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I Love Lusi

I don't know what I can add that hasn't already been said, but I'll try of course. Absolutely gorgeous. I love her lips and facial expressions.

loved this shoot, Lusi A is excellent, beauty all over her.. but when I see tags that read, adorable, and then anal sex.. I have to wonder if he is a perv or not looking at the same set I am..

Many of us have come to the conclusion that the tags are practically worthless and somehow get loaded with meaningless garbage from unknown sources. I haven't used them in over a year.

The praise made ​​words are not objectively quantifiable.
A number yes. 5 is definitely different from 9.

I'm sorry I mistook tags with ratings.
Never used tags.

I think access to the tagging system should be taken away from members. I think it should be kept to the editorial staff of the site.

It is just good to see Lusi back against as soon. We can't have enough of a model of this quality.

Lusi is totally beautiful in her translucent bodysuit. I think she would look better is she stopped grooming so much, of course I think that about most models that groom this much.Lusi is very seriously under-rated, we all need to get together and remedy this.

I agree, I would love to see this woman with pubic hair

Really think a lot better without (forgive me).

If you click on her profile, you'll find other sets featuring her with pubic hair. My preference is none of a small tuft personally.

Leocont has a trademark way of featuring his models legs that really appeals, and this is a fine example. Lusi A is stunning in this set. Excellent posses that hit the sweet spot where art meets eroticism.

I fell in love with Lusi watching her movie "Fidikeia" and haven't fallen out yet... amazingly sensual woman. ( :

Super cute model with a smoking hot ass, love this stairway photo set with camera angles looking up at her gorgeous undercarriage

Great set of Lusi pictures.

swplf2, When a girl is properly proportioned it is very hard to tell her height. We have several girls that fall into that category. Sapphira comes to mind. She is only 5'6" and she has LEGS that go on forever! Mika A is another that seems to have long legs but is only 5'5" Perhaps one of the best examples is Michaela Isizzu/Kalena look at her new set Stimati, the cover will blow your mind when read that she is only 5'4"

That is very much true. This also applies to women who aren't nude models. There is this one member of a girl group who has an amazing set of legs. Her height is a bit of a question mark since she is so well proportioned.

Dear it says your only 5'6" and are a waif like 99 lbs. So just long of inseam do you have, in this set your legs look magnificently long. Ver good set.

I wouldn't assume any of the stats for the models to be truthful.

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