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I for one think this is my favourite photo shoot for this wonderful Latvian pixie with the killer body. The natural light and the outdoor setting allied with little if no make up bring out a delicate beauty in her charming face. As far as I'm concerned, we can never have too many photo shoots for Lusi that she looks even more beautiful in a natural environment. I look forward to many more photos of her for my all too small collection. Awaiting your further generosity……

If I was walking down the beach and ran into Lusi with her clothes off, I'd consider myself the luckiest man alive! But as far as this set of photos go, it definitely leaves one wishing for much more. Reshoot somewhere else, more poses, more pictures and more of HER would be nice too.

My comment here has disappeared as well. If met is going to cencor, they should say so instead of sneaking

seadog, please don't consider this snarky, I'm just saying...
to me, it seems that, if they were going to censor your remarks, that they would also censor your complaint about the censoring... right? Wouldn't make any damn sense, otherwise...
Anyway, I hope your remarks show up eventually, I'd like to see what you had to say. ( :

I disagree with all the experts. I really like this set, outdoor photography is my favorite, beautiful model, tight sexy body and a great ass.

I agree ... and for those of you who don't enjoy outdoor shoots and sand ... suck it up ... some of us do, and your preferences are exclusive of everyone else's.

Please stop with the sand. It's a real buzz kill. These girls are beautiful. Stop ruining the experience with the shake-n-bake look. It's difficult to find a naked woman sexy with sand stuck to her. The one with Lorena the other day was the worse ever. I love Lorena but could not bear that set. Just awful. The settings should embellish these beauties not detract of distract. Would it be so difficult to put a nice blanket down? Sorry for the rant, hating the sand....

I think your dislike of sand is coloring your view of this set a little too much.

Isn't that similar to what you said about Katya's tattoo in her movie today?

"Katya has a tattoo. There is no point ion downloading this video."

Very uninspired, boring background, eh......

  • 2 years ago:

There's something about this woman's ass that drives me wild. She's got great bedroom eyes as well.

For me, Lusi a is a lovely girl and the set is not so bad, could so much better, maybe the next.

I am sorry to say this is a dreadful set. Lusi is very cute but:

1. Her necklace is to large for her chest. It over powers her breasts.
2. The location on the beach is terrible. Too many stones. There has got to be a better stretch of beach somewhere.
3. The background seems to be a fake screen, a picture.
4. Lusi seems to be too modest. It looks like she phoned this one in from home.

I agree with you Neil, on all points. Also, it is short on content with only 72 of the customary 120 photos. Sorry Lusi, you are cute but this isn't your best set.

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