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nice set too bad in 39m its out of focus

A great set shot by MetArt's best photographer.
Great too: the new model.

Very nice premier set!

Absolutely delicious from any angle. I hope to see much more of this beauty in future.

Wow!! Excellent Presenting set. Very beautiful woman and it looks like the photographer took the time to put together a very high quality album. Looking forward to seeing more from Lydia.


A wonderful set, both because of Lydia and Leonardo. I've felt that Leonardo is a very talented photographer who has the potential to be great, but is too often facile instead. That glossy, fashionably distant stuff, where the model is made to fit the style, rather than the other way around, and the style seems monotone and designed for fast production. I've always wished he'd show what he's really capable of. Sometimes he does, and the result is often startlingly good, and very welcome.

Here one has the sense that Lydia is driving the set, and she's spectacular -- beautiful, confident, and charismatic. She's lit in an effective, unfussy way, and what glamor there is emerges naturally, by making her seem more real rather than more abstract. You have to be very good to make it look this easy.

Well said, Fred.

Great debut. Lovely eyes and fantastic body.

Without a doubt, the best 'presenting' gallery in quite a while. Magnificent beautie, uninhibited and expressive, and I might say one of Leonardo's best shoots ever, quite a milestone accomplishment guys. We need more of this kind of work! Incredible! How can anyone rate this shoot less than a 10 is completely baffling to me!

That coat is way too small.

Bithday Cake I dont think Lydia's top is too small it enhances her lovely medium breast,erect nipples as in images 29,30 would have been nice to see those sexy long legs in skimpy cutoff shorts now that would be a lovely sight to see ;) I wonder if Leonardo is going to make a movie i love his close ups and double exposures in them :)

Dense much?

Yep, it is summer though )). That will not keep her warm in winter.

Absolutely breathtaking!! Gorgeous eyes!! Gorgeous everything!!
Welcome Lydia! Please come back soon and often!!

Very sexy, fantastic body, great first set.

I have to agree with the guys Lydia is a nice addition to MetArt love the way she she hides her beautiful breasts within small jean top slowly revealing them with a sexy sultry look in those sexy blue eyes and those great sexy poses of hers a great debut from Leonardo her really captured her very well in her 1st series hope to see more of her in the future to come and from reading her bio she surely is not a shy girl 19 yrs old and 5ft 9"s tall she has to be the tallest model i've seen in my time with MetArt ;)

Nice debut from this gorgeously beautiful girl, Lydia is very pretty and thankfully willing to share herself with us without inhibition from the start, Leonardo nicely captures some great open legged, bottomless shots of her with an engaging smile. Much more of Lydia please.

This IS a very nice debut. Ladies from Ukraine can have beautiful eyes too. In addition, Lydia has nice eyebrows, glass cutters, a bubble butt, nice flaps, plump outer labia, downy body hair, and long legs. I appreciate that Leonardo didn't go crazy with Photoshop.


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