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Happy she showed up again. Super sexy.

MORE OF MACY please!

Absolutely stunning girl!! VERY nice set! You just can't go wrong with red!! Especially when the model has black hair...and is GORGEOUS!!

Simply beautiful. What incredible curves!!

With Macy's tall, slim, elegant figure, I'm glad Sironi gave us so many full body shots.

Macy looks a lot like the wife of a friend of mine, it's almost mind boggling. I definitely don't look at my friend's wife with the same eyes that I used to. :)

A girlish slim body,a shy smile and a beautiful little cameltoe - I love
cameltoe most. It brings fantasies and warm Feelings -

I'll second that, Eridanus; love cameltoe and Macy's is wonderful. Really appreciate all the full body photos showing it. Very, very sexy.

Macy is a beautiful young woman.

I appreciate her: significant eye brows and downy hair which make me wistfully think what could have been, hairdo, great ribs that do not require stretching poses to show to advantage, innie, smile that lights up her face, camel toe, and shapely breasts.

Reading what I have written I will immediately increase my rating for Macy.

10s for 2.

I also noticed her eyebrows. So many pluck theirs so thin, but Macy keeps hers "significant" as you say, Baggy. And she does light up when she smiles.

Beautiful, sexy girl!

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