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"Love is kinda spukki, with a kukki little girl like you.." :oD

Gorgeous!! And speaking of "lighting"...this Lukki lights my fire!!

Lukki Lima is very beautiful in this set, she has the perfect coloring for it.I like sets of girls in winter like this one. The only ones I don't care for are sets where the artist has put a nude mode on the snow up to her ladybits. The winter closing in and a warm girl, what could be better?My late wife and I used to love walking in snow like this.I gave both a 10++++

Wonderful set with Lukki.Very nice puffy tits and pussy shots.

93 is perfectly composed / framed and focused.

What we see of lovely Lukki in this image is also perfect!

Lukki Lima & Lucky Karl.Good job,nice model and a heavenly lighting.

The Seller

its a "divine" light ;)

Such a beautiful girl to brighten up a Sunday :)

I wonder why the sight of a beautiful woman wearing a sweater and only her underwear is so powerful? Regardless, the shots opening the set were amazing. I was disappointed it was a thong and not a pair of panties, but at least Simi gave us plenty of shots of the detail before having Lukki remove them.
Once they and the sweater were removed however, the light was so bright and the background so white that it became difficult to pick out Lukki from the background because of her beautiful pale skin, when she was posing against the windowsill and not the dark window. I am no photographer, but certainly some adjustment could have been made to make Lukki more visible?

I feel the same way about t-shirts and bikini bottoms at the beach. There's something irresistible about that combination.

It's a force of nature. A beautiful woman wearing nothing but a sweater.

Very nice indeed [with sunglasses].

Normally I would comment on the beautiful girl and her wonderful amazing body. But I MUST praise the lighting in this shoot! One of the most underrated aspects of MA Is the truly breathtaking way the lighting captures the magic of the shoot, the erotic power of the female figure, her skin, eyes, and vagina. One is almost tempted to say there is a divine light showering our "holy" woman in this image. Just Terrific! What powerful eroticism bolstered by incredible lighting!

Not to mention her beautiful hair! Really catches the highlights. Lukki has a knack for drawing the camera in.

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