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I found this setting very warm and mysterious. I liked the dark rich colors and the way her golden skin glowed against the dark rich background. To me this was the art side of Metart. The use of light and shadow to highlight Macy's overwhelming beauty was a bold choice but it worked for me. It made Macy the center of attention while creating a since of mystery.

As for Macy, What can one say that even begins to touch upon her shear perfection. Nature doesn't often reach this level of perfection but she outdid herself on this one. Not only is she one of the most flawlessly beautiful women I have ever seen but she has a talent and presence second to none. I love the way she addresses the camera, almost challenging it capture all this beauty in front of it. There is nothing shy and retiring about Macy yet she is as comfortable and natural as any model could be. This is what takes her to a level above many other beautiful models. She has the ability to mesmerize her audience while making you feel the show is for you alone. She never seems to come across as aloof or to good for us as many such beauties can. She seems warm and real and makes you feel that she truly cares about your feelings.

I love this set of Macy B's as ergo stated its dark,sensual and erotic its not dark enough to block out Macy's beautlful body,face,sexy eyes as in image #66 and images #63 to #65 with her lying on the couch are gorgeous as are the sexy close ups images #70,71,72 both highlighiing her love face and vagina ;) i find it very mystical and the setting really suits this series of Macy B well thats my point of view as a female members so i wish some of you guys lay off with the negative comments specialy Voila !!!

Another set marred by an ugly necklace.

Macy B's sets are just one reason I seek you out before other 'high profile' names like Rylsky, Leonardo, Goncharov etc.

Along with the much malined Loretta A, Macy's sets are stunningly beautiful, giving us the lady as she is, not as some 'artistic wannabe' thinks she should look.

That said, after 8 shoots with you, she should be confident enough to let the 'caterpillar' out of it's cocoon, and let her butterfly spread her beautiful wings.;)

Sign on to Sexart if you want to really see that pretty pink thing in all it's radiance! Also Rylsky has done some excellent work with her.

Macy's nipples are, figuratively and literally, outstanding; so full and so soft, inviting and arousing. She's beautiful and perfect from head to toe, but those nipples are just so far beyond perfection and beauty ... not to mention the sexually transfixing allure of her beautiful face, eyes, hair, legs, and her flawless, perfectly formed pussy. She is spectacularly erotic and sexually stimulating.

Well said Wood chuck, well said!!!

Poor lighting and shadows. This set is rubbish.

An OLD saying for you to consider -
'You can please some of the people some of the time, but never please everybody all the time.....'

Another? 'One man's meat is another man's poison....' For the ill-informed, this one was originally stated in relation to scripted medications. What suits your neighbour, will not necessarily suit you. Ring a bell?

What really pisses me off about your comment, you have nothing positive to say about either Macy or Arkisi. Just detrimental B/S directed at both!!

Rich there's an old saying that i love as as female "Life is a bed of roses you just watch out for the pricks" i'm with you with negative comments too !!!!

Rich. If you google porn then this site comes up. Thus I do not pay for this site and expect to see pictures like this load of old tat. Anyone can do shoots like this. If you like this type of crap so be it - I do not and expect to see what I am paying to see (which is not shadows). I have nothing positive to say about this set because there is nothing positive to say about it. What really pisses me off about your comment is that you are moaning about me expecting higher standards of photography than you are willing to accept, therefor what you say is B/S.

anyone who considers Metart as porn is barking up the wrong tree!
Granted narrow minded people might consider this porn but most of us don't. this set is ART not rubbish. If you want porn go elsewhere.

But....What bout that bootyful lady?

Very arousing girl. I love her sexy long black hair, beautiful eyes, cute ass and delicious pussy. I always "enjoy" her sets. Keep her cumming!

Im confused... Macy B, the "B" is for beautiful, breathtaking? Sure it is... As usual, a top set from Arkisi. Ten

Beautiful girl...nice set.

Personally, I prefer more shots where face and strategic attributes are visible simultaneously. No quibbles with Macy, however, who is an eternal goddess.

That face, those nipples, that pussy, ... what more can one say?

Well, he could say what he THINKS of those lovely features...;o)

Macy is so gorgeous!!! I love her puffy nipples!!! #107 is an awesome photo!!! Thanks Macy and Arkisi!!!

Macy has great eyebrows, puffies, an innie, downy hair, a camel toe, puffy outer labia. . . This set moved her bio page score from a 9 to a 10 for me.

Can't imagine what prompted a 9...? I never considered anything but 10 for this beauty. But then, I'm inclined to give most of the girls here a 10...lol Just for showing up!! ;o)


Rich. I rate the model on the main models page. I rate the photography on the individual sets page. Hence I often score models 10 on their main (all sets) page and between 1 - 4 on one of their individual sets if the photography is poor. I have scored this model 10 on her profile page but only 3 on this set because the photography is so crap. From your comment above I assume you are happy with any old crappy photography.

Why on earth would you rate a model by the photography? Arkisi is one of the best at Metart IMHO. You sign on to a site that has art as a part of it's name and bitch when it actually has a set that is artistic?

This set is interesting. Lots of shadows but they don't block out the essential elements I want to see. This is a first for me. It seems artsy without being fartsy! :)

Dark, sensuous and erotic classic Arkisi .
Wow !!

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