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Stunning as always.

Lusi very very beautiful as always. (is in my top list).
All the other, very very poor.

Even thou there were a lot of photos that were very similar to one another, I thank you for all of the ones that showcased Lusi's "sweet ass" as she looked back over her shoulder with her big beautiful eyes and luscious lips!

For some of us, Lusi is just too rarely seen on this site. She has a wonderful slender figure and the cutest of faces. Whilst I agree that many of her photo sets are not as inspired as one might wish, it is just good to see this grossly underrated model back. Hopefully we will see her again very soon.

I totally agree but I'm pretty sure this is an old set and we won't be seeing anything new from this very sweet and adorable girl... I just can't get over how absolutely adorable she is. I've "rediscovered" her and can't get enough!! Some of the complaints about the photography are valid, but I'm happy to get ANY pictures of her and am in the process of saving most of her sets, hoping as you are that we WILL see her again. I dread the thought that she ran off and got married and has 2 or 3 kids now...lol

yet another shitty morning at met. that's why i cancelled after being a member since 2005. as ov nov 11...i'm out.

Mid December, I am gone also.

Adiós, das sveedaniya!

I'm going to have to agree with hipshot and swplf about this set. In my opinion, it is repetitious and somewhat uninspired. This is sad because Lusi is a lovely model. This is one of those cases where I think another photog could come in and do justice to a model by better bringing out her qualities.

Super cute model with a very hot ass

Once again I must agree with everything hipshot commented on. I wish we could see a set shot by one of the leading artist so we could fairly judge this model. Because we can not with Leocont's boring shots.

Lovely girl but the poses were very limited and repetitive. Only one intimate closeup and it was in shadow so I would classify it as non intimate. She kept that ill fitting lingerie on far to long and the set never got off the ground for me. It was as if she was cuffed the leg of the bed and couldn't move from it and the camera was on a tripod and never changed the point of view through the entire set.

For me this was filler material at best.

Pretty much the way I see it, fixed camera position, focal length and same field of view in nearly every shot.

hipshot, I can see your complaints about this particular set... but that raises the question for me ~ I'm just being curious here mind you ~ what is your opinion about Lusi in general?
And in specific, what is your opinion about her early sets and movie? I felt that the earliest sets and the movie specifically were much more satisfying. Fidikeia was, in my opinion, the perfect MetArt movie.
I'll be honest and admit Lusi is one of my favorites from way back. But I do feel that since her earliest sets, she's gotten a lot less erotic, sadly.

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