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Lukki Lima has a magnificent labia minora and clitoral hood, just perfect! She has a beautiful face and as many other have stated I also like her freckles. I like her "puffy" nipples too. She's one of my favorite's for sure. Excellent set!

I should have added that she has a sweet derriere too.

E x c e p t i o n a l |||!

She's as lovely as ever. But happened to her freckles?

One of her photographers explained this on another set.
Lukki's freckles come out when she's in the sun, during the summertime. When she's inside during the winter, they fade. This set was no doubt shot during the dark months of the year.

just woderful to view

Got a cold, mate? LOL

dripping with desire in 120

Lukki Lima is always erotic,and has a perfect face and body. I gave both Arkisi and Lukki Lima a 10+++ She's great on SA

I wouldn't know where to start, lips or toes, but I'd love to end up with Lukki's thighs wrapped around my face; heavenly! That's what she does to me, enough said.

Oh yea, #25, one of the many killer photos. Great set Aekisi; surprised only one black and white thou.

I also love #25.

I think I've found a new pacifier. :)

Lukki gets my 10 just for showing up, before I even look!! She has some of the most inviting expressions of any model here! And what a body!! A gorgeous girl in a beautiful set of photos!! MUST be Arkisi!!

☑ Perky tits
☑ Giant clam
☑ "Come and get it" smile

I sure WISH I were "all in" !!! Especially Lukki!

Most suckable nipples EVER !

It's kinda funny - a few of the shots I like the best in this shoot are the ones that show us practically nothing (like #11 & 19) or the shots where Arkisi's used a wide-angle lens to minimize her presence in the frame (like #s 34, 35, 84 & 85) - there's just something about those images that strikes me "just right". But my all-time set favorite is #55 - something about the her eyes seem to be boring right through me.

Love Lukki's long legs!

She is beautiful.

"Ceska" was a naughty girl... Are YOU a "naughty girl Ceska"?
Have your Maquis friends deserted you or joined you here on this Naked Planet?? ;o)

Sorry to disappoint you rachsback, I know nothing about this "naughty girl Ceska" you speak of.
I am a 32 year old male. I chose Ceska (Czech) because my family is originally from Moravia in what is today's Czech Republic.

Pardon my assumption. "Ceska" is a rather nasty character in the StarTrek "Voyager" series. Interesting that it's simply the 'native' word for Czech... Thanks for clearing that up..;o)

That's o.k. rachsback, I am just sorry you were disappointed in the fact I am not a young and nasty female.
I will need to research "naughty girl Ceska". I have not seen Star Trek Voyager series, but now I am curious :-)

As usual, when Lukki comes to play, we're the lucky ones. ( :
She sizzles and smolders rocking the bottomless look with the black stockings. However, the things she does to that couch (see photo # 25 in particular) and cushions should not be endured by any piece of furniture. So, because I'm such a selfless helper, I *reluctantly* volunteer to stand in for the couch next time she needs such a thing. I know, there I go taking one for the team, again. ( ;

She can poke out eyes with those nipples...! Mine anytime anyway...!

No ... they're meant to be taken into the mouth and rolled around with the tongue ... like sucking on a Hershey's Kiss.

Or maybe just sucked on and gently nipped with the teeth ...

Well thanks arkie but 'most' of us don't need instruction on how to tease a nipple...;o) And the rest of us use different techniques...

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