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Shot 107 is the best of all time. Erect nipples, enigmatic smile, gorgeous pussy.

Lydia is so sexy! Great set.

I love red heads Lydia is by fare the sexiest I've seen ever very hot thanks

Another set underrated by this goofy system. Again, the lighting could be a bit better, but when viewing an awesome beauty like Lydia, it's forgivable. I guess I'm guilty of being one of those crass men who likes to see inside a bit, having said that #77 just drove me wild. What a delicious invitation to c'mon in! Wish I could, *sigh*

image 9 and image 56...fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

Lydia is truly beautiful, both face and figure, I know she stuns all the boys and girls who swing that way. The Photography is perfect,espically the silver background, it sets off lydia's beauty. I have to give 10++++all around.

I think a video with ZZ Top's. "Legs" as a theme would be awesome!

I like this kind of thinking! ;o)

I think a video with ZZ Top's. "Legs" as a theme would be awesome!

I don't like this kind of impatience. ;o) (lol)

Oh well, all in all a disastrous Friday, look at the numbers...all the models are attractive but the backgrounds and photography just don't cut it, oh well, there's always tomorrow, that's what great about Met Art, redemption is only a day away.

Model, setting, lighting, photography, poses are all outstanding and make this set 10 worthy. Lydia has that look that makes strong men's hearts flutter, tongues stutter, weak at the knees, and rigid where it counts.

I seem to be noticing eyes and bums today, and Lydia surely has very nice eyes and a delightful bum.

When I see her downy hair and magnificent labia, I am very pleased!

Thanks to both Lydia and Alex.

Truly beautiful.

A classic feminine beauty. Thank you for showing it.

Such a confident and self-possessed lovely young lady... her eyes are absolutely stunning, and her poses are so natural.

OMG Lydia!! You are absolutely magnificent!! I absolutely adore that gorgeous ass! Please come again many many times... XOXOXOX
Great job Alex!! Truly a "work of art"!

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