like she is thinking " I know where you are looking" and I know how nice my labia is and I am proud of it.

I wonder where Lukki Lima will want to go on our honeymoon......

A boy can dream.... ( ;

She could poke my eyes out with her hard puffy nipples anytime...!

"Hurts so good" ! LOL

@ Viking:

I would prefer that she offered those amazing nipples to me, to give me an idea of how very lucky and contented any baby she might ever give birth to will be!

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