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Linda is very sexy just perfect

Great model. Great poses. Great set.

Lidiya has a beautiful face, a pretty butt, and a great figure. I can see she is a dancer, as Arkisi mentioned both from her ease of movement and her dancers legs

Thank goodness you found another and much better photographer in this set Lydia. Your body deserves to be spot on focused.

Lovely Mona Lisa smile to go with spectacular body.

Shadows!! "Artistically" a nice set, but for a "crack head" like me, way too many shadows hiding the goods of this new beauty! First set was best so far...

Turn on your imagination, my friend!

Thanks but I'd prefer that you turn on your lights...;o)
My imagination is not what it used to be lol

Of course, if you haven't any :)

Lydia A is simply stunningly beautiful within her this lastest set of hers-I simply adored her striking poses per images ##87-#89 with her back arched back long hair cascading down ~~~ Her long slender legs strecthed out her full breasts pink erect nipples in full view revealing her pink labia lips :( Just as images #28-#29 lovely sensual close ups of her gorgeous face sexy blue bedroom eyes I simply adoered the lovely close ups of her lovely face and firm breasts per images #22-#23 ! Just as images #63-#-#66 not to forget those gorgeous shots of her sexy Derrier~Lydia A maybe only 19yrs old but she has already blossomed into a lovely confident model/woman and Arkisi really showed that amid these gorgeous photos of her sexy,sensual poses but my favourite photo has to be image #75 :( Thank You Lydia and Arkisi :( :(

I was happy to work with her. She is a dancer, shooting was like a breath

I love your work with dancers, like Annett for example. ( :

Amazingly sexy woman. The look in her eyes is devastating.

Beautiful & noble face, voluptuous body line, sophisticated posings,admirable camera works, not so big file size. What I want all to Met Art is here.

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for taking your clothes off, spreading your legs, and allowing yourself to be photographed. You are helping men all over the world to take preventative steps against prostate cancer. I will be back after I run to the bagel store for another session of jacking off to your hot Ukrainian face and body.

Very nice second set from the lovely Lydia. Her first set was so good, that it was hard to top it, yet I think she did with Arkisi behind the lens. A good mix of poses and a few closeups.

I just love long-legged beauties like Lydia, especially when they project such confidence as she does. I hope we don't have to wait another four months to see her again.

Hi Kilroy it is a lovely second set from Lydia even as a female i'm totaly impressed with this set with some very striking pose with those long slender legs and body and gorgeous bedroom eyes of hers ! Cheers from a stinking hot Australian Nght :(

Ooops Kilroy this is her 4th series within MetArt sorry for the typo error told you it was hot here :(

No worries, rags. Beat the heat - pop another Fosters for me when you get the chance and send some of that heat up here ;-o

Actualy Kilroy this only its only Lydia A's second series~ plus I like my Jack Daniels and Lemondade better than beer will sent you some heat for you may warm you up abit with your winter months in the USA but then again there's plenty of sexy models within models within MetArt to give you a Hearty glowing Warmth :)

This is Lydia's first appearance since her notable debut last July. Remarkably, she's our fourth representative today from that country-that-shall-remain-nameless-whose-capital-is-Kiev. She's tall and slender and obviously very comfortable in her lovely skin. I like her pretty tush, those "striking silver eyes" that fee_realz pointed out. She seems mature far beyond her 19 years—and she has the cutest toes!

Lydia's debut set was great but this set Lydia looks even more beautiful. I think the lighting is a little better, and being indoors Lydia is having to squint less, giving us a better view of those beautiful eyes. Lydia's body is the embodiment of perfection.

I like that Lydia is allowing different photographers the chance to shoot her.
One thing that comes through crystal-clear in both sets so far is Lydia's quiet but unmistakable confidence.
Moving to the physical, the first thing to impress me is her very shapely derriere. The second thing to impress me are those striking silver eyes.
What I like better in this second set is her reddish hair. This is very complimentary to her whole "package."
While she is not in my roster of favorites, Lydia is wonderfully beautiful.
I hope she is one of those models who allow multiple photographers to shoot her, not just two; though I am impressed she's allowed two photographers to shoot her thus far. I look forward to watching her personal style progress and evolve.

fer_realz, this is a selling aspect about MA that I enjoy - that you can see the same model through different photog's lenses. Arkisi's approach is different from Leonardo's and together our viewing pleasure is enriched.

I totally agree, kilroy... ( :

It must be Ukraine appreciation day on MetArt. All the models a beautiful women from the Ukraine. Lydia is young tall, slender and very shapely. Very nice indeed.

Very good follow up to her debut. Almost like she is projecting each and every one of her parts, still very young and yet carries it off well and as Sailor will tell us she is Ukrainian...In fact classically Ukrainian.

You've absolved me of the responsibility, mate. In fact, I won't even mention the place (this time). : )

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