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Got my "10" for the day.

40 pics with her clothes on? weak!

(she's beautiful though and the rest of the pics are really good)

next time, less clothing, more naked lusi!

Great day at met art .... Super hot

Dominoes. That perfect array of vertical images lined up with similar vertical poses. Dominoes. What is more boring than dominoes? Candyland? Monopoly?

I clicked on the model's name to discover my rating of 10 and all series downloaded. Today's offering should help in appreciating the others.

Lusi is a 29 year old living doll who looks so young that a guy could get in trouble just for thinking about her! Yes there were a lot of repetitive photos, but that would be the photographers fault. Still enjoyed the set, Lusi such a sweetheart. To expand on Link's comment about her legs, they're perfect, feet on one end and that sweet little ass on the other.
I would have liked at least one facial in landscape format to add to my screen saver folder. I think I'll start one just for "legs"; this set has plenty to choose from...

Little Latvian Lusi leaves me languishing in lust... Sooo adorable...

Lusi has legs all the way up to her ass!

Lusi gets a 10+++, but the posing is repetitious, and there are NO close-in shots.

So pretty with an adorable little bottom............

Consistently overexposed and too directly lit. Needs greater variety of poses.

And what does she show? Nada....

This is such a strong selection of sets tonight, my supply of superlatives is running low. ( : Great job, K!
That having been said ~ I have been a big fan of Lusi ever since I discovered her on MA. Her film "Fidikeia" is the gold standard against which I judge MA movies, and with this particular set, I feel that she and Leocont have finally returned to the standard they set very early on.

I followed your recommendation and checked out her movie entitled "Fidikelia" – I agree that it is one of the most erotic on MA and displays her superb legs and sensational bum to glorious effect. I for one would greatly appreciate another movie from Lusi, together with many more photo sets. My only suggested improvement would be some clearer head shots of her cute face.

Very pretty set . She does things I like very much.

Excellent photoshoot.

Sultry and sexy, what a body and shots like #101 make me want to lower the blinds and stay home from work, but a general question inline with
a lot of sets I have seen over the years, is the angle from the floor
supposed to be more exotic or am I supposed to be a midget?

I enjoy the quality of both the models and the photography but have
noticed many times the angle is from below, just curious!

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