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I suppose we have to tolerate these 36-39MB sets like we have to tolerate the "hairy" sets and the "extra-large breasts" sets, and the "photoshopping out the tats" sets, all in the spirit of...
"A little something for everyone"...
I'm sure there are some who visit here to "view only" and not "save" the galleries, and for them, the higher resolution pics are the best. They're just very inconvenient when it comes to keeping them for our treasure chests...;o)

With that out of the way, Lydia looks GREAT as usual! A SuperStar in 'my' PPC! As I've said before however, I prefer her dark red hair color. This appears to be her 'natural' color though, and it's just as pleasant. I guess I'd like her in any hair color...lol It's those eyes...beautiful and mysterious...what mysteries lie within...?

4 of the best cheeks on the website!

Really a shame. Grainy and out of focus photography of an incredibly gorgeous woman.

Great posing, eyes and winsome smile caught well. Curves aplenty. A few odd chops. A couple of peeks with the dress would be good.

Her smile and the many shots showing the nice curvature of her mons more than made up for the few odd chops, IMO.

I'm sure I've admired Lydia's work before, yet I was actually surprised when she took off her top - damn, what a body. Large, perfect breasts, great curves, very nice pussy. And the magical dark hair/blue eyes combination.

All's well in MA-World today.

Lydia always wears a serene smile, even when contorting herself into an upside-down pretzel...

Sumptuous pussy lips and heavenly eyes! # 75 is an amazing portrait shot. Wonderful job, Lydia and Alex.

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