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Macy, you are sexy and beautiful. I can't wait to see your next set. Love you...

The good Det. Headlopper was looking over a new case that was given to him by headquarters. Case# 342537 Macy B. aka The Beautiful Butt.
Headlopper was investigating this case and noticed there wasn't much to go on. The raven haired, laser blue eyed beauty had everything in order.
He hoped this raven haired beauty was investigating all of the Headlopper reports and making good decision in life and getting a good giggle at them. If she didn't like any of the reports she could always throw a sissy fit and stomp around the room and throw things to relieve the built up stress and frustration in life. This works real good for some people and help with coping with life. Macy says she likes to fix things around the house so this may be good for her after she breaks something's. As the Headlopper was on princess patrol this past week he noticed a billboard on the highway. A picture of a beautiful women laying on her back holding a beautiful baby in the air above her. He noticed the words on the sign robotic, surgery, less pain. The sign didn't mention what the surgery was but the Headlopper thought this must be about her delivering her baby. Then the Headlopper thought about what the past princesses must have done to deliver babies before the robots came and took over the world. The Headlopper thought about this for awhile and it dawned on him that maybe some of the princesses needed more preparation for delivering babies, extensive, prolonged, grueling, daily, hourly, and enjoyable preparation. The daily stretching exercises may help keep the invasion of the robots from invading them and using them from their plan of taking over the world. Headlopper thought to himself that is what the princesses of the past must have done and may have used larger than life equipment in exercise routines they used. They must have used their knights in battered armor to help them. Many princesses today are always looking fro knights in shinning armor with spotless repartitions and have been knighted by the king to court the princesses. Some princesses sit in the watch tower and watch the knights battle for her attention and a chance to be with her. Many princesses wait for that special knight to come along, capture her with his riches and stories of glory from his adventures. Many princess are seduced by his riches and treasures he has buried in his castle. Most of these treasure are buried for the knight after he has retired from his adventures. The dark wizards of the kingdom have princesses sign papers so the treasures of the knight are protected from her. Many of the good knights of the kingdom stand no chance against these rich knights in the art of seduction by riches. They must toil and labor and hope they can attract the beautiful princesses by being truthful and honest with them. Some of the older knights of good can only gaze with desire upon the beautiful princesses of today and try their best to attract them to their castles with the truth and their good hearts. Many princesses only see the battered, dented and dull armor of these knights and look the other way. They fail to understand that his battered armor is a testament to his skill in the daily battle of life. The princesses fail to see the shinning light of good that lays below the dull and battered armor. The older knights wisdom and knowledge can help the young princesses in many ways. Det. Headlopper hopes this beautiful princesses Macy. B and the other beautiful princesses of the kingdom will try to take a look at these older knights of the realm. It is Headlopper hopes that the princesses make wise decisions in life and come down from the watch towers they sometimes go to. The invasion of the robots is here dear princess, beware, alas beware
Det. Headlopper report on Case#342537 Macy B. aka beautiful, everything be beautiful

I love this gorgeous girl!!! Not my favorite set of her, but there are still many great shots!!! Thank you Macy and Arkisi!!!

I love this girl, she is absolutely beautiful, very pretty

"Creativity" Gone Wild"!

Thank you Arkisi for not retouching the photographs. Her
body is naturally beautiful.

Anyone know why her first set from July 2012 is missing?

Floyd, I emailed them about that a while back, and they said the set wasn't up to their standards (which I didn't agree with). Fortunately I had downloaded it. But even a bad set with Macy is still good in my book!

I don't like water, sand, mud or any other smear/splash/dab on gorgeous sexy bodies. No need .

Bottom left corner picture 838 kB is to die for. Thank you Arkisi and Macy.

That's the California Pizza Kitchen logo.

What bugs me is when guys tag series "wet pussy" when the wet is simply a shower or whatever. Do they not get what that tag should mean?

Its a joke, son. Get it? Wet. Pussy. Hahahahaha.

Macy has a great camel toe, nice puffies; and someone has two unique shower heads

That is one ugly shower room! I hate shower sets. No decent closeups because the water hides all the detail. I'm afraid this is the first ever Macy set to get less than a 10 from me

I'm not a fan of shower sets either. Although i must admit Macy's tight little pussy still looked very inviting in this set.... Now that she is all cleaned up, Please move Macy to the bed for the next photo shoot....

Have to agree that is one butt-ugly shower.

I never did understand the whole shower scene fetish either... unless it's a throwback to that voyeuristic adolescent male daydream of being able to watch the girls shower after gym class...
Personally though, it does nothing for me, as such.

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