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She is a real beauty but I like her set from 17/01/14 better

Such critical men..!! Back off....she is stunning

I know sometimes I get fussy but with file sizes this large I would expect crystal clear photos. But I loved this photo set all the way through, down to the wax even. Lydia I love your curves sweetie!

Lydia is simply drop-dead gorgeous. Another lovely lady perfect for those full body pics. The candle dripping wax thing was good for something different, but glad it was limited to just the last page of the set. Not saying I didn't like it, just glad it didn't dominate the entire shoot.

Never really knew what a proper wax job was...........

Now you've gone and confused doug!! lmao!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Sadly that "proper wax job" got painted over by image 79 -- up till then it seems to have been holdin' up pretty well.
Too bad the photog or his underlings don't think we can stomach the residue of hair left after a shave or waxing.
It's a mode of thinking they cannot get free of.
It's based in hatred of body hair, I believe.
They really should talk with a therapist :-)
In the meantime they can listen or not to me :-)))

It's a shame they shoot down their own "art" this way.
Not museum-grade! :-)))

I think you may have dropped a bit too much LSD back in the day, doug.. Apparently no one sees this "painting" except you. Maybe there's a good reason for that...?? And if we ARE all blind to this, I seriously doubt that it has anything to do with "hatred of body hair"! That rationale doesn't hold water! Nor does that presumption that we should be getting "museum-grade art" here...LOL I don't believe they have ever claimed that we would!!

But you're STILL a fun read!! ;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I can't help it if you're blind, Rock!
If by now you don't know what I'm talking about!

Did you look at the image I pointed out?
Closely? 100%? As if you were trying to see the shaven hair on her mons?

Don't be too sure you're speaking for everyone else!
Not everyone may be as unseeing as you! :-)))

I thought you'd know better, since supposedly you do the same thing with your trusty software, erasing evidence of dreaded hair :-))

Maybe you don't hate all of her, but surely some of her :-)

If I were her, I wouldn't trust you! :-)))

About "museum-grade" -- I'm just sayin'. But they're the ones claiming to present "art" and "fine photography."

Which can be found in museums :-)

Fortunately most of their paying and potential customers are not museum aficionados. Otherwise they'd be in more trouble than they already are! :-)))

So now, you're saying that "art" and "photography" are found in museums, so ALL "art" and "photography" should be "museum quality"...? Is that right?
And as a matter of fact, I did look at the photo you were talking about, but I "saw" it with my own eyes, not your "microscopic vision" and not "scanning" it for evidence of tampering... I look at the "whole" picture...or the "big picture" if you will...;o)
Again, IF the photo has been altered, it's no big deal to me and apparently to many others. I never claim to "speak for others" and when I do say "we", I'm referring to the members that I know exist that feel the same as I do about these issues...few as they may be. This and the hair thing are just real irritating issues for you while some of us just really don't care about either, one way or another. This "painting" that has you at your wits end, is barely noticeable, if it exists at all, unless you get out your "microscopic vision glasses"... I'm just sayin'....too ;o)
And "they'd be in more trouble than they already are!"... You've got me wondering just how much "trouble" they're in... Should I bale!? Will we get refunds!!?? ;o)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Not just "photography" -- "fine photography". See top of page :-)
What I am talking about here is easily seen on my display at 100% or "actual size" -- that is, at the resolution the image was shot at.
Why shoot at that much rez -- 33 MP!?? -- if then you're going to paint over visible pubic hair?
You might say for "art's" sake.
Art's in the eye of the beholder.
If you don't see it, or if it doesn't bother you, well, you're you. But I'm me. And I know I'm not alone in being bothered by it -- if not in this particular case, many others.
It goes straight against what I value in photography.
The "trouble they're in" is partly in having their photoshopped images exposed when they have claimed they don't indulge in the practice -- something you yourself have acknowledged to me is rampant. It also seems to me that they are sorely in need of new high-quality models, as well as the diversity I've been calling for.
I really don't know how these perceived weaknesses are affecting their current bottom line, but if they aren't addressed and remedied I wouldn't think they bode well for MA's future -- someone's gonna "eat their lunch" -- breakfast, dinner, house and home :-)
I'm just sayin' :-)))

Doug-Dog, REPRESENT! Woof woof! :D

Lydia is ridiculously sexy!! Really fine set up to the last page... Those last shots I could have done without....in fact I WILL do without them as soon as I get this downloaded... Otherwise a pretty good set. This girl is gorgeous and I'd like to see a LOT more of her! And I prefer Lydia with red hair... Hopefully a few more of her sets are with that red hair...;o) But either way, she's always an auto-download for me!

"Now that's what I call a f*¢k!ng show!!!" - Seth Gecko ("From Dusk Till Dawn")

  • Nero
  • 3 months ago:

Okay. That looks delicious.

OK, time to put Lydia on my favorites list.


A blue eyed brunette is one of my favorite combinations.

When you add to that Lydia's eyebrows naturally drawing my eyes to her beautiful eyes, hint of ribs, pleasing transition from waist to hips, love handles, great inner labia, nice bum, and slender legs; it's no wonder that time stood still.

The wax did nothing positive for me, still 10s for 2.

Wow, Lydia is just gorgeous! Alex I love a simple full body standing nude like photo 78 (along with the cropped shots too), but please, next time have your model turn around and get the reverse shot! Even better, do a sequence with them sliding a pair of full back panties down their ass!

Totally gorgeous, Lydia is simply stunning, some epic spreads and even a spot of waxing.

Now, if what Lydia does with the candle does not wake you up, I suspect nothing will...

Well I guess nothing will then, cuz that silly shit didn't do a thing for ME!

It doesn't do anything for me either, but it was sure surprising!

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